Your Dreams are Mine now – a book review

Title: Your Dreams are Mine now

Author: Ravinder Singh

ISBN: 978-0-143-42300-3

 Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads

I have read all the works by Singh, his first “I too had a Love Story” as a work will always be his best in my eyes. It truly was an honest story of a man who loved and who lost love of his life. Back then, when the book was originally published the number of authors and number of stories were limited. The balloon of authors and fiction novel has been blowing too big since then. The number of authors we had back then were limited. Singh and Bhagat were very few who came with their initial books. Since then, the Indian writing space went through a big change. Self-publishing came in picture, there are more publishing houses than there are authors. The quality of stories has degraded only since then. Among them stand those few authors who were good back at that time and end up being good even today.

Having read Singh’s all three books (not counting the anthology) I was decently excited to read his fourth work. No questions that his last book had disappointed me to umpteen extent. Honestly, the only reason I choose to read their work even today is because somewhere or else I relate to them. I relate myself with these stories. I think they are among me. Yes, time and again I’ve been disappointed but just for the sake of supporting them I read their work.

Singh’s latest book – Your Dreams are Mine now is a story based in Delhi and more specifically University of Delhi. This is understandable because Singh now writes full time from his Delhi based house and it was a clever attempt on his part to take Delhi as the story backdrop. Though, his attempt failed miserably. I shall come back to his part later in the post.

The story is claimed to be an innocent love story based in dominant campus politics. It is about the two protagonists who fall in love and how they attempt to create their positive hold in DU campus followed by their rise and fall. The story is based in North Campus and a famous commerce college in North Campus that is made of red-bricks (that is how author describes the college). I would not dug deep in the story part as it would be unfair to the author and would strictly write about the novel and what I feel about it.

On the story: Well, I wish there was a story to this novel. The text in the novel seems to be an over stretched piece of two individual’s who were born in author’s mind. To worsen the whole thing, author actually! Added a summary of a major newsbreak from 2012. This obviously was not expected from Singh, this cannot be called plagiarism because the content was modified in terms of name, actual incident and few minor changes here and there whereas the context was EXACTLY what we read in news back then. If you end up reading this part of the novel, you will think that you just completed reading a summary report of the incident that happened back then. It is a shame that Singh would indulge in such malpractice. It is total 30 pages of text that seems to be copied from newspapers only. I wonder if Singh was short of ideas or wrote this book in too much of hurry that he felt the need to use an extended news report to complete his book.

On the backdrop: When you pick up a book that you know is based in your city you expect to find yourself so close to the book. You expect that may be you will read about places you have visited, places you were present at one time or another. May be your college, your “Adda” where you used to spend your whole day during college days and many other related things. This book fails miserably on backdrop part. It seems that the author only wrote this book siting in four walls of his house and didn’t even bother to do basic research before writing this book. Honestly, no one who will read this book can agree that author has lived in Delhi for years now. The kind of backdrop setting author has presented in the book can also be written by anyone who sits in Bangladesh or as a matter of fact Mars. There is no close link of Delhi with the story, just some random mention of “North Campus” “ Rashtrapati Bhawan” and “AIIMS”.

Being a part of North campus, I was expecting so much from the book but apart from some random mention of a commerce college I didn’t read ANYTHING in this book. It seems that Singh only knew that there is a North Campus and then there is a red-brick college there. More like he didn’t even gave North Campus a visit before taking it as the battle ground of his book.

On writing style: Simple and elegant is what Singh’s writing style is in this book. No difficult or out of the world language is used. I am sure he has kept all his readers in mind who might not be as proficient as others in queen’s language.

Another good part was that there were no explicit sex scenes in this book. Apart from some kiss scenes and another romantic conversation part there was nothing that can annoy a reader. It obviously has became a tradition that an author would add some steamy hot scenes to keep the reader’s interest going in the book. Thankfully, Singh nailed it there and didn’t create more mess of this book.

My Ratings: 2/5

Please, this review is more like a personal note on the book which I happen to share with you. I don’t say read this book or don’t read this book. It should absolutely be your call. If after reading the book you think I was unfair and the book deserved more then please do not hesitate to drop me a line in comments.

Thanks Priyanshi Gulati for proof reading.

Synopsis of my first book

 Post a day 2011

One ‘utmost-important’ thing, I’ve been doing for last 200 days is writing a book. And for the first time in last 200 days I am disclosing this news to all of you through my blog. Very few people are aware of this thing – that I am working on my book. Those who know continue to ask me that when I would publish my book or if I could tell them a little about the story. Till now my answer to them was “I will certainly do that; one day.”


Today, after writing a chunk of my book, I thought I should share the synopsis with you. I’ am not experienced in professional writing. I know, I must have made mistakes, but does that really matter?  I believe NO.

In God’s own country, Kerela lived a boy. His idea to live life was simple, make money, buy everything you want and the world will bow down in front of you. He went to school in Kerela, college inMadrasand even did his maters fromDelhi. Every time anybody asked him that what he wanted to be in his life, his answer was in a phrase “Money Makes the World go around.” He never went well with his family, he always had tussle with them on some or other subject and so was the subject of making life worth living- by making money. His father always wanted him to settle himself with a Government job, the only girl, this guy loved, dumped him. And this is how Danish Sahani was ‘born’.

Welcome to my first book.

Read. Share. Like. Comment. Do what you want, post your ideas, suggestions and feedback. You never know, a part of your idea could be on next page of my book.






About Aditya Bhasin


Aditya Bhasin hails fromIndia,Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an introvert person who is trying to be an extrovert by all possible means. + + + + + + + = /meadityabhasin


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Because you loved me

Post a day 2011

For last some days, I was reading this book named “Because you loved me” by Ritwik Mallik and I just got over this book and believe me I can say that I just got over some sought of pain, I feel I was been tortured by the author of this book. The last book of Mallik was still acceptable; Love happens like that but this book was pain a big time pain.

I love reading books, of all sought, I don’t choose books on basis of who wrote it and I just read them. I have never really given this thing a thought that who is writing a book, because for me a piece of writing is simply a piece of writing no matter who wrote it. But believe me this book has forced me to check a little about author before I read any of his or her books in coming future.

This book tortured me to all the extent possible. There was no sense of story in this book, the 75% story was revolving around everything else than protagonist. The narrator had no idea what he was narrating, but because he had to narrate something, he did it. There is no sense of dignity left with writer; he has used all sought of Hindi and English abusive words in the book. I wonder why does these authors does not understand that just because they wrote F*** instead of Fuck, will not change the meaning of the word or the intention of writer.

And finally, the biggest moment of joy in this book is when, the book ends.

A big time thumbs down to this book.

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OILY..Till I find someone better

It’s my Birthday.

 I’m so happy today. I’ve turned one. Yes it’s my birthday. One year back my almighty got an idea from a friend of his that he should start a blog and it was then when I was born. I Speak-Aditya Bhasin was born.

Since that day he has been too kind to me. He keeps me feeding with a new post every time, I feel hungry.And before I go ahead and discuss how was the whole last one year let me and my owner together thank somebody first.

Thank you Meenakshi, (We know you don’t want your name and just want ‘M’ but forgive us this time). Meenakshi, we will not say that you’ve been an inspiration but would be pleased to mention that you’ve been great support and yes ‘the start-up guide’.

I remember, as what told to me by Aditya that how you asked him to start up a blog, one sudden day and he did that. Aditya says that it was not like that he was not aware of what blogs are, but it’s just that he never took this thing too seriously. He says that he was aware of blog writing since 2007 but he never thought it as an option he should ever think to work upon. But you made that happen and he will continue to thank you for that. And special thanks from my side too.

 In last one year I was updated almost regularly. I never felt neglected. Every now and then there was one or another post with which I was updated. In the beginning I felt that why I was been given too much of Commonwealth games. I mean Aditya, kept me updating with the same thing. I wonder why. I remember, Meenakshi, also told him once that you should rename your blog to ‘The Commonwealth Blog’.

In past one year. Aditya has grown too good in writing. I mean been a book of his writing. I know it well that what he used to do in beginning and what he do know. I know all his grammatical mistakes he used to make, all his spelling mistakes. He told me few months back that he never used to revise what he wrote, he simply used to publish it and this is what his problem was. And may be that’s why he used to make so many mistakes.

 But now he is a changed person. He read everything, he writes, at least once before he publishes it on me.The most ‘special’ moment of my life till now have been when, I was read by ,reporter at The Washington Post. She read one of the posts and even mentioned that post in her news article she wrote on

It was a big thing for me and when I told the same thing to Aditya, he was like on ninth cloud. I received more than 1000 views on that single post in a week’s time.

Aditya, never made me a single track blog. He also wrote book reviews, Movie Reviews and what not.

 I also remember the time, when Aditya, gave me a special identity. It was when he moved me from Blogspot to and then to Aditya says he was quite keen to move me to another and a better platform. And that was why he brought me to Wordpess from Blogspot. And yes I have felt the difference. WordPress in many sense is better then Blogspot.

And because it’s my birthday, I’d also like to thank; Indiblogger. They have been so kind to let me be on their network and for giving me so many readers then and now.And I, I think I should leave for now and let Aditya, take over the space.

 “You can take over, Aditya; my almighty.”

 “Thanks my superb blog.”

 Hi guys, seems like my blog has already taken you through whole last year. But I’m here just for some one or two paragraphs.

 First of you all, thank you, to all my readers for being supportive all the time. I mean without YOU guys this could not have been a real thing for me. I’m sure, because you were their, that’s why. I’m here.

 Another thing, I’d like to mention is a thank you to myself. I’ve been a person who looses interest in his own ideas very soon. One day I will start working on something and some days down the line. I’m over with it. I loose my interest in it. But with blogging, the things were different. I continued and I’m continuing.

 Thanks to Smriti Pahwa, for always been the first reader of my blog every time and for been a constant supporter. Also for her candid and critical comments all the time. (I regret that she is not around to do the same now). Meetu, if you’re reading this, I still remember, how much you liked reading ‘The Journey beyond limits’ and how much you hated reading ‘Another big fat Indian marriage’

 Thank you, to Vikas and Meenakshi for correcting my all grammatical mistakes and spellings. Thanks to Pramod, for fighting with me all the time about whose Indiblogger rank is better. Thanks to Nirwan & Vrinda for making sure that there was a comment from their side all the time.

 I have my fingers crossed for another superb year of blogging.