My experience of rejecting all candidates [MCD ELECTIONS 2012]

Yesterday only, I published a post stating that I will be using form 17A- Rule 49-O while MCD Elections here in Delhi. Soul reason behind same was incapability of candidates.

In this post I am writing about my experience of using my right; right to reject. Also to mention, not only me but four other members of my family used the same right and rejected all the candidates.

After the verification of my identity, I was asked to sign in register 11 A and that’s what I was exactly looking for; here goes the discussion I had with my booth officer regarding right to reject.

(All conversation in Hindi)

Me: “Ma’am can you give me form 17A”

BO1: “Form 17 A? What is that? (Shocked looks)”

Me:  “The form where I can sign and reject all candidates”

BO1: “We don’t know anything like Form 17 A. How can we give you?”

Me: “That’s something you should know. I am not booth officer; you’re”

BO2: “That rule has not started yet. It will be implemented next year”

Me: “Ma’am that rule is existent since 1997. You should have form 17A or register 11 A”

BO1: “What are you studying?”

Me: “I am perusing my Graduation from DU”

BO1: “Why do you want to reject all?”

Me: “Because, no one from this ward is capable of my vote”

BO1: “then you should not even vote, I also don’t vote”

Me: “Why should I not vote? Government is spending cr. to make people vote.”

BO1: “Anyways you don’t like anyone, so don’t vote”

Me: “I will vote, but, to reject all”

BO3: “What is it all you’re talking about?”

Me: “Sir, as per rule 49-0, I have right to reject all the candidates and that what I am here to do”

BO3: “We’re not aware of any such thing.”

Me: “Sir, all I need is register 11A, so, that I can write my comments and also not vote on EVM”

BO3: To BO1 “Find what is a register 11A and let me him sign”

BO1: While she is looking for register “Why do you want to reject. It will not make a difference. You should get at least 5-10 people along with you.”

Me: “Don’t worry ma’am my other family members are on their way”

and as she was looking for register 11A in all her documents, I opened the first page of register, that was lying in front of her and showed her that this is the register what we call register 11A.

She give me a weird look and asked “how do I knew it”

I told her that I read newspaper and the reason why I did not tell you before was because I wanted to see if you knew what register 11A was; which for obvious reasons you did not know.

She was pissed off like anything. I then signed and made a comment “I choose to reject all” and moved out.

Later my other family members went to cast a null vote. As they came back and I asked them what happened all they said was “These people were looking at us strangely but we did reject all”

I am now happy that at least 5 people were able to reject all candidates. May be this will send a positive ray of hope among others and may be more people will use their right next time.

I want to make a humble request to EC to make their booth officer, enough, educated about rules and rights of voters.

P.S. While I was writing this post, I heard that only 32 % voting was done till 3PM; really pathetic, shame on youDelhi.




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BJP –a party of pessimist geniuses [MCD ELECTIONS 2012]

I grew up in a family which inherited hatred for BJP in me since the age of my understanding. Along with this enough spoon feeding was done to me to favor and support Congress. In an earlier post I accepted the above fact and blamed my family for same.

Today, in best of my understanding, I am writing about my ‘hatred’ for BJP. I know a lot of you would say that this is yet another post by yet another Congress patron. But take my words I have strong reasons to show my hatred towards BJP.

Take a look at the image below and try to analyze same:

Clicked from NBT Delhi

What were you able to understand? Drop that in comment box and by then read my interpretation:

1) Commonwealth Games scam;
2) Inflation.


Now, will somebody from BJP tell me how do these two things matter to MCD?

Was MCD involved in Commonwealth Games scam? If yes then for BJP’s information; they were in power.

Does inflation fall under MCD governance? If yes then for BJP’s information once again; they were in power.

And if I look at the other side of coin and say yes Congress was involved (Which, I know they were) even then how does it matter to MCD elections 2012?

If BJP is so curious to take up this thing; they should do that in upcoming general or Delhi legislative elections. (And I will support them)
While these elections BJP should take up the issue of Roads, sanitation, rain-water harvesting, parks, and other civic issues and not corruption. The pessimisms in BJP have been a strong ideology. While general elections of 2009, I wanted a change from Rubber-stamp PM; but when I looked at Manifesto of BJP; it only had one thing in it. Corruption, terrorism, scams. The manifesto had nothing- positive they said they will do. This was the reason, why I choose Congress even when I strongly opposed it. Every time LK Advani (the lame duck of BJP) went to speak something; all he talked was negative and pessimistic in approach. Not even once he said that I will do this thing good or say better than Congress.

All the time he was talking about corruption, terrorism held while UPA. Not a single world of optimism. SICK.

Even after so many defeats because of same-old-pessimistic-manifesto; I wonder why BJP is walking the same road. GROW UP; Mr. pessimistic

A few more tits-n-bits

1) I hate BJP;
2) I think Narender Modi is going a good job- no doubt;
3) BJP is party of fools;
4) Congress does have some number of intellectuals;
5) Manmohan singh is a good but not people around him;
6) I do not want Sonia or Rahul to be PM; which I know they cannot;
7) It’s the time LK Advani should retire and Gadkari should loose some weight
8) BJP is involved in saffron terrorisms;
9) Congress is ‘raping’ this country;
10) In these MCD elections; my vote is for FORM 17A.

In my opinion BJP is all set to face defeat.

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