Your Dreams are Mine now – a book review

Title: Your Dreams are Mine now

Author: Ravinder Singh

ISBN: 978-0-143-42300-3

 Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads

I have read all the works by Singh, his first “I too had a Love Story” as a work will always be his best in my eyes. It truly was an honest story of a man who loved and who lost love of his life. Back then, when the book was originally published the number of authors and number of stories were limited. The balloon of authors and fiction novel has been blowing too big since then. The number of authors we had back then were limited. Singh and Bhagat were very few who came with their initial books. Since then, the Indian writing space went through a big change. Self-publishing came in picture, there are more publishing houses than there are authors. The quality of stories has degraded only since then. Among them stand those few authors who were good back at that time and end up being good even today.

Having read Singh’s all three books (not counting the anthology) I was decently excited to read his fourth work. No questions that his last book had disappointed me to umpteen extent. Honestly, the only reason I choose to read their work even today is because somewhere or else I relate to them. I relate myself with these stories. I think they are among me. Yes, time and again I’ve been disappointed but just for the sake of supporting them I read their work.

Singh’s latest book – Your Dreams are Mine now is a story based in Delhi and more specifically University of Delhi. This is understandable because Singh now writes full time from his Delhi based house and it was a clever attempt on his part to take Delhi as the story backdrop. Though, his attempt failed miserably. I shall come back to his part later in the post.

The story is claimed to be an innocent love story based in dominant campus politics. It is about the two protagonists who fall in love and how they attempt to create their positive hold in DU campus followed by their rise and fall. The story is based in North Campus and a famous commerce college in North Campus that is made of red-bricks (that is how author describes the college). I would not dug deep in the story part as it would be unfair to the author and would strictly write about the novel and what I feel about it.

On the story: Well, I wish there was a story to this novel. The text in the novel seems to be an over stretched piece of two individual’s who were born in author’s mind. To worsen the whole thing, author actually! Added a summary of a major newsbreak from 2012. This obviously was not expected from Singh, this cannot be called plagiarism because the content was modified in terms of name, actual incident and few minor changes here and there whereas the context was EXACTLY what we read in news back then. If you end up reading this part of the novel, you will think that you just completed reading a summary report of the incident that happened back then. It is a shame that Singh would indulge in such malpractice. It is total 30 pages of text that seems to be copied from newspapers only. I wonder if Singh was short of ideas or wrote this book in too much of hurry that he felt the need to use an extended news report to complete his book.

On the backdrop: When you pick up a book that you know is based in your city you expect to find yourself so close to the book. You expect that may be you will read about places you have visited, places you were present at one time or another. May be your college, your “Adda” where you used to spend your whole day during college days and many other related things. This book fails miserably on backdrop part. It seems that the author only wrote this book siting in four walls of his house and didn’t even bother to do basic research before writing this book. Honestly, no one who will read this book can agree that author has lived in Delhi for years now. The kind of backdrop setting author has presented in the book can also be written by anyone who sits in Bangladesh or as a matter of fact Mars. There is no close link of Delhi with the story, just some random mention of “North Campus” “ Rashtrapati Bhawan” and “AIIMS”.

Being a part of North campus, I was expecting so much from the book but apart from some random mention of a commerce college I didn’t read ANYTHING in this book. It seems that Singh only knew that there is a North Campus and then there is a red-brick college there. More like he didn’t even gave North Campus a visit before taking it as the battle ground of his book.

On writing style: Simple and elegant is what Singh’s writing style is in this book. No difficult or out of the world language is used. I am sure he has kept all his readers in mind who might not be as proficient as others in queen’s language.

Another good part was that there were no explicit sex scenes in this book. Apart from some kiss scenes and another romantic conversation part there was nothing that can annoy a reader. It obviously has became a tradition that an author would add some steamy hot scenes to keep the reader’s interest going in the book. Thankfully, Singh nailed it there and didn’t create more mess of this book.

My Ratings: 2/5

Please, this review is more like a personal note on the book which I happen to share with you. I don’t say read this book or don’t read this book. It should absolutely be your call. If after reading the book you think I was unfair and the book deserved more then please do not hesitate to drop me a line in comments.

Thanks Priyanshi Gulati for proof reading.

Aisle Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya (Swaying Hips, Praying Lips and Flying Tips )


Yeah Yeah I know cover page of this book is riveting and so is what’s inside this cover page. There are not many authors who would please you in their first book itself, but take my words Piparaiya (whose surname is more difficult to pronounce then writing a book itself) has done it in a great manner.

Reading this book would make you inclined towards flying and make your upcoming flying experiences far funnier. Taking this book along is recommended and reading it before you take a flight is far more recommended. The book is divided into many chapters which talks about everything related to air travel. From the moment you get out of your home to take a flight to the moment you reach your destination.

The paperback can also be treated as a new manual to air-travel, like Piparaiya says himself that he is thinking to pitch this book to airlines so that they can keep it with air manuals in their aircrafts. That I believe would be a good idea. Especially in long trips, one must read this book to KILL ALL THE BOREDOM while traveling and come out of that flight with experience of having traveled in more than 300 and so flights.


…Airplanes are equipped with state-of-the-art vacuum flushes that use brute suction power to pull out all the crap. If you operate the flush while still on the pot, there is a huge reasonable chance that your intestines may get ripped out through your ass.

Another good part of the book is the personal and ‘intellectual’ opinion Piparaiya has jotted down in the end of the book. He has mentioned his take on each and everything that may bother one. From Life-to-Technology-to- Economy- to Capitalism and everything else on this planet.  Reading this section is also like running through the complete book once again in ‘just’ few pages.

.. Sneak in a few swigs of alcohol into the baby bottle when no one is looking. A little bit of giggle juice in their system and babies will sleep through the flight like, well, babies. Brandy works best, whiskey or rum is almost as effective, but do avoid tequila shots. It is particularly difficult to get them to lick the salt and suck on a lemon wedge and that too without Mommy noticing

Writing style that Piparaiya has opted for is simple, at least far simpler than air-travel. The book is surely an easy read that can be completed in just one or two sitting and in most hilarious manner.

Take my words folks; this book would change your perception about boring air-travel. This one is amazingly fresh in style and in writing. This is a must recommendation for anyone. Especially, in times when we all are bored of reading soft porn been sold as literature. I managed to complete this book in just two sittings; each and every word that you would read makes you read a little more. Piparaiya has nailed it! This book is a must read. For those who had few travels and for those who are over-traveled. And for those who are dreaming to travel; well in clouds 😉

I am going with five awesome stars for this book.

Rishi Piparaiya is an over-worked and over-traveled corporate executive based in the skies, 38,000 feet over India.

Publisher                          Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year               2013
ISBN-13                            9788184954654
Language                          English
Binding                             Paperback
Number of Pages             216 Pages

Book Review OILY Till I find someone better

Title: Of course I Love you…! Till I Find Someone Better

Author: Durjoy Datta & Maanvi Ahuja

Publisher: Srishti

Age Group: 18+

ISBN 81-88575-65-8

Image Copyrights

It was for a long time, I wanted to read this novel but it actually happened in the last 2 days only. Thanks to M that she got me the book. Firstly I would like to tell you that, I usually complete a fiction novel of 200-300 pages at one go. I usually start at 8Pm and end it by 3AM maximum. But that thing did not happen this time. It took me around 2 days to complete this novel and put it into words here.

The story is about Debashish(Deb) student at DCE and his friends there Smriti (A medical student girlfriend-I of Deb), Avantika (SRCC Student, Former drug addict, Girlfriend-II of Deb and without seeing her I can say that she was Hot), Amit(Friend of Deb at BHEL) and some-other minor characters .

As I started reading, I had a clear intention to complete this book, the same night but as soon as I completed say like 20th page of this book, I dropped my habit and went to sleep. The book starts with Deb and Smriti on a night out and Deb trying his level best to get intimate with her. The utmost reason behind this was that Deb had already spent Rs 2000  and he wanted to recover that amount in way by satisfying his lust, though, they get into some kisses here and there but as Deb moved ahead to try some more stuff Smriti, stops him and say “wait it’s too soon for all this, let me know you well” and I liked it most, I really appreciate this, when you don’t go into just emotions of atmosphere and do whatever you feel like or what other person wants like without giving it a thought especially when it comes to physical intimacy. The reason why I was forced by the author to drop my habit in first 20 pages only was the way Deb explained Smriti’s ‘beauty’ that was really vulgar, Deb even described how her ass chicks look like. The point here is that I buy a fiction novel to read some ‘good’ content not a paragraph from some sex story book. I don’t say I don’t like sex stories, I do but not when I take up a book to read otherwise.

This book is not something to be reviewed critically, it is just another book for youth readers to read and enjoy. It has all the ‘mass’ masala to attract the readers.  The most important thing authors misses out in this book is binding the readers with the book, one often looses interest in reading further and than comeback’s later just for the sake of completing the book. I remember in my previous books I was glued to the book and had no intentions to leave it and comeback, what I did was read ….read….read and read which didn’t actually happened  while reading this book, I was forced to leave it with a bookmark and comeback .

The chemistry between Deb and Avantika was good and was worth of interest. Avantika, no doubt was hot and a true believer of Sri Guru (Art of living) and could not listen a single word against him. In between there is a line where author underlines ‘free membership of the greatest Indian porn site, while reading this, I was wondering that why does the author is advertising this site name here, do they wants to tell us where they managed there porn material from or wants us to check it ourselves what in there?

There was no need to mention this name and especially underline it in the book, I ‘m still unsure about the purpose behind it. Story then moves to campus placement where Deb almost screwed interviewer, result of that interview could be read aloud on notice board “Debashish bared from campus placement” ,this was really a Shit man situation, poor Deb. And than there is a major turn in the story, it is when Avantika tells Deb that she need to breakup with him as Sri guru asked her to do so, this reason by authors was really no-so-cool. I mean if been into a marriage one will not get divorce just because some art of living guy asked to do that way. Facing breakup Deb moves ahead in his life and gets a job at BEHL due to his fathers influence and meets Amit, they both became very good friend and later Deb helps Amit to win over Astha, Amit’s crush. While working at BEHL He also gets a proposal from a girl in office which he refuses, While Amit and Astha were away for marriage, Deb ‘s home door was knocked and a girl entered and pushes him on wall and licked off his lips and this continued till some more molestation of girl on Deb. For all most a whole page one does not gets to know who the girl is, I was wandering it would be the girl who proposed him but when the truth came out I was real happy it was Avantika, yes Avantika came back in Deb’s life, they had a great session on bed and again this time too the author went into quite deep to explain the work they did on bed.


There is nothing so much in this book that I should suggest you to must read it but those interested in time pass go for this one. I will not say that this is just another book or a book world will remember. In mid way, if the author would have avoided those deep detail sex scenes, I would for sure given this book 3 starts out of 5 but for now its just 1.5 star.