One principle that changed me

Post a day 2011

If you ask me one success guru whom I follow like a religion, without a thought I would name – Jack Canfield. And one of his success principal that I follow like religion is – Stop giving excuses. I have only read one book of Canfield, how to get from where you’re to where you want to be – The 25 success principals. And from this book, I learnt the principal of Stop giving excuses. This is the first principal of success given by Canfield.

In all my senses, I would accept that this principal changed my life to a great extent. With this principal I learnt how not to give excuses and how to accept my own failure. It’s been almost 2 yrs, I’ve been following this principal and in these 2 yrs, I believe there was no moment, when I gave any excuse to my failure. Every time I had to give a reason for why I failed, I simply say “I know where I lacked.”

This whole thing helped me in a great extent, I became more confident of things I do, failures I had to face and the level of success. Lot of people, to whom I was answerable, also told me that they like the idea of me not giving excuses.


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