Epic Journey called Bloggers meet #JodeyDilonKo

Life is anyway awesome, blogging makes it super-awesome and IndiBlogger meets make it epic. The bloggers meet at Delhi on Saturday went amazing. We were at the meet to talk about a new channel that is going to launch today at 8 PM. The channel brings the actors and shows from Pakistan to India.  Till now, Pakistan was able to see almost all the Indian shows in their land but India never really could see their shows here in India. This channel is a joint effort of both the countries creative minds and many shows based in Pakistan will now be shown in India. The AV’s that we saw at the meet which is also available on Youtube looks promising.

I blog at adityabhasin.com

I blog at adityabhasin.com

The lady who saved Delhi men :)

The lady who saved Delhi men 🙂

The team from Zindagi channel talked well in stretch about the channel and the show. The main lead also answered all the questions that bloggers from Delhi and Mumbai had. Yes, yes, he was trying his best to avoid giving any sentimental or political statement. It’s OK, he is an actor – he is not meant to speak anything controversial.

Every exited man ! Yeah, that guy in black Tee

Every exited man ! Yeah, that guy in black Tee

And now that is what we call passion

And now that is what we call passion

The BIG and EPIC blogger family

The BIG and EPIC blogger family

Undoubtedly the best part of this meet was # IndiMayhem – an open forum over a video link between Mumbai and Delhi. The fight was whose better; Mumbai or Delhi? Well, no matter what Mumbai bloggers claim, it was Delhi who won the title; hands down.

Among many things that Mumbai tried to win over, they happen to lose in almost all the points.   Transport… Delhi took the lead Food… Delhi took the lead Weather… Delhi took the lead Men… Delhi took the lead   Here are the few “Let’s defend Delhi” lines that helped us win over Mumbai:

Delhi gave SRK and Akshay Kumar to Mumbai

Delhi men are hot, rich and classy If Mumbai has pani puri, then Delhi has Vodka Gol Gappas

We have Kulce-Cholle wala just Outside Taj.. Do you?

Anoop, look at your face and see how you are sweating. I mean even the five starts does not have good weather control. Imagine what happens to the city.

Why do you have to romanticize everything? I mean they were floods, why bring the marriage into it. Our metro is always before schedule and yours was late at the very first day of inauguration.

In the end the meet was not just about a new channel but bringing the creative geniuses of both the countries together. I am sure the shows would be absolutely brilliant and would surely be loved by everyone here in India.  I am surely looking forward to watch some of the episodes over this weekend.

Yes, they are already on record mode on my TV. 🙂 Meet was also exceptionally well in terms of letting Mumbai and Delhi talk it out. I think it was necessary because sometime you just need a platform to speak up what you think and what you believe in.  Once in a blue moon it is absolutely decent to ‘fight it out’ and especially when this is only out of pure fun and with no offense to anybody’s personal opinion or out of any hatred towards any city- Mumbai in this case.

Over the lunch and tea at the meet all the bloggers and authors talked about things interested them with their fellow bloggers. I am among them who were talking how these IndiMeets can be made awesome and how good the idea of video link between Mumbai and Delhi was. We also talked about what kind of trouble self-published authors face. Well, I’ll keep this for another post.

I must not miss the opportunity to say a word of thanks to Technology team in both the cities. It was these guys because of which the web link worked like a charm. Yes, there were hiccups but they moved forward well.

One thing I am disappointed about is the photos, arrrrrr, I hate to say this but Delhi meet hardly got any pictures, whereas Mumbai got a good number on their end. Swati, we need you back in Delhi. ASAP. First flight. Please. 🙂

P.S. Mumbai folks, trust me we had/have nothing wrong against you. You guys are just as awesome as anybody else can be but you know when it comes to defending your city everybody gets a bit loud and over the top. Trust us; we are no racists’ people. We Love you and I am sure you love us too. If there is any *little* thing I said wrong then I am sorry. Trust me, you are an amazing Blogger brother and sister (read women) and I have nothing against you personally.

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Just because I’m a widow; doesn’t mean I can’t be happy anymore. WORLD WIDOW WOMENS DAY

The title of this post is the plight of every widow women in this world; especially in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

People in these countries are still not ready to accept widow women as part of society. I agree that there is been a major change in mentality of people in past few decades but the idea of not accepting a widow women as part of our society still prevails in many parts of India.

If we look into statistics there are 24 cr 50 lakh widow women in this world, out of which 4 cr 20 lakh widow are from India. In Europe the number of widow women is 13% of their population and out of all the widows 11 cr 60 lakh widow women lives below poverty line.

In December last year, UN declared June 23 as World Widow Day. This was done in order to make this world realize that there is a section of society who is not happy to some extent and are bound to leave in many restrictions. I fully support this idea and believe that we as a world need to understand the issues and problems attached to life of widow women in this male dominated society.

I would particularly talk about the situation of widow women in India. The problem with Indian ideology is that we know it well that how many MBA executives, IIT Graduates and IAS Officers we will need in 2020, but we don’t know that what will be the number & condition of widow women in country will be like in 2020.

If we go in villages of Haryana and Rajasthan, a widow woman there is still treated to be a curse on family and is considered un-auspicious. The families there are still not ready to accept that if the woman is a widow; she is not because of her will. She is because of some reason beyond her control. Death of a human being is neither in any man’s hand nor in any women’s. But she is still treated in way that it was because of her; the husband died.

The condition of Indian Widow Women is at an extremely poor and unacceptable stage. The war widow of 1971 war were questioned when they re-married. 15 % Children of widow women die before the age of 5. The government in India gives widow women pension of Rs 400 only.

On this world women widows day; I really think that government should take some serious steps to make the situation of widow women better in country.

In my opinion following things should be considered seriously:-

1) Widow Remarriage should be ACCEPTED MORALLY all across the country especially in villages where the idea of widow remarriage is still not accepted;
2) The women should be made self reliant by some kind of educational or job-oriented programs;
3) It should be made compulsory for children to take care of their widow mother and don’t send her to some old age home;
4) Centers to live and work must be developed in order to give these women a better living;
5) The amount of pension should be increased to a relevant amount.

The major thing I would like to focus on is that if a widower men can remarry then why not a women. I know that widow remarriage is now accepted in Metropolitan cities but what about the small cities and villages, where a widow woman is still not allowed to remarry. If a woman dies than why not her husband is blamed upon for killing his wife, which happens when husband dies and woman is blamed for killing him.

A widower man lives a very normal life and doesn’t face any problems while living in society, but why a woman has to face these problems.

On this Worlds Widow Women day. I pledge to support this cause and believe that government will surely take some steps in improving the condition of widow women.

P.S.This is post was written by Aditya Bhasin for his personal blog
I Speak-Aditya Bhasin [www.ispeakab.wordpress.com and http://www.adityabhasinispeak.blogspot.com]

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