Book Review : What Young India Wants : Chetan Bhagat

My Personal Book Notes

My Personal Book Notes

Name: What India Young Wants
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Genre: Non-fiction
Readers age group : Above 15 +

Pages: 181
ISBN: 9788129120212

Confessions: I have never,never read any of Bhagat’s newspaper essays and Columns.

I am not a fan of Chetan Bhagat,but for some reasons I tend to read all his books. Same was with his first non-fiction book : What Young India Wants. Like his last book, I was able to per-order, Bhagat’s new book and it reached me before launch only. Though, I was unable to give it a read instantly as I was on my way to office when book was delivered.

This is Bhagat’s first non-fiction and is more like a collection of his newspaper articles.

The book takes your through the journey Bhagat has been on till date. He was successfully able to convey his idea of ‘My Great Indian Dream‘ and ‘What Young India Wants’.

Before I started this book I had certain per-notions about this book, but thankfully, none came out to be true. This book is an absolute pleasure to read; even though it does not have any of those ‘Bhagat-trademark-fiction-scenes’. The book has some thought-proving articles that will surely make one think about his or her responsibility towards society and understand the major problems prevailing in our country.

The book is divided into three chapters and two short stories. In chapters Bhagat talks about society, politics, economy and the youth. The two fictions stories are meant to add the fictional element out of which ‘Off Ducks and Crocodiles’ sucks badly. Whereas reading ‘Cut-off’ made me think that I have read this somewhere,but don’t remember where and when.`

The book has covered all-most all the sections and areas of concern in our country – from Bhopal tragedy to politician-industrialist socializing to how the ‘failed’ talent is not accepted in our society.

Bhagat has acted to be a very rational person throughout the book. His choice of taking up these issues defines the problems faced by contemporary India.

Don’t forget to give read below mentioned lines from book thoroughly :

  1. “Yes..America is materialistic….wrongdoer a lesson” pg.8
  2. “Do we really….devices” pg. 105
  3. “Thus, people…future to them” pg 125
  4. Pg 145
  5. Pg 149
  6. “Yes, hostels….the calculator” Pg 154

Another things which is most important about this book is that it DOES NOT NECCESIARLY answer all the questions mentioned at the back :

  1. Why do our students regularly commit suicide? (something thing fishy in this sentence ! grammatical non sequitur )
  2. Why is there so much corruption in India?
  3. Can’t our political parties ever work together?
  4. Does our vote make any difference at all?
  5. We love our India, but shouldn’t some things be different?

P.S. This post was actually posted on August 11 2012 and not on August 6th as shown in Time Stamp.

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Aditya Bhasin hails from India,Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an introvert person who is trying to be an extrovert by all possible means. + + + + + + + = /meadityabhasin

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One thought on “Book Review : What Young India Wants : Chetan Bhagat

  1. By reading your views and opinions i too would like to express my views…
    i am a great fan of chetan bhagat whether they are fiction novels, non fiction or news paper articles.All of them are so interesting that i get totally stick into his views. The issues raised by him are yet to be answered? Every person should realize their importance and take action regarding them but no one cares in this hustle-bustle world. All are just born to be white polishers.WHAT YOUNG INDIA WANTS section SPARKS was the most interesting one and was so fascinating.
    His issues get to the point and works. he fills the charm inside youths. I too had written a novel regarding some issues like he has raised. WILL LOOK FOR GREAT INDIA….QUESTIONS YET TO BE ANSWERED??????????
    your ideas are amazing..

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