#InternetisFUN on #Vodafone. THATS IT.

I am an internet addict- a declared addict. I bought my laptop in 2008 and my first broadband internet connection in year 2010 (till then, I used to go to cyber cafe.) I then bought a phone that supported internet. I did not like it, because it was a Java phone, I then bought a break-through communication device (some people call it a smart phone); which changed my life; for good, and along with it I got a mobile connection that supported super-fast internet.

Initially, I decided not to use too-much of my communication device, I did not want to be a guy who was ‘into’ the phone day and night. Days passed and so did nights. I used internet on my communication device almost every day but within a set limit. The best part of using internet on phone was when websites loaded super-fast on my Opera Browser. Thanks to excellent integration of Vodafone and Opera Mini. As days passed my addiction to enjoy ‘FUN’ on internet increased and it turned out to be good for me as my broadband bill went down to almost 40% a month. Though, my phone bill usage went up to almost Rs. 22000 a month (which, for obvious reasons, was deducted from my bill every month). Rs 98 for 2GB is what Vodafone is offering me in my current bill plan; a pretty awesome offering.

I now do not disconnect internet on my device. NEVER. This is how I like it. Connected to ‘FUN’ all through day-n-night-in basement-on highway-in lift- while traveling on a train-while roaming-while I sleep.

I am now going to share four lessons of my life; with my communication device. Not much. Just four.

I am nowhere a stranger (to no one)

I am an egoistic soul. I do not like asking for directions? How many more turns? I find it annoying, may be the other person does not like to answer me or may give me wrong information. So, I choose to play-smart- Google Maps is what I use on my communication device. I love this app; it has helped me a lot. I remember, when recently, I was driving till Murthal, I was lost. I was with my girlfriend and we were heading towards Haveli in Murthal. I had no intentions to ask anyone whether I was going right not. So I asked her to open Maps on my phone, Google and internet drove me till Havelli in Murthal, it gave me all the possible directions. The internet quality on my phone has always been excellent and was better on a highway.

In another incident; I was at CP- looking for Rs 50 Samosas and mid-way a tourist from Germany came to me asking something in Deutsche (German). I understood what language he was talking in but could not reply back because it was almost two years I left studying this language. So, all I did was opened-up my translation app and helped him whatever way possible. As I said earlier the main reason, I was able to pull up the translation so easily was because my device is never disconnected to internet, which means I am having ‘FUN’ all the time.

He was too impressed. He said ‘I thought only Germany has a good technology- You know BMW, beer and watches.’ ‘May be, I was wrong.’ Well, that was a good experience; Pramod and I were all praising ours phones and internet on it after that incident. And not to forget after having that Rs 50 wala samosa we went to have our World-favorite Paan.

These Check-in’s on Facebook and FourSquare are yet another awesome thing to do on a communication device (Smart phone) enabled with internet. It makes more fun. And helps me to-not- be-a-stranger at anywhere and to anyone. It is also not about the app that I use, its the internet which makes the experience break- through. I can install as many app as I want but what is the FUN without Internet.

My communication device-my hard disk

Gone are the days of LAN, WAN and other wireless networks. Gone are the days of managing all the data on pen-drives or even hard disks. The new technology and super-fast internet on phone makes my communication device, a hard disk; which is not hard-heavy- expensive-and-a-fuss-to carry. I love editing my documents while I travel-yes; I love multi-tasking both on my phone and in my life. It saves time. Few days back only, I was on my way to CP for some work and while it I was editing my notes that I needed to send to a friend in Chandigarh. I was working on Google Drive and doing my part of job. As I finished doing same I instantly sent those notes to him via an Email and also shared same on Google Drive with him. Not to forget that, even this blog post is being written-edited over a mobile device through Google Drive and with internet on phone.

The fun is endless and awesome of all. The lighting-fast internet not only makes me save my phone memory- as I do not have to store all songs and videos on memory card. But it also gives me a sense of convince. No matter where I am- What I am doing- What mood I am into; Internet on phone helps me be in a happy-and-jolly mood all the time. On-demand music is also something I enjoy a lot.

I am my mom’s-dad’s-(girl)friend’s-relative’s-sister’s-brother’s-uncle’s HERO

I hate cheques. I loved internet banking. I love Mobile Banking. I am hero in eyes of everyone who want me to do some or other work for them.

My Mom tops the list. Earlier, she used to give me a pile of bills and cash to pay. And I either used to make cash-payments on biller’s desk or through Internet banking, but, even for that I had to connect to my laptop. But, now things have changed. I pay all her (and mine bills) sitting at home. All I do is open the companies’ websites or BillDesk.com and pay bills through credit card. My mom is always happy with this. Though, I’ve been doing this for quite a few months now, every month she would say ‘Bina kahi gaye?..sahi hai’! (Without going anywhere?…This is Good.)

I also remember, when recently, my friends and I had an instant plan to watch some movie, that-too, at last minute, all I did was pulled up BMS app and booked tickets instantly-without much fuss. The most important things while doing such transaction is the connectivity. If you lose it-you lose the transactions. Thanks to FUN-FILLED internet experience, this works perfect.

Not to forget that instant-mood-to-watch-movie is very constant with my girlfriend. Internet on phone HELPS-Tremendously. 😉

Reading and watching live news on phone is something I love most (personally). I remember, when recently I was traveling in train, an uncle, sitting next to me asked me if I had a newspaper. I said no but I can offer you my phone- you can read news on it. “He said ‘wo tu theek h par hindi mein’ ”… (Great, but I like to read in Hindi) I said ‘here it goes’.

My cousin – Danish, loves playing games on my phone. He will even sometime, wake me up from sleep to play those games. He loves Angry Birds. And sometimes when he annoys me too much to play the game, I feel like being a bird and imagine him as a pig. 😉

I am not a cricket freak, but, yeah my friends are. A lot of them do not have a device likes mine. They still like a basic Samsung or Nokia-candy bar phone. And if they need-they ask me for my device. They love watching videos on YouTube; especially; IPL videos. In another incident, when I was stuck in traffic, I was enjoying some zoo-zoo clips on Youtube on my device. GREAT FUN.

My brother sometime makes me book his flight and rail tickets and what NOT.

I am a citizen of internet

A citizen is somebody who can speak, write, work, rest and enjoy as per his/her own choice. Well, I am too a citizen; citizen of internet.

Only difference is that unlike other citizens of a country or state; I am a ‘state-less’ citizen. I don’t understand boundaries or borders. I work- freely, in any part of country and world- without specific permissions from anyone and I even don’t need a paper-passport. I live freely. My state is my phone, and my passport is my internet.

I do not have a desk. I work from my phone. Most important thing for me is to be connected to my friends, readers, followers; and doing this is impossible without internet. I use internet on my phone for almost everything and everywhere. I have written more than 20 posts through WordPress For Android and I choose to continue doing same. I do not even remember when was the last time I checked my blog’s stats information and moderated comments from my laptop or another desktop computer. I do all that stuffs while I travel in metro (saves time ;))

I am never away from my friends. I am connected to them through some or other way- Thank you to Internet on phone. No day has passed since I got my phone-without WhatsApp. No doubt it is super-cool way to communicate with friends all over the world. Hangouts on G+ is like icing on cake.

Gone are the days of SMSs and Calls. I am in a conversation with my family and friends through some or other way. Be it WatsApp or Viber or Gtalk or Skype. I not only speak to them with so much ease but sharing files also becomes so easy. Those who do not have email or Drive access, I share files with them through WatsApp.

So these were the four ‘FUN’ filled lessons from my life. I’ve had a great experience of enjoying FUN on INTERNET. I’ve enjoyed till now I am sure of more of fun-filled stories coming soon in my life with Internneton(Voda)phone.

FYI: I am currently near Central Park, CP, New Delhi. I was on my way to Hanuman Mandir, CP, but my pillion had a flat-tyre suddenly. So I am waiting for my brother to come-n-pick me up. By the time he comes, I thought I should rather complete writing this post and publish it. So here I am; doing it via my Smart phone. InternetOnVoda(Phone)IsSuperFun.


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