Epic Journey called Bloggers meet #JodeyDilonKo

Life is anyway awesome, blogging makes it super-awesome and IndiBlogger meets make it epic. The bloggers meet at Delhi on Saturday went amazing. We were at the meet to talk about a new channel that is going to launch today at 8 PM. The channel brings the actors and shows from Pakistan to India.  Till now, Pakistan was able to see almost all the Indian shows in their land but India never really could see their shows here in India. This channel is a joint effort of both the countries creative minds and many shows based in Pakistan will now be shown in India. The AV’s that we saw at the meet which is also available on Youtube looks promising.

I blog at adityabhasin.com

I blog at adityabhasin.com

The lady who saved Delhi men :)

The lady who saved Delhi men 🙂

The team from Zindagi channel talked well in stretch about the channel and the show. The main lead also answered all the questions that bloggers from Delhi and Mumbai had. Yes, yes, he was trying his best to avoid giving any sentimental or political statement. It’s OK, he is an actor – he is not meant to speak anything controversial.

Every exited man ! Yeah, that guy in black Tee

Every exited man ! Yeah, that guy in black Tee

And now that is what we call passion

And now that is what we call passion

The BIG and EPIC blogger family

The BIG and EPIC blogger family

Undoubtedly the best part of this meet was # IndiMayhem – an open forum over a video link between Mumbai and Delhi. The fight was whose better; Mumbai or Delhi? Well, no matter what Mumbai bloggers claim, it was Delhi who won the title; hands down.

Among many things that Mumbai tried to win over, they happen to lose in almost all the points.   Transport… Delhi took the lead Food… Delhi took the lead Weather… Delhi took the lead Men… Delhi took the lead   Here are the few “Let’s defend Delhi” lines that helped us win over Mumbai:

Delhi gave SRK and Akshay Kumar to Mumbai

Delhi men are hot, rich and classy If Mumbai has pani puri, then Delhi has Vodka Gol Gappas

We have Kulce-Cholle wala just Outside Taj.. Do you?

Anoop, look at your face and see how you are sweating. I mean even the five starts does not have good weather control. Imagine what happens to the city.

Why do you have to romanticize everything? I mean they were floods, why bring the marriage into it. Our metro is always before schedule and yours was late at the very first day of inauguration.

In the end the meet was not just about a new channel but bringing the creative geniuses of both the countries together. I am sure the shows would be absolutely brilliant and would surely be loved by everyone here in India.  I am surely looking forward to watch some of the episodes over this weekend.

Yes, they are already on record mode on my TV. 🙂 Meet was also exceptionally well in terms of letting Mumbai and Delhi talk it out. I think it was necessary because sometime you just need a platform to speak up what you think and what you believe in.  Once in a blue moon it is absolutely decent to ‘fight it out’ and especially when this is only out of pure fun and with no offense to anybody’s personal opinion or out of any hatred towards any city- Mumbai in this case.

Over the lunch and tea at the meet all the bloggers and authors talked about things interested them with their fellow bloggers. I am among them who were talking how these IndiMeets can be made awesome and how good the idea of video link between Mumbai and Delhi was. We also talked about what kind of trouble self-published authors face. Well, I’ll keep this for another post.

I must not miss the opportunity to say a word of thanks to Technology team in both the cities. It was these guys because of which the web link worked like a charm. Yes, there were hiccups but they moved forward well.

One thing I am disappointed about is the photos, arrrrrr, I hate to say this but Delhi meet hardly got any pictures, whereas Mumbai got a good number on their end. Swati, we need you back in Delhi. ASAP. First flight. Please. 🙂

P.S. Mumbai folks, trust me we had/have nothing wrong against you. You guys are just as awesome as anybody else can be but you know when it comes to defending your city everybody gets a bit loud and over the top. Trust us; we are no racists’ people. We Love you and I am sure you love us too. If there is any *little* thing I said wrong then I am sorry. Trust me, you are an amazing Blogger brother and sister (read women) and I have nothing against you personally.

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Book Review: Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai: Rishi Vohra


Signed by Author


Book: Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai

Author: Rishi Vohra

Price: Rs 175

There is something of Everyman in this book. The protagonist is an autistic, schizophrenic, psychotic in words of everyone around him. Whereas deep down he is a brave man, who has ideas but no means to implement them. He is disturbed because of not been accepted by his family but brave at heart. He wants a change but fails to get it under his own identity. He is Balwant Srivastav a.k.a. Babloo.

As what the title and the cover photo suggest, this book is well based in Mumbai and upon the Tracks of Mumbai. Vohra, takes his readers onto a ride where he explores Mumbai- from slums to BEST buses, ambitious people to political gangs, films like villains to real lives like police to fascinating characters of superman and shaktiman.

Apart from the protagonist we have other characters too who play an important role in developing the whole story. Vandana- She is portrayed to be like a typical Indian person. She is been made to think about all the bullshit we are told about west. West is this and west is that. The other side of Vandana is that little-mean attitude that we tend to see in most of the people. She tries to take all the advantage she can from Sikander. In him she sees ‘Bank of America’.

Vandana had read a lot about America in books and was totally enamored by the country. She was fascinated by the fact that the freedom of thought, and action was a way of life there.

Sikander is a typical loafer-like character. Who knows well how to woe women and take benefit out of them.

Raghu is one of those male-chauvinist pigs you end up finding somewhere or else. Not to mention that he fell in love with his ‘Would-be’ wife in first meeting only.

There must be something else behind the story,’ said Raghu. “If she were from a decent family, she wouldn’t’t be out all night. She probably deserved it.

Vohra does an awesome job with Babloo’s character; he manages to bring out his different shades beautifully and later lets the reader to judge. Babloo’s character is well-researched and same goes for other characters. Vohra must have done an extensive research in developing these characters, which is commendable.

The middle-class-family-connection is very prominent in book; Vohra manages to describe 1BHK flat that a usually middle class family lives in perfectly. On the other hand he managed to potry ‘sheer-racisam’ that exists in a middle class family along with Raj Thankrey like characters in few of the instances:

But the saying was true that you can take a bhaiya out of UP but you can’t take UP out of a bhaiya.

The narrator in book switched way to rapidly. One paragraph you have a third-person narrator and just the next line we see Babloo speaking. One has to have smooth transition between one narrator and other narrator which obviously was missing.

The book is meant for all age groups, especially those from Mumbai because eventually they would find ‘something’ of themselves in this book. The story as I mentioned is fresh, but fails to generate interest after one point of time. One has to push himself way too hard to read further. It is sometime drastically monotonous. The best part of the book is the kind of details Vohra has mentioned. The way he takes his readers through Mumbai, it is clear and sometime mesmerizing.

Kudos to the author for attempting to write a book. This is his first novel. No questions that Vohra is a good story-teller. And this book leaves the reader with a gist of reading something of themselves.

Final Words: This book can be read on a lazy weekend; especially when you are bored of reading all-same-like-love-stories. This book will not disappoint you.

About Rishi Vohra: He recently relocated back to Mumbai after completing a Green MBA from San Francisco state university and a Masters Diploma in Environmental Law, prior to which he has had a successful career in the Indian entertainment industry.Have been a guest columnist for various newspapers in India, he currently writes for delWine and is a Certified Specialist of Wine. This is his first novel.

Aditya Bhasin hails from India, Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an ambivert person and is happy that way.

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Pregnant at 15


Well, I wrote this blog, a little while ago; but could not post it. So here it goes.

Recent news, about a 15 yr girl been pregnant in Mumbai is spread all over the media these days. Media reports

Click here to read Person who Sacrifice Most

Click here to read Person who Sacrifice Most

suggest that the girl was ‘Raped’ by a 17 yr old boy. At the moment she is in a government hospital in Mumbai and has decided to give birth to the baby, moreover because the she is already 24 week pregnant thus abortion is not a possibility. The boy has been arrested on charges of Rape, and has been sent to observation home. The girl’s family for but obvious reasons wants the girl to give the child to an adoption home, after the birth.

After, reading a lot on internet and newspaper, I finally decided to pen down my view over this subject matter.

Why the boy has been arrested under charges of rape?



It has come to the light that the boy was in a relationship with this girl for one year now. And they had sex in a national park, quite lot of times thus no question of been raped.  Police has arrested the boy on charges of rape, which is inappropriate. I understand that because girl was under 16, the mutual sex also falls under category of rape, but is it really justified. The physical relationship between both of them was on mutual grounds. They both agreed to have sex, so where the rape thing comes into the picture? Just because the girl is now pregnant, as she agreed to have sex without protection, you would book the boy under charges of rape?

What should be done to boy?


There is no doubt that boy should be punished, punished not because he raped somebody. But because he had physical relation with a minor girl, and when he had to face the consequences of girls’ pregnancy, he left her and started ignoring her.

What happens to girl?


The girl is demanding that she’d like to give birth to the baby; brave decision, no doubt on that. And I appreciate her guts. She says that she’d like to handover the baby to boy and force him to marry. This decision is also acceptable, I mean why not, if the boy had guts to make physical relation in a public place than why not have guts to accept the fruit. But the bone of contention here is that, are both the teenagers, mature enough to take care of baby at this time? I believe no. In coming years, say like 4-6 yrs may be yes. The girl will now have to give birth to the baby, but what I think is that, she should let somebody else take care of the baby. I’ am not saying this because I want the guy to be safe or anything; But because of social implications of the whole matter. Let somebody else take care of the baby, and after both the girl and boy are mature enough to take care of baby, as they marry, let them take over the reasonability of child.


The broader prospective


Having physical relation has become a new ‘Cool’ thing among our generation. Earlier, girls used to be shy of talking about such matters. But now, they have no problem, declaring that who deflowered them. It the matter of time, earlier these things were kept to oneself, but now tables have turned. Everybody is ready to share their personal life. And as we grow up and move into another set of generation, we have to accept this. The talks about implementing sex education in schools have been going on for a long time, but no fruitful result came out. What I genuinely believe is that, today’s school students don’t need a subject on sex. They’re already aware of everything; they should know and should not know. The need is to develop a sense of responsibility among these teenage couples; responsibility of the fact that, what could be the consequences of their adventurous ride.

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Mumbai CST Flash Mob

Post a day 2011

Well, I know it’s been long that the flash mob incident took place and I a little bit longer than that I’ am writing this post. But as it is said “It is never too late.” So here goes my views and ideas about what happened in Mumbai.

Firstly, I loved this idea of flash mob. It is a great thing to do, to make somebody feel good and to make oneself feel happy. There a lot of thing that I liked in the flash mob that took place in Mumbai.

1)      The CST station, though I’ve never been there, but what I know is that it is a very busy station and the no. of commuters there at anytime is very high.

2)     The first 30 and last 30 seconds of the video is my favorite part. The first 30 shows the confusion of people, confusion regarding the song that has been played on station. And the last 30 seconds shows the whole idea of coming from a crowd and than disappearing in crowd again.

3)     Hats off to this girl, who come in from the crowd and simply starts dancing. One must have guts to do that. I mean, doing it in a group is a different thing, but doing it initially that too in front of so many people needs a salute.

4)     The enthusiasm of people around (50 seconds.) The questions coming in minds of people there “What is this happening?” And than only the increasing number of people joining the group.

5)     Another thing I liked most was at 1 minute 12 seconds, when they clapped all together. Great coordination I must say.

Copyright Aditya Bhasin 2011

My views about Delhi 'n' Mumbai

6)     At 1 minute 30 seconds, I liked the old lady. She was blushing. Happy she was.

7)     By 1 minute 45 seconds, seems like whole station is dancing on tap of that song. I’ am more than sure that, not all of them were part of the ‘Planned’ flash mob. But still they did a nice job.

8)    At 1 minute 51 second, there is a boy on his father’s shoulder and he is dancing- loved that.

9)     I really liked the girl in Pink top. She danced well.

10)  At 2 minute 25 seconds, there is girl chewing gum. I found the cutest of the lot. J She was only trying to match the steps, by seeing others.

11)  Hats off to the camera team. They covered almost every part of station.

12)  Around 3 rd minute, it looks like these guys lost their coordination. But that is OK.

13) I liked the lady at 3 minutes 15 seconds. She was also trying to tap her feet with everyone else. And yes asking others too to join in.

14) One thing which was more than awesome in whole video was smile. Yes everybody was smiling for some or other reasons. And may that was the aim of doing this flash mob- Bring smile.

15)   The craziness was on faces, at around 4 minutes. Like that.

16) And than came the end. The best, as I mentioned earlier. Everybody disappeared.

I really think that this kind of thing should keep happening in our cities. It let people forget their worries.  A lot of people on that CST station must have been worried, tensed and sad for some or other reasons. The flash mob gave them an opportunity to smile a bit and forget their worries at least for sometime.

No matter, how much introvert I’ am. I would still love to be a part of flash mob, on a simple condition- if they could teach me how to dance.

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OMG Veena Malik goes missing

Post a day 2011

Veena Malik performing at the Lux Style Awards...

Image via Wikipedia

The sizzling and controversial Veena Malik has gone missing. As suggested in news reports, her manger confirmed that she is missing and he has approached the officials at Bandra police station. However, police has denied the same.

Reading these reports, I’ am wondering about how much seriously we need to take this.  I mean can really a celebrity go missing in a city like Mumbai?  I mean if we say that everyday 100 people go missing in Mumbai, and no one gets a clue about them, is acceptable; after all they are common man. And police will also have their own say that “Itne bade sahar mein, kise kaha dhunde.” But if a celebrity goes missing in the city, that’s where the problem starts.

What I really think about this whole Veena-went-missing-bussines is that it is all for the sake of publicity. Malik, is know for her publicity stunts, since her entry into Bigg Boss. And this also looks like another attempt to attract the eye balls of media and bloggers like me. Her new show is all set to start and she would know it well that, with the reports of she been missing, there would be a for-sure mention of her new show, thus resulting in publicity.

We all know it well that Malik, is the new Rakhi Sawant of Indian cinema. And she knows it to a great extent that controversies work well here. Rakhi Sawant, used the idea of controversies and it did helped her. And it is now Malik’s turn.

I don’t know, when she would be back from her ‘I went missing adventure.’ But at some point there newbie’s need to understand that this is not the way things work.

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Delhi ‘n’ Mumbai

I Speak-Aditya Bhasin | 


I’m sitting in my office, talking to those dumb customers and next to me is sitting one of my colleague who is from Mumbai. She always talk bad about Delhi. She says Delhi isn’t a city to live and a lot of endless shit about Delhi.

I’m from Delhi and have been living in this city since I was born. I’m in love with this this city. I can’t think of going out and live In some other city then Delhi. And then she asked me to write about Mumbai people and this was what came out from my pen.

I have always felt that Mumbai people are too arrogant and stubborn in their attitude. And they continues to live their life in way that they’re the most superior citizens of this country. They go out of their city and carry’s their Mumbai attitude along, the attitude which is too negative in its origin.

About Delhi people, I can say that they are proud in their attitude and can’t take it if somebody questions there integrity. The reason why I don’t like Mumbai as a city is because of its not so good infrastructure. I have never been to Mumbai but who wants to visit a city or a country for that. All you need is an internet connection. Another reason why I hate Mumbai people is because of Raj Thakrey, for his continuous efforts to through north Indian people out of city.

We as Delhi people will never do such a thing. We will never ask anybody of any city or country to leave Delhi just because of some rubbish reasons.

We believe in equal opportunity.

Its simple.

“If you can do good…DO IT…”

We know we can do all the good and (bad) things and we don’t stop anybody to well either.

One thing that I like most about Mumbai is the sea link. I think it is the only infrastructural development ever happened in Mumbai.

One thing that I like most about Mumbai people is the attitude of walking all the time. Be it 26/11 or any other tragedy that has ever happened in Mumbai. The city never stops. They have a zeal to walk..walk..and walk. And I appreciate that and I like it. This attitude prevails in Delhi people also but not to the extent like in Mumbai people.

I have no issues with people coming to Delhi from Mumbai or any other state but only thing I don’t like is when these people come to Delhi and talk bad about this city.

The city..They choose to live in.

I mean if I ever go to Mumbai to earn my living, I will never talk bad about city. I will accept the city as part of my life.

So lastly. One message for Mumbai people.

Act well; otherwise we are Delhi people we know well how to screw things and people well.

And another thing “B.C.” is the new verb in city, so don’t force us to use it quite often on you.

*My intentions are not to hurt anybody’s personal believes. Nor I’m trying to be regional*