I come from the land of Kamasutra ( #AMS )

I do not know if I am supposed to title this post as I have done already. Some may find it weird; some may say it is funny; some may say it is derogatory; some even may say it is amoral.

But for me it is just the cultural ofIndia. Why do we need to run away from our own culture? Kamasutra has been a part of Indian cultures for thousands of years and will remain so for next thousands of year. [Confession; I have not read this book; I’ve only heard about it]

Warning: This post is suitable for anybody in senses and NOT under influence of opium. On my part do not ask if I am under influence or over influence. All I can tell is that I just got over reading S.T. Coleridge.

Well, let me come back to point ‘I come from thelandofKamasutra’. Haven’t we guys taken this thing to far to handle?

I mean look at the things happening around you (No. No Stop peeping into you neighbors bedroom). Look around. Look into news channels, lawyer-chambers, internet, social media, parliament, legislative assembly. All you see these days at these places is sex; some more sex and yeah a little more of sex.


There was a recent trend acrossIndiawhat we called Porn Gate and now we have a new upcoming tread what I am calling is Porn Mate. We all by now have heard about Abhishek Manu Singhavi. The guy whose video-clip came out recently where he was seen making-out with another lawyer (that what they call her).

I have not watched the video though; but was able understand what may have happened after reading a lot in newspaper and on Twitter. I do not give a damn about what he was doing, with whom he was doing, where he was doing. It’s OK, we are a democratic country, and we have full-right to do anything within four walls of a room (a lawyer chamber in this case). But the problem starts when; things go beyond those four walls. No doubt it is invasion of privacy, even filming that thing was also against law and showing it to public- a bigger crime. But heck, here is the question:











Where were these rules at time of DPS MMS, Gujrat & Karnatka porn gate case, JNU MMS,University ofDelhi MMS? I cannot recall more but I am sure there are more than hundred of such MMS’s circulated across the country. Sawami Nityanand’s MMS is among the list too.


High Court has now given orders to all media channel to not to play that video over the television or on their websites. WHY?

Just because the person involved is a BIG-and-FAMOUS leader? The High Court did not come in front when the above mentioned MMS clips were played on television through day-and-night.

Nobody from government or media or court came in front and said that DPS MMS clip should not be played on. television. Weren’t the above rules present at that time? Is respect and dignity something only attached to a political leader?  Why a juvenile couple video was played on national television and not an adult-politician’s video?

They were after all children when they were held doing that and they had right to be freed from any prosecution and it was responsibility of government to stop transmission of that video on national television. But, government did nothing, though, when a leader was in same situation, he was given a free-pass. He also became the only leader to get that free-pass. The ministers involved in porn gate were not given the same free-pass; their videos were played almost for 24 hrs continuously.

The question is till when we will continue to ignore the problem of this country- OUR POLITICANS.

I am now envious of them. They never get into jails; even if they get; they are never proved to be guilty. They have all the money to live luxuries life. They ran cars over people and never land-up in jail. They are involved in making-out on camera and they are never found to be guilty.

And on my part (a common person), If I say Mamta Banerjee is not doing well inBengal; I am jailed. WHY-THE- (read the ‘F’ word)

Feel free to share your opinion in comment box.

P.S. These are my personal opinion and I do not wish to hurt anybody’s cultural or moral values.   






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