Spice Mobile & Indiblogger meet #SecureAndroid

YES, I am back to blogging. I missed this space so much that I cannot express in words; exams almost high-jacked my life. And to compensate for this loss -IndiBlogger’s blogger’s meet came to my rescue. It was the much needed ‘fresh-air’ that I needed; especially after my exams got over.

Like last time I was super exited to attend this meet, rather super-duper exited because this time I was not a stranger in the house. I knew some people would recognize me and would turn up to me and say ‘Hey you‘re Aditya Bhasin..?’ and like wise I was sure that I would get to meet some people I knew from last meet and I would go to them and say ‘Hey how’re you doing’.

Because I am writing this post in hybrid, I am not going to talk about minor details of the meet but just the best moments. (ohhhhh.. I am sorry all the moments were best…!)

We were welcomed by a very cute kid. Without a doubt, she was the youngest blogger out-there. She was so adorable that she was giving a high-five to everyone who asked for one. I think she was just 2-3 yrs old and yes she was wearing an IndiBlogger tee too.

The meet started with a bang on idea. We all were taught a special welcome trick that we were supposed to do when Rajiv Makhani takes the centre-stage.  It was the ‘Hurrr-Hurrrr’ welcome. We enjoyed it thoroughly and so did Rajiv.


A big thanks too Rajiv for being so sportive and for making the air a little more funny. He was acting like true Delhite. He was best at pulling-leg (offcource in a funny manner.)

A lot of people got Spice mobile phones as a prize and I too got one of them. The funny part was when a blogger got a phone because she writes a blog to help get people divorce#.

I am more than keen to share how I got that phone, here goes the story.

While introduction, Rajiv said he will let only two more people give their introduction and expect them to be most witty.

As I was standing at the back I started jumping on the spot and were saying “me” “me” “me”. I got the much needed attention and was called by Rajiv to give introduction. The funny part was that I did not walk till him rather jumped. Yes, I actually did that. I jumped and went to the ‘centre-stage’ and gave my intro like this:

“I am Aditya Bhasin”

“I blog because I get to share my opinion with everyone else”

“I get to meet so many new people”

“…and the best part- I get a free-pass to a five-star hotel and dinner is always on card, so WHY NOT!”

In return for a witty intro I got a Spice Flo phone. 😉

As the meet continued I met a lot of new people along with some old faces I could remember from last meet. The happy moments were those when few people came and said “Are you Aditya Bhasin?” and some even tweeted “I think I know you.”

In another incident when there was pin-drop silence in room, I did something. *meow*

We all enjoyed the meet very much; Rajiv’s presence made it more exiting. Later, Karan Singh- a deception artist also came in the house to showcase his deception tricks. He caught me in first-second itself that I was not the guy he was looking for, though, I was trying to be one-of-those-guys.

He also played with some books and was fairly awesome in whatever he did. I don’t know how he did that all, but, I was able to draw a lot of resemblance between him and the guy who host a show named ‘Deception’ on Discovery. I don’t mean anything offensive for Karan. After all he did what was something I cannot even imagine to do. 🙂

While this meets the Spice Mobile also showcased their much expected phones. They call it Samsung Galaxy note killer. To be honest, I liked all three phones; especially keeping the price-range in mind. I mean imagine you are getting Galaxy Note size phone in last than 12 grand..! As of now I don’t  think I would buy one of those phone, only reason- I already more phone than I need (Nazar na lage). *Protect my phones from evils eye.*

I did feel bad then my other fellow bloggers started to move out of their chairs when Spice Manager started speaking. I mean respecting the speaker is must- at least I believe in same. The dinner on the table was awesome, only I know how I stopped myself eating those ‘Fish-pakoras’. I am not eating non-veg food these days.

The meet ended on a happy note as we bid farewell to Rajiv with hurrr hurrr hurr….

Just because I have talked about so many good things does not mean everything went well. Here are few things IndiBlogger team missed and should take care of same in upcoming meets; especially, when the number of bloggers is so HIGH. (Did I tell you that this was the BIGGEST meet with over 250 bloggers.

1)       No group photos like last time;

2)       A lot.. A LOT of people did not got a chance to speak while 30 seconds of fame;

3)       There were no ‘white-posters’ for bloggers to write about one another, like last time.

Hats off to IndiBlogger team. It worked out just perfect. Thanks a ton and keep visting Delhi like same.

#: The divorce thing is what I heard in that meet. I may be wrong in mentioning the exact thing


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