…That ‘English’ Dream

My love for the language English is known to all and that is the reason why I always wanted to pursue my masters from the United Kingdom. Yes, from a country where the language started, from the land where Geoffrey Chaucer wrote Wife of Bath Prologue and Tales and at a place probably near Canterbury – place where Canterbury tales is based and yes somewhere near a place where Shakespeare lived Stratford-upon-Avon.

 My desire to study in Great Britain is not just to study in a different land, among people of different nationality but to study in a country where I can feel a sense of knowingness and YES a sense of attachment. A place where I could belong to already, without ever been there physically and that is the reason I choose to study in the United Kingdom. 

   What makes me inclined towards the UK is my graduation in English literature. My graduation certainly brought me much closer to the UK not as a country or  not just as a place to visit in summers but as the land of English language, as the land of many great authors and writers, as the land of ‘something’ new to learn every day and yes of course as the land of much joy and great food. On top of everything it is that sense of nostalgia that I am sure I will feel if I am in the UK probably in some countryside and feeling the same as what Virginia Woolf might have felt standing there like she did in Mrs. Dalloway and sometimes when I would visit the places in Canterbury and parts of the UK.

  My choice of study without a doubt would be MA International Journalism from University of Bedfordshire, Luton campus. Yes, I have many other options too but I still think that studying at a center which is little far from bigger cities like London or Cardiff would be a great idea. I am sure this would be the state which would give me a wider opportunity to live in the United Kingdom and be accessible to everything else easily and without much travel.

So now the question I asked myself when I decided to choose MA International Journalism was why this course and why not something more conventional like an MBA?  

The answer to this question is in the question itself. Why be so mainstream? Why study something which is already termed as conventional. Yes I know, to many people even International Journalism would sound conventional but for me it is most balanced subject of study when it comes to deciding your liking, your interest  and making a sound career choice.

  MAIJ will for sure give me my “need” of education but helps me more to fulfill the “greed” of knowledge I seem to have in me. With MAIJ I am eyeing a great career which is filled with challenge and yes a source of coming across something astonishing every now and then.  

MAIJ will for sure give me a prospective of how a journalist work but on top of it will teach me who actually is a cosmopolitan journalist. Somebody who knows well how to work in a world which probably is divided by borders but is at the end a part of cosmopolitan universe.  We all as individuals know that how anything that matters to one country or citizens of one country can be something of great interest to people living in another corner of world and this I believe is where an international journalist who also happen to be a blogger comes into the picture.  Learning the techniques and insights of an international journalist is what I believe this course will help me gain.

Why Bedfordshire?  
Universities in the UK are in good number, some are decent, some are pricey, some are exceptional and some are just another Uni. like places but deciding among all is surely a tough task for me. Out of all the great choices, the two major Universities I could think of were Bedfordshire and University of London. Henceforth after much thought I would go ahead to finalize Bedfordshire. This obviously is based on the fact that I want to study little away from London and at the same time I want to study at the University Campus itself which makes Bedfordshire my ultimate choice to study in the UK. On the other hand I am keen to see how Bedfordshire can help me elevate my social skills, as I would be interacting with people from different cultures and groups which would also help me be a team player.

Infrastructure also happens to be another most important reason for me to choose both Bedfordshire and the UK. The technological advancement in the UK is little better than any other country especially when it comes to the university of my choice. I am personally very excited to see how working with HD cameras, integrated newsroom and vision mixing equipment can feel like.

 Why United Kingdom unlike another country?  

  Apart from what I mentioned earlier, one of the most important thing that makes me choose The UK as my academic destination and not any other country is, the benefit of living in 28 member states all at the same time and not just Luton as a campus. Studying in the UK gives me an opportunity to roam freely across the member states. This gives me advantage of actually meeting people from different lands without much hassle of visas and other formalities.  This also gives an ample amount of adventure to explore different states, people and most importantly get to know how a common journalist works in these states. This obviously would help broaden my learning curve.  

  Another reason which is most important for me to study in the UK is, the sense of independence I will be able to enjoy and live with, along with still staying connected to my cultural and traditional roots. That is one rare combination which I cannot attain by choosing any other country apart from the UK. It will be a kind of a unique Kaleidoscope of Medieval India. A phase I will cherish all my life.  

So Bedfordshire University in the UK, is my way of conquering widespread horizons of International journalism and an amazing way of expressing Sky is the limit, and yet keeping all strings attached with my roots.

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…and I Visited a Dentist

Finally, I’ve decided to write about the only thing I am most scared to talk about – dental issues. Yes, I am 23 year old child who is so scared of hearing dental issues that if I hear people around me talking about their dental problems I would either walk away or ask them to stop. The sole reason is because it makes me think of many dental problems I have and the utmost need I have to visit an orthodontist. Going to an orthodontist is BIG no-no for me. I cannot go to see them. These blood sucking people daunt me in my dreams. Mere thinking of them gives me cold feet.

In my childhood, I was among those kids who used to hate brushing their teeth for a simple reason because the toothpaste used to taste weird. I was beaten up, scolded, threatened and even a spoon of red-chilly powder was put into my mouth by my parents. This was the intensity of cruelty I had to face. Almost a decade down the line I realize how much my parents cared for me and why they were so strict with me when it came to brushing my teeth. Today, I write this piece after visiting a dentist for more than 20 times, with 3 major extractions done, 4 cavity removal sessions and ‘recently realized problem’ of gum bleeding.

What all I have been through in terms of my dental problem is itself a moral for me and younger children I have in my family. I often tell my younger cousin who is 7 yrs old that what happens when you do not brush your teeth properly and regularly. For some reasons he chooses to listen to me because he has seen me crying madly over pain in my teeth many times.

Another reason why I am now more worried about my dental problem is because I now see my mother in terrible pain because of dental problems she ignored when she was of my age. She has lost most of her teeth; those lefts are in bad condition. Seeing me into her situation 20 yrs down the line is what makes me shit the bed.

All the dental issues I had ever since my childhood is taking toll on me even today. Just an example I cannot have a bubble gum or éclairs in fact. Why? Because they are sticky and may harm the filling I had to get rid of those cavities.

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The Magical Charm of an Arranged Marriage

Things would have been different If I was single, I would have loved to settle down in an arranged marriage. But, because I am already into a super-awesome relationship for almost seven-years now, I really cannot think of experiencing the magical charm of getting married to a stranger. Though, I still have my own set of beliefs and views to share about the idea of arranged marriage.

Mere thinking of settling down in an arranged marriage gives me goose-bumps. I think it is the most divine form of a relationship. The beauty of an arranged marriage starts from the day you and your families decide that yes he/she can be your only soul-mate. From that day onward, things between would-be husband-wife are like those teenage love stories, where everything is beautiful, the girl finds her would be husband the most handsome man in this world and the man sees her would-be wife as the sweetest and the most adorable lady he could have ever met.

First they would meet at a coffee-shop, they would talk nothing. Not even take a single sip of the coffee they ordered for. The boy would keep looking at everything around him and would constantly skip a moment to look at his would-be wife. The lady on the other hand would be sitting in all expectations that the man of her life would start the conversation.

Things move on, and the couple starts growing with each other. Every moment that passes seems like a never ending journey they are on to. Soon the day comes when they are on their marriage-stage. They both look beautiful. They both steal a moment to look at each other, in that single moment of looking at each other, all they convey to each other is “hey..you look beautiful”.

The would-be husband wanted to say “Baby, you look beautiful” but he does not do that. He thinks that it is way too fast. He is not sure if his would-be wife would be comfortable on hearing the affectionate word ‘baby’ or not. The beautiful lady thinks all what her would-be husband thinks about her. They both are talking to each other with their eyes. The boy is somewhat getting intoxicated looking at her would-be beautiful wife.[one] All he thinks to do is to describe her beauty, better than how Geoffrey Chaucer did to Alison in Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale. Sitting there, he is reading these lines to himself, thinking that he is doing it to his would-be wife.

“But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief,
That thou her maid art far more fair than she.”
(2. 2. 4-8) ~ Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

While they both sit on the dinner table, all they think is of how they would make each other eat. It is a new experience for both of them. They are not sure who is supposed to start first. In midst of everything around, boy keeps his hand over his would-be wife’s hand. She is stranded for a second. She does not realize what just happened. She blushes and takes away her hand. Everyone around is smiling, and the beautiful lady of the day is feeling shy. She does not know what her would be husband likes to eat. She gives a childlike look to her would-be husband, and in a moment, he understands what she is trying to say; things are now becoming clear between them. All he says is ‘whatever you like’. Somewhere deep down in there mind, they both think about how an arranged marriage takes place. They are happy….

As the time is coming close for them to be husband-wife instead of would-be husband wife their excitement, and anxiety is also increasing. Looking at how nervous his would-be wife is like the husband now offers a supporting hand to his wife. She feels reveled. The ‘magic-touch’ seems to work now. For a moment, they look into each others’ eyes and smile; smile for the first time in last five hrs. Seeing that nobody is around, girl asks her would-be husband ‘ how do I look ?’ The would-be husband simply wants to kiss her hand and tell how beautiful she is , but is unable to do that. All he said says is ‘Angel’. The girl thinks why her would-be husband is not saying something else or more. She then realizes that maybe this is the real beauty of an arranged marriage. You never say anything to each other- you only feel.

Finally the moment comes when they are husband-and-wife. All the rituals are now over. They are now sitting and waiting to enter a new world. The girl is now crying. She has already started missing her family. This time instead of holding her mom’s hand, she looks for her husbands’ warm-and-cozy hand.[two] She takes hold of it; tightly. The husband is now a supporting hand to his wife. The lady of the evening now relies on her husband and not her first-family. Somebody from the boy’s family makes a witty comment on something. The couple shares a good-laugh – for the first time together. They come close to each other. This time they are less uncomfortable. After all they are husband-and wife; that too through the most sacred ritual of our world- arranged marriage.

Then comes the most precious time of their lives. The girl waits for her husband on ‘their’ bed. She is nervous. She is almost sweating. She sits there like a statue; waiting to be crafted by the only craftsman of her life. In her mind she thinks about all the fantasies she has ever had about her marriage’s first night. As her husband moves closer to her, she starts feeling more shy. She never allowed any man to come that close to her in her life. She only lets her husband be that close. She thinks that first-night in an arranged marriage is more beautiful than a love marriage. She thinks she is going to give herself to her husband; whom she knows very little of. May be that is the magic of an arranged marriage- she says to herself.

The husband is now sitting next to his wife. He is not sure of what to say and what to do. He is equally shy-and-nervous of things going with him. He has had so much to say and do, but none turns out. He thinks – how to go forward? He was not aware that things could be so difficult. For a second he thinks he should have had a love-marriage, so that he would have known his wife better- already. The very next second he looks at his wife and the thought of love-marriage skips his mind. He takes hold of her hand. He kisses her hand. For the first time a man was touching her, the girl thinks. With that kiss the husband says “You look beautiful, my angel.” She blushes and hugs her husband. [three] They sit there and talk, talk about everything they have had in their mind. The girl while playing with her words tell her husband that she was not yet ready for taking this first-night further. Husband is amazed to hear that. He was not expecting this. For some minutes they only look into each others’ eyes, while they play with each others hands. Husband smiles and says “even I am not yet ready”.

It is a moment of relief for the girl. They both smile at their own childish-yet-mature- than ever relationship. Suddenly they both ask each other something that makes them both feel dumb-stuck: “is this how an arrange marriage works?” They laugh and hug each other. And while they are talking to each other, girl falls asleep. The girl is in her husband’s arms and has her head resting on his shoulder. All what the boy does is look at her in amaze

Their arranged marriage evolves day-by-day. On the second-day of their marriage, they say to each other the three magical words “I love you”. It is then they make love with each other. To them nothing seems more divine than what they are into, at that moment. The next morning, while they have their early morning love-bird talks, all they say to each other is that “I could not have loved you more if it were a love marriage.”

Image One Photo credit Jitender Kashmira

“The boy is somewhat going intoxicated looking at her would-be beautiful wife.”

Image Two Photo credit Aditya Singh

“This time instead of holding her mom’s hand, she looks for her husbands’ warm-and-cozy hand.”

“She blushes and hugs her husband.”

I know you must be wondering that why didn’t I posted pictures with the text. So to answer that, I want to tell you folks that I orignally wanted my readers to imagine those pictures. Yes, imagine as they read the text. I am sure you were able to feel exactly the way I expected.

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Aditya Bhasin hails from India, Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an introvert person who is trying to be an extrovert by all possible means.

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#InternetisFUN on #Vodafone. THATS IT.

I am an internet addict- a declared addict. I bought my laptop in 2008 and my first broadband internet connection in year 2010 (till then, I used to go to cyber cafe.) I then bought a phone that supported internet. I did not like it, because it was a Java phone, I then bought a break-through communication device (some people call it a smart phone); which changed my life; for good, and along with it I got a mobile connection that supported super-fast internet.

Initially, I decided not to use too-much of my communication device, I did not want to be a guy who was ‘into’ the phone day and night. Days passed and so did nights. I used internet on my communication device almost every day but within a set limit. The best part of using internet on phone was when websites loaded super-fast on my Opera Browser. Thanks to excellent integration of Vodafone and Opera Mini. As days passed my addiction to enjoy ‘FUN’ on internet increased and it turned out to be good for me as my broadband bill went down to almost 40% a month. Though, my phone bill usage went up to almost Rs. 22000 a month (which, for obvious reasons, was deducted from my bill every month). Rs 98 for 2GB is what Vodafone is offering me in my current bill plan; a pretty awesome offering.

I now do not disconnect internet on my device. NEVER. This is how I like it. Connected to ‘FUN’ all through day-n-night-in basement-on highway-in lift- while traveling on a train-while roaming-while I sleep.

I am now going to share four lessons of my life; with my communication device. Not much. Just four.

I am nowhere a stranger (to no one)

I am an egoistic soul. I do not like asking for directions? How many more turns? I find it annoying, may be the other person does not like to answer me or may give me wrong information. So, I choose to play-smart- Google Maps is what I use on my communication device. I love this app; it has helped me a lot. I remember, when recently, I was driving till Murthal, I was lost. I was with my girlfriend and we were heading towards Haveli in Murthal. I had no intentions to ask anyone whether I was going right not. So I asked her to open Maps on my phone, Google and internet drove me till Havelli in Murthal, it gave me all the possible directions. The internet quality on my phone has always been excellent and was better on a highway.

In another incident; I was at CP- looking for Rs 50 Samosas and mid-way a tourist from Germany came to me asking something in Deutsche (German). I understood what language he was talking in but could not reply back because it was almost two years I left studying this language. So, all I did was opened-up my translation app and helped him whatever way possible. As I said earlier the main reason, I was able to pull up the translation so easily was because my device is never disconnected to internet, which means I am having ‘FUN’ all the time.

He was too impressed. He said ‘I thought only Germany has a good technology- You know BMW, beer and watches.’ ‘May be, I was wrong.’ Well, that was a good experience; Pramod and I were all praising ours phones and internet on it after that incident. And not to forget after having that Rs 50 wala samosa we went to have our World-favorite Paan.

These Check-in’s on Facebook and FourSquare are yet another awesome thing to do on a communication device (Smart phone) enabled with internet. It makes more fun. And helps me to-not- be-a-stranger at anywhere and to anyone. It is also not about the app that I use, its the internet which makes the experience break- through. I can install as many app as I want but what is the FUN without Internet.

My communication device-my hard disk

Gone are the days of LAN, WAN and other wireless networks. Gone are the days of managing all the data on pen-drives or even hard disks. The new technology and super-fast internet on phone makes my communication device, a hard disk; which is not hard-heavy- expensive-and-a-fuss-to carry. I love editing my documents while I travel-yes; I love multi-tasking both on my phone and in my life. It saves time. Few days back only, I was on my way to CP for some work and while it I was editing my notes that I needed to send to a friend in Chandigarh. I was working on Google Drive and doing my part of job. As I finished doing same I instantly sent those notes to him via an Email and also shared same on Google Drive with him. Not to forget that, even this blog post is being written-edited over a mobile device through Google Drive and with internet on phone.

The fun is endless and awesome of all. The lighting-fast internet not only makes me save my phone memory- as I do not have to store all songs and videos on memory card. But it also gives me a sense of convince. No matter where I am- What I am doing- What mood I am into; Internet on phone helps me be in a happy-and-jolly mood all the time. On-demand music is also something I enjoy a lot.

I am my mom’s-dad’s-(girl)friend’s-relative’s-sister’s-brother’s-uncle’s HERO

I hate cheques. I loved internet banking. I love Mobile Banking. I am hero in eyes of everyone who want me to do some or other work for them.

My Mom tops the list. Earlier, she used to give me a pile of bills and cash to pay. And I either used to make cash-payments on biller’s desk or through Internet banking, but, even for that I had to connect to my laptop. But, now things have changed. I pay all her (and mine bills) sitting at home. All I do is open the companies’ websites or BillDesk.com and pay bills through credit card. My mom is always happy with this. Though, I’ve been doing this for quite a few months now, every month she would say ‘Bina kahi gaye?..sahi hai’! (Without going anywhere?…This is Good.)

I also remember, when recently, my friends and I had an instant plan to watch some movie, that-too, at last minute, all I did was pulled up BMS app and booked tickets instantly-without much fuss. The most important things while doing such transaction is the connectivity. If you lose it-you lose the transactions. Thanks to FUN-FILLED internet experience, this works perfect.

Not to forget that instant-mood-to-watch-movie is very constant with my girlfriend. Internet on phone HELPS-Tremendously. 😉

Reading and watching live news on phone is something I love most (personally). I remember, when recently I was traveling in train, an uncle, sitting next to me asked me if I had a newspaper. I said no but I can offer you my phone- you can read news on it. “He said ‘wo tu theek h par hindi mein’ ”… (Great, but I like to read in Hindi) I said ‘here it goes’.

My cousin – Danish, loves playing games on my phone. He will even sometime, wake me up from sleep to play those games. He loves Angry Birds. And sometimes when he annoys me too much to play the game, I feel like being a bird and imagine him as a pig. 😉

I am not a cricket freak, but, yeah my friends are. A lot of them do not have a device likes mine. They still like a basic Samsung or Nokia-candy bar phone. And if they need-they ask me for my device. They love watching videos on YouTube; especially; IPL videos. In another incident, when I was stuck in traffic, I was enjoying some zoo-zoo clips on Youtube on my device. GREAT FUN.

My brother sometime makes me book his flight and rail tickets and what NOT.

I am a citizen of internet

A citizen is somebody who can speak, write, work, rest and enjoy as per his/her own choice. Well, I am too a citizen; citizen of internet.

Only difference is that unlike other citizens of a country or state; I am a ‘state-less’ citizen. I don’t understand boundaries or borders. I work- freely, in any part of country and world- without specific permissions from anyone and I even don’t need a paper-passport. I live freely. My state is my phone, and my passport is my internet.

I do not have a desk. I work from my phone. Most important thing for me is to be connected to my friends, readers, followers; and doing this is impossible without internet. I use internet on my phone for almost everything and everywhere. I have written more than 20 posts through WordPress For Android and I choose to continue doing same. I do not even remember when was the last time I checked my blog’s stats information and moderated comments from my laptop or another desktop computer. I do all that stuffs while I travel in metro (saves time ;))

I am never away from my friends. I am connected to them through some or other way- Thank you to Internet on phone. No day has passed since I got my phone-without WhatsApp. No doubt it is super-cool way to communicate with friends all over the world. Hangouts on G+ is like icing on cake.

Gone are the days of SMSs and Calls. I am in a conversation with my family and friends through some or other way. Be it WatsApp or Viber or Gtalk or Skype. I not only speak to them with so much ease but sharing files also becomes so easy. Those who do not have email or Drive access, I share files with them through WatsApp.

So these were the four ‘FUN’ filled lessons from my life. I’ve had a great experience of enjoying FUN on INTERNET. I’ve enjoyed till now I am sure of more of fun-filled stories coming soon in my life with Internneton(Voda)phone.

FYI: I am currently near Central Park, CP, New Delhi. I was on my way to Hanuman Mandir, CP, but my pillion had a flat-tyre suddenly. So I am waiting for my brother to come-n-pick me up. By the time he comes, I thought I should rather complete writing this post and publish it. So here I am; doing it via my Smart phone. InternetOnVoda(Phone)IsSuperFun.


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A woman can be a mother; not necessarily a wife

If a man can choose not to marry then why can’t a woman. Why can’t a 30 yr old women say “I never wanted to marry, I am not going to marry”. Why does society always say that “a woman must marry if they want a settled life.”

 With this post, I am trying to talk about things treated to be a social taboo. If I follow what my elders have made me understand is that earlier words and talks about ‘sex’ ‘teenage relationship’ ‘love marriages’ were taboo. Time has changed and so does the taboo things, no matter how educated we may be, but deep down a lot of us carry certain things as a taboo.

 For a woman, not getting married is treated to be a taboo by our society. For a woman to have children without marriage is treated to be social crisis. And this is where I see a ray of positive change.

 We’re living in a world where both men and women are doing good. In some areas women are exceptional and in some, men are masters of their job. Women are now turning to be more career oriented than man, and this is where the idea of being a mother and not a wife comes into picture. I see no issues in the approach of being a single mother- by choice.

 Assume, a woman in her thirties, V-P of a company. Her parents left the idea of her marriage way back and now it’s no time to marry. ‘Getting married age’ for a woman inIndiais decided to be 25. If she crosses that mark, all our society will say that “she must be lacking somewhere, may be that’s why she could not settle down yet.” She has achieved whatever she wanted in her life and is now starving for more growth along with a ‘normal’ life.

 In this situation, the same woman in her thirties decides to have children without getting married. She thinks that she will at least have somebody to take care of (who is not a nagging husband) and somebody who will take care of her, when she grows old.  She decides that she will be a single mother.

 A single mother does not mean that she will get involved in a sexual relationship with anybody to conceive. My idea is much broader and sensitive. She can have own child, she can directly walk-in into a sperm bank, decide on choice of her donor, get that sperm injected into her womb and have her own child. Or may be she can always adopt an orphan child as-well.

Why our society does needs to question a woman’s decision to be a single mother. Our society does not question what a man does, then why a woman should be questioned and brought under hammer of ‘Moral values.’

 I believe, this thing must be accepted across the country and world, not only for heck of it but to bring a positive change in world around us.

 Today’s woman is enough independent to care of herself and her children (without a husband). It should not be anyone’s business to interfere; it her life at the end of day.

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A not so creative person, Aditya Bhasin is a student of English literature (and wanted to be a networking expert.) He was born & brought up in Delhi and choose not to move out ever. You can find him at eating places more then his college, look for him at historical places more then his home, contact him through social media, easily, then a mobile phone. Aditya started blogging out of blue as an advice by his friend and is now addicted to it and can’t stop blogging.

He aspires to write a novel and be a successful media (communication) professional and does not want to be a social media consultant. Aditya is also a great supporter of women rights.