…There shall be no more rapes now

I am so pleased to hear that there will be no rapes in Delhi starting today onwards. Yes! A notification given by Delhi Transport department clearly states that as they have black listed a cab service in Delhi on grounds that one of their cab drivers were involved in a rape case. Henceforth, from now onwards we will not hear any cases of sexual harassment or rapes in Delhi. This obviously has brought joy to all the Delhi female as they now have better things to focus on like – Who is the new girlfriend of their neighbor Sharma Ji’s son and how much is Gupta Ji spending on her daughter’s marriage.

 An overjoyed college girl from North Campus was heard saying that she will finally get some freedom and sense of security when she wears her hot pants and pink top while she takes a walk with her friends near Arts Faculty from today.

 On speaking to her personally she mentioned that she is elated for the fact that there will be no more “Randi” and “slut” words she will need to hear starting today as black listing the cab service has brought a radical change to our society and has also beefed up the security in city. She mentioned that her confidence is now much more visible as she is now SURE that I am not staring her legs right now and her cleavage also does not attract me anymore for a great reason that a cab service has been banned in our city.

 When I heard the news today my first reaction was: Really! Is this how you stop rapes and is this how you function in a democracy. For a minute and even now I feel that I am living in Iraq or Syria under the rule of an extremist group. The example set by our government is the most ridiculous in all possible senses. This is like if a school student is caught cheating at CBSE boards, they will go ahead and cancel the school’s affiliation that they didn’t they do a background check on student for the fact that he might be a serial offender.

 What happened in last incident is unfortunate and there is no logical – dress, noodles, burger and mobile reason justifying this act followed by NO scientific – man have a tool that they need to use, hormonal imbalance and ‘they are men’ reason that will prove that this incident was needed or supposed to happen this way.

 Like any other rape incident everybody is condemning and is demanding a strict action against the driver and much stronger rape laws in our country. The irony is that this time our government has turned creative and attempted to do something more ‘cool’ to dilute the issue as big as RAPE! Apart from my observation above that how I feel I am living under a group of extremists there is another side of this ‘black list the company’ incident.

 It is only me who smells a corporate and political nexus in this incident? We know that among all, Uber cabs have been doing very well in the business and have turned to be of great competition to many other cab services. How likely is that this is propaganda of another cab service in connection with a political link to get this company shut down in order to kill the competition to some extent?

 No, No, rape is not what I incline towards, but the black listing of the company. It is obviously visible that the decision to ban the company is unfair and is taken either in haste or out of some plan. I have not heard such things happening in past because if such was the case then in regards to 16th December rape case the government should have black listed the mall, the cinema hall and culture of moving out after 10 PM back then only. But that didn’t happen. Why not?

 If there would have been no mall and no cinema hall, the incident could have been avoided completely. Right?

 I also agree to the fact that yes, there must have been some miss on Uber’s end but how does it solve the problem? How does it stop rape? Let’s assume that Uber would have had GPS device in that car, or the driver’s verification was done too. Would this GPS be telling the system that ohm, I can sense some vibrations in the car or there is somebody shouting in the car? Or would the verification certificate be calling out loud at that silent Ridge road that – oh! look somebody is being raped?

 Yes, I understand that verification part is always important but why are we shadowing the main issue with these small things and trying to ignore the bone of contention – RAPES! Black listing the company means we have put the livelihood of hundreds of other drivers and their families on stake. Who is now going to get them two basic meals a day, who is now going to take their children to school now? Who is going to solve the mid-life crisis of many drivers who took car loans, who is going to pay their EMI’s now?

On the other hand, I saw that once again the rapist’s face was covered with a black cloth, would somebody care to answer why is that? Why was the face not shown to all, why does this practice of covering the face has to be followed by our police?

 Because if there is a law to protect the victim and the criminal then why the Uber cab’s name came in picture? Why didn’t they say “a cab service in Delhi” instead of “Uber cab service in Delhi”. Why in other case, Ms Basu’s pictures were shown all over the media and her identity was revealed and not of that businessman? Why in case of many call-center rape cases the name of the company is never disclosed? These are the questions that remain unanswered and might remain unanswered until our government is far more sensitive towards such issue. May our men understand that she is a woman. Not a piece of meat.


Thanks Priyanshi Gulati for proof reading.

We Live in a World Raised by Women. Let’s respect that

The whole discussion about women empowerment, respect for them in society, movements against domestic violence, rape’s and other acts against women has been going on for more than a decade now. In last one decade these movements have really brought a substantial change to our society. I cannot think if ten-years down the line a women working in night shifts were treated to be in a “Respectable” job. A young girl walking up to her parents for love marriage was treated to be an “That is OK with us ” affair and many other things like these.

The rape incident that took place on December 16th gave a whole new meaning to how we fight against the evil practice of disrespecting women. After she was dead, I saw an advertising board outside Ambience Mall, Gurgoan. It said “Wake up India. She is dead”. This made me think if we actually needed one such incident to awaken ourselves and realize what is going on around us. What I believe is that, it was not the case. We never needed brutal death of a young lady. In true sense her death has gone in vain.

“Between 16 December and 4 January 501 calls for harassment and 64 calls for rape were recorded by the Delhi Police, but only 4 were followed up by inquiries” – Source

My focus on this blog is about the biggest disease of our society. Something that has been prevalent in India since 1900s and continues to grow; domestic violence.

In my understanding, the first thing we should do is to bring equality amongst our society. Yes, this is something been talked about a lot of time, but, this seems to be the only solution to this problem. Let’s STOP making women feel that they are the inferior sex. And to do this the first thing I suggest is the idea of

“Abolish Women coach in Delhi Metro”

To some of you this may sound absurd. But in my idea, this is where the change should start from. Why do we have to have a dedicated coach in Delhi Metro? The only reason I know is kind of difficulties women may have to face in other coaches especially when all the coaches are packed without an inch space to move. On one hand we say women can be anywhere, they are successful, they can fight all bad and on other hand we ourselves are making them feel inferior by showing them that at the end they are different from the male section of the society.

The other thing I suggest is:

“Making men understand that, in the end, women are the reason for they being men”

It is no rocket science that women are the source of life. Let’s teach ourselves that if I am going to hit women, she is surely going to adapt this change and would start hitting me back. Without women, no one is getting you another child. No one is going to take care of you in your bad times. It is SHE who is the reason of YOU. Appreciate that

“If I hit you today, my mom is going to be sad”

If I end up hitting my girlfriend today, the first person who would be most hurt would be my mom. She did not tell me or teach me to raise my hand on women. Since my teen age, the first thing she taught me was the fact that women are not to be abused, slapped, and disrespected. Men need to understand, that in this world if you can hit your wife or your girlfriend or any stranger girl, the time would not be far when your mother and sister could also be hit by their husband

“Do not force your wife or girlfriend to turn into Alison”

Alison was the protagonist of Geoffrey Chaucer’s book ‘The Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale’. She went ahead to marry five times for some or other reason. Guys, you do not obviously want that.


What is most important for a man? Ego and self-respect. The moment you hit your wife or your girlfriend, she would start elevating from you. You would not even realize when she would be gone way too far from you; may be another man, who would respect her. Again you do not want that. I am sure that is SO GONNA hurt your ego. So for the sake of your Ego stop hitting women.

To all the women out there, if you were ever hit by your boy friend, husband or even may be a police guy, this one is for you.

“How do you know you cannot fight, if you have never been into a fight”- Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Next time when your husband or boyfriend hits you, slap him back. Start a fight. Start a revolution. Bring the change. Hit them hard. Hit them hard in the face.

With this I am going to  #RingTheBell along with many other fellow bloggers, with team of IndiBlogger and with BellBajao.org. I am also going to support IndiChange- an IndiBlogger idea to all the possible extent. Been a blogger it is my sincere duty to stand up against evils of our society.

Image fromhttp://www.bellbajao.org/

Image fromhttp://www.bellbajao.org/

No helmet, women on risky ride: #VoiceofChange

Recently, one of my friends had an accident. She was riding a two-wheeler and was banged by a car. She fell down on the road and had major head injuries. Reason: No helmet.

If we go by some statistics, 64 women on two-wheelers have been died in fatal accidents. Reason: No helmet.

Delhi and Bhopal are only two cities, in my knowledge, who have given women a ‘free-pass’ to not to wear helmets. I am also sure that there would be other cities too with such ‘generous’ attitude towards women

It is difficult to understand why do such things exist in our society? Are woman so different that they are allowed to drive without helmets? Doesn’t women live as precious as men? In above example she was a friend, but someday it could be my sister or my mother even. I cannot face such accidents in case of any member of my family or around me. (Both the sexes; especially, a female member because for obvious reason she is at greater risk.)

We are not in a position to deny the importance of women in our lives. No matter what, we have to protect women in all possible scenarios. On one hand, our government is spending millions on prevention of girl-child killing and on the other hand, government itself is letting women die on roads every year. If I ride without a helmet (which I don’t) I will be fined with minimum of Rs 100. And if my sister does same, she is let go free. She is only given a warning about wearing a helmet as a measure of own safety and not because she shall be fined next time

In Delhi the rule 115 makes it optional for women to wear helmets, where as the section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act applicable all over India makes it mandatory for all two-wheeler riders to wear helmets.

I wonder when there is a rule applicable all over the country, why does Delhi and Bhopal have this exemption. Are woman of these too cities Superwomen that they will never land-up in an accident or say will never be injured?

Making helmet compulsory in Delhi is far more important than other cities. I have lived in this city since my birth and there are certain things which does not change in our city; male ego. It is a religion for Delhi man to over-take; and if their vehicle is over taken by a woman, things turn out to be nasty. They will surely over-take that woman; dangerous way possible. (Exempt me from this religion. I would rather play safe.)

I also think that instead of relying on what rules says, women should wear helmets, irrespective of what law says. I mean we do not follow all rules we are asked to, then why this one?

Break rules. Wear helmet. Save your life.

With my views on this subject, I think it is ‘Time to Change’ and move-forward to bring a positive change in our society.

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About Aditya Bhasin

Aditya Bhasin a not-so-creative person is a student of English literature at University of Delhi. He was born and brought up in Delhi and choose never to move out. You will find him at eating places more than his college, exploring places more than staying at home and get in touch with him through social media rather than calling on his mobile phone. He aspires to write a novel. He also wish to be a successful media (communication) professional.

Just because I’m a widow; doesn’t mean I can’t be happy anymore. WORLD WIDOW WOMENS DAY

The title of this post is the plight of every widow women in this world; especially in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

People in these countries are still not ready to accept widow women as part of society. I agree that there is been a major change in mentality of people in past few decades but the idea of not accepting a widow women as part of our society still prevails in many parts of India.

If we look into statistics there are 24 cr 50 lakh widow women in this world, out of which 4 cr 20 lakh widow are from India. In Europe the number of widow women is 13% of their population and out of all the widows 11 cr 60 lakh widow women lives below poverty line.

In December last year, UN declared June 23 as World Widow Day. This was done in order to make this world realize that there is a section of society who is not happy to some extent and are bound to leave in many restrictions. I fully support this idea and believe that we as a world need to understand the issues and problems attached to life of widow women in this male dominated society.

I would particularly talk about the situation of widow women in India. The problem with Indian ideology is that we know it well that how many MBA executives, IIT Graduates and IAS Officers we will need in 2020, but we don’t know that what will be the number & condition of widow women in country will be like in 2020.

If we go in villages of Haryana and Rajasthan, a widow woman there is still treated to be a curse on family and is considered un-auspicious. The families there are still not ready to accept that if the woman is a widow; she is not because of her will. She is because of some reason beyond her control. Death of a human being is neither in any man’s hand nor in any women’s. But she is still treated in way that it was because of her; the husband died.

The condition of Indian Widow Women is at an extremely poor and unacceptable stage. The war widow of 1971 war were questioned when they re-married. 15 % Children of widow women die before the age of 5. The government in India gives widow women pension of Rs 400 only.

On this world women widows day; I really think that government should take some serious steps to make the situation of widow women better in country.

In my opinion following things should be considered seriously:-

1) Widow Remarriage should be ACCEPTED MORALLY all across the country especially in villages where the idea of widow remarriage is still not accepted;
2) The women should be made self reliant by some kind of educational or job-oriented programs;
3) It should be made compulsory for children to take care of their widow mother and don’t send her to some old age home;
4) Centers to live and work must be developed in order to give these women a better living;
5) The amount of pension should be increased to a relevant amount.

The major thing I would like to focus on is that if a widower men can remarry then why not a women. I know that widow remarriage is now accepted in Metropolitan cities but what about the small cities and villages, where a widow woman is still not allowed to remarry. If a woman dies than why not her husband is blamed upon for killing his wife, which happens when husband dies and woman is blamed for killing him.

A widower man lives a very normal life and doesn’t face any problems while living in society, but why a woman has to face these problems.

On this Worlds Widow Women day. I pledge to support this cause and believe that government will surely take some steps in improving the condition of widow women.

P.S.This is post was written by Aditya Bhasin for his personal blog
I Speak-Aditya Bhasin [www.ispeakab.wordpress.com and http://www.adityabhasinispeak.blogspot.com]

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