Three years of Amazing Awesomeness

I said “I wish I could do something legendary”

Meenakshi Said “Why don’ you start a blog”

I said “Yeah, I mean let’s see. No Plans yet.”

50 minutes down the line was live!

AT THAT VERY moment started a traipse which was not only incredible but life changing too. Since then three years have passed but they seem like three minutes only. It is like I was having this conversation with Minx few minutes ago only.

My blog has turned three today. Having said that I must make a promise to you that I would also make sure that one day I would write a post “Thirty years of Amazing Awesomeness”.

My blog has certainly given my life a different meaning. OR maybe I can say it has become more significant. Life was a little dull before blogging came to my rescue. Blogging not only gave me a different prospective to look at things but also made me capable of penning down my ideas and thoughts in a much better way; something which was liked by many.

I also must agree that in recent times the frequency of my blog posts have turned down. Sometimes few friends said that I lost interest but, that has never been a reason. In past few months, my laptop just did not agree to work- which was the sole reason for me to not been able to write anything. And today when my laptop is gracious enough to work well, I am writing this and around another ten blog posts.

Another great thing that my blog did to me was to be open to criticism. Though, I was open to it always but till then it was just a mindset. When I first wrote one not so likable blog post and people started sending me hate emails and posted abusive comments it was then I realized what criticism is actually. Having read those emails and comments made me angry but, then I said to myself that maybe THIS is the very moment when your writing have started to make a difference. Everybody can write for everyone, but you are writing for yourself, for your own sense of satisfaction. It was at that very moment that I realized that yes I am now open to criticism. I started taking every hate email and comment as a word of appreciation. I learned so much new from these emails and comments.

Another awesome thing that happened this year were my blog T-Shirts. 🙂 I am proud about them, I have two of them printed and I wear them to bloggers meet. I can still remember that first time I wore it on a blogger’s meet, everybody liked it and appreciated the idea.

And while I close this post, I must thank each one of YOU . If there would not have been YOU there wouldn’t have been this blog. Well, THIS AWESOME blog.

My thanks go to Priyanshi and Meenakshi for proof reading my blogs. Bigger thanks to Rekha didi who always extends here honest opinion on my blog and guide me in a better way. To Mani and Karan who never forgets to read my blogs and mention their comments. To IndiBlogger and Google for driving maximum traffic to my blog.

My goal for this blog is now to write at least another 15 posts before we welcome 2014.

Once again, Thank YOU FOLKS 🙂

Wise Enough to be Foolish : Gauri Jayaram : Book Review


Wise Enough to be Foolish is a fictionalized memoir that traces the journey of an Indian girl’s life, with all its challenges and delightful surprises, as she blossoms from an insecure child into a confident young woman. This roller-coaster ride of adventure, laughter and heartache, as she balances her love life with her struggle for independence, will keep you guessing – What rules will she break next? How far will she go to find herself?

Well, after a long time I was reading a book written in first person. Author herself takes you to a journey which is worth reading. The acknowledgement section is a clear ‘intervention’  into Jayaram’s life. This section speaks loud and clear about author’s life which later helps to read book in a better manner. This book is all about author’s life and the choices she made.

Wise Enough To Be Foolish is about a peregrinate that protagonist of this book takes. It starts from childhood and moves to her college and lasts till she falls in love, once, another time and till she gets married. Jayaram has written this book with most sincere details possible. She has managed to share each details of her life in most elegant manner possible.

The book’s cover connotes her life very literally. If I can describe the cover page I would say it is Gauri herself on the page. With just one suitcase. A title defining her life. Reading the book makes this cover page more appropriate. The character of Gauri is just what it is on the cover page. She is outrageous, she is bold and she takes you on a ride with you.

What is most likable about this book is how an individual can face and run through different phases of life. The protagonist here makes mistakes and move over them quickly, The character portrayed is likable.

One thing that disliked about this book was number of characters. They were MANY. Though hardly few of them lasted more than few lines. At one point I felt as if my memory test is been done in terms of how many character names I can remember. And in the last when we reach epilogue, one seems to forget most of the characters.

I surely suggest reading this book. It takes you through a journey which you always wish you had.

Check the website here: Wise Enough to be Foolish.

Part of sales proceeds from the price of Wise Enough to be Foolish support Pinakthon’s Charity – Women’s Cancer Initiative.

Publisher                        Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year            2013
ISBN-13                         9788184954562
ISBN-10                         8184954565
Language                       English
Binding                          Paperback
Number of Pages         216 Pages

About The Author

Mother of two girls, amateur athlete, part-time writer, management school drop-out, traveller, entrepreneur, in full-time employment with the world’s largest escorted touring company and woman behind The Active Holiday Company, Gauri Jayaram is a little bit of many things and still not satisfied! She frequently combines her love for long distance running with rock music.

English Bites by Manish Gupta: Book Review


English Language- My Piece of moon

Clearly I love this language.  Since my early schooling I loved English as a subject. No matter how many classes I’ve bunked in school but English was never on the list. I just could not let myself bunk English classes. While I was in class 9th and 10th and yeah 11th and 12th too I used to  hate English literature. I used to tell my teacher to make me speak on any topic she like, give me something to write and I will do it best way possible but, just do not make me read literature. I hated that. I still remember what nightmares the book Flamingo used to give me. Even in my secondary and senior-secondary exams I never used to study for literature part [25 marks]. I did not prepare a single word even while my board exams. I just used to keep my focus on other three sections. And the best part was I never had to study for those three sections too :).

Thankfully I never scored less than 75 in my English exams.  Moving forward when it came to college I had to opt for English Hons as my major. I NEVER wanted it. It just happened. May be it was destined. Till this point in my life my speaking skills were very good. But, when it came to writing I used to make many  mistakes. Punctuation marks and wrong sentence structure were major among them. Time moved on and so does my graduation. There was a lot to learn while doing English Hons, but they did not improve your basic mistakes. It was more about deep study of language itself.

Today when I write this I am good with English as a language. I am improving every moment. I am not ashamed to accept that I still make mistakes but, I am proud and happy that I have improved *THIS* much in recent years. And I continue to improve every day.

Let’s talk about the Book.

The book is a first person narration by Gupta. The book is his own story of mastering an alien language. The pace at which this book is been written is amazing. The transition is smooth and makes it a delight for any person to read this self-help book.

English Bites has to be one of the most well articulated book I’ve ever read. Especially when it is a self-help book. Saying that this book is an autobiography would not be wrong but Gupta is not acting a narcissist here. His attempt to write this ‘autobiography’ is wonderful.

This book takes you through a journey you would wish does not end. At some point this book is mesmerizing. If you love this language you would just do not want to stop. I would not hesitate to say that there is some magic in this book. But, to experience that magic you first need to love the language itself.

English Bites add a lot of words to your vocabulary, along with interesting trivia about the language. If you are deep in to language part you would love the origin of words given in the book. At times it may sound like a cumbersome task but at the end it is surely increasing your knowledge base to a greater extent.

The word meanings given at the footer of each page helps you to a greater extent. You would never need to take a look at dictionary. The book takes your language skills to a greater level and is a must read.


Learning language is always a pleasure. Enjoy reading this book instead of reading for the heck of it. I completed this book in a week or so but I am surely going to give it another read once again. This time reading one chapter a day.  This will help keeping the words in your mind and using then in your daily conversations.

About the Author

Manish Gupta is a banking professional. When not crunching numbers he is busy engaging with and examining the vagaries and idiosyncrasies of the English language. He also likes trivia, travelling, adventure sports, delving into human psychology, and giving professorial discourses to colleagues, family and friends, and practically anyone who can give him a patient hearing. An engineering graduate from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh and an MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur, he lives in Mumbai with his wife Deepali, a medical professional, and daughters Tamanna and Prakriti.

Dada by Vibhor Tikiya: Book Review


Title: Dada
Author: Vibhor Tikiya
Publisher: Indra Publishing House
Price: Rs 149
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 301

On Title:
The title of this book is most captivating, once you read the word ‘DADA’ there is an automated thought in your mind that it must be talking about what we call an elder brother in Bengali. The title makes you more inclined to read this book.

There are majorly four characters. Among them DADA is the protagonist. The part, that author missed here is developing the characters completely. Somewhere I believe the characters were not developed the way they could have been.
Story :
Well, it’s a story based in college. Four friends, each one of them are different from other  yet they make up a gang which fights together, booze together, cheat together, and all that once can think of in a college life.
The adventures they go through in their college lives are worth reading. They manage to take you to your own college days and think of things you did in your time. At one point when they were to move apart as the college got over- the scene does make you have tears in your eyes. It takes you back to the days when you were parted with your friends. To me it was a little different. I actually when in to imagine  what would it be like when I would move apart from my office. When the day would come where I would have to say good bye to this awesome team I work with.
The story then after takes a leap and moves to US where only the protagonist is in the picture. This is where the story takes a fairy tale turn. Everything is good. Protagonist gets everything served in a golden plate and is fulfilled by all his wishes coming true.
There is a lot of instances in the book where accepting the events happening become difficult for  you for obvious reasons, how can you you accept that you would NEVER be caught for anything in your college. OR maybe you would get a clean sweep for all your acts. This is the point where book turns out to be be fictional otherwise the book and the story is very simple and can be accepted as a true event of anybody’s college life.

Final Words :

This book is surely an interesting read.  Go grab the book. I am sure you will enjoy reading it.

About the Author

An IIM Ahmedabad and IISc Bangalore alumnus, the crazy author has been around in many conventional fields before he took to writing DADA. For him, the book signifies dreams that never die, friendship that go the distance and unwavering passion and belief.

An Open Letter to Late Jiah Khan

Wherever you might be,

You were among those rare drop-head faces. You were an actor. You were successful . OK lets be reasonable, soon to be successful. You were young. Yet you choose to take a step which was abominable. Everybody goes through vexatious time, but, does everybody decide to kill thyself? I think NO. To put across my take in a better way I would go ahead and divide this letter in two sections- before suicide, after suicide. One thing common among both the sections would be ‘The Letter You Wrote’ as stated by your family. Though, I think that this is a different story and I doubt your family’s intentions when they say ‘you’ wrote that letter; especially, when it came out after so many days. But, I think that is OK, even for me writing an epic blog post does take time.

 You were young yet sad, thus, you killed yourself.

As per your letter I am assuming that you and Sooraj were in a relationship. If not a relationship, maybe you guys were friends, close friends, or may have be into a sexual relationship as well. That is OK. No issues on that part. So where was the problem? You enjoyed being with him and vice-verse. A lot of time you guys may have made love. Again no issues. Absolutely OK. One time it went wrong, you became pregnant. He may have asked you to abort the child; maybe it was wrong on his part. If he had guts to dip the fork into the cake, he should have had balls to take care of the pudding too. 😉

Though I wonder if you had no sense of how to use contraception or how condoms are readily available in market these days; yeah female condoms too. And moreover if I assume that he may not have asked you to abort the child, would you really have stepped ahead to give birth to the baby? I don’t think so. If you would have then I think you would have been a bigger fool than what your suicide has made out of you. It is obviously something what wonders me that how come a 22 yr just college pass out guy can pass on you like this? I am sure there had been a spark from both the ends. You know like those fairy-tale stories of Bollywood- an actor sees an upcoming actor in a party. They talk, they meet, they are then good friends, and they end into a live in relationship kind of thing.

In your letter you wrote “Yet you tortured me every day.” What do you mean by that? Were you a slave to him? OR did he kept you under a lock all the time or do you want to say that he was such an animal that he even put a chastity lock on you? Saying that he put you through mysterious affliction is something very foolish on your part. How come just anybody who is also just another actor’s son can dominate you? You were 25; mature enough. And don’t give me the crap that you were all in love with him. You may have been but, I am sure that you cannot be such a fool that you don’t know what is into a man’s mind. I don’t say that Sooraj was not wrong maybe he was but were you all right on your part? I see a difficult yes here.

“It didn’t matter how many gifts I gave you or how beautiful I looked for you”. How does this make sense? Does giving gifts make a lifetime relationship? I doubt my dear Jiah. Because if that would have been the case there would not have been any divorces in this world and yes breakups too. And tell me if he asked you to give him gifts or in fact his sister. I am sure you did it out of your affection towards him.

You mentioned that your life was him and your work. Please tell me what work are you talking about? What best I know your career is that you had no major projects in your kitty since 2010. You were well aware that your self-proclaimed lover is already cheating on you but you choose to ignore that. Who asked you? Why didn’t you take it on his face itself? You know it well that he is not looking for a stable relationship with you but, it was you who was forcing the relationship on him. He was innocent. He was only doing what most of people do at this age; casual relationships. And please don’t give me the crap that you may not have ever been into a casual relationships, it’s OK, everybody does that. He was no different.  I am sure that you also would have had your piece of casual relationships.

I also choose to disagree on your claims that he raped you. Your letter clearly states that you guys were involved sexually on mutual terms. So rape is not in the picture my dear. You are not a school kid with whom a guy would play doctor-doctor games.

You died, with your wish, and made other people’s life nothing less than death.

OKAY. Let’s now talk about important part. You died. Cool with me. But what was the purpose of making another person’s life more miserable than death. That young chap now stands nowhere- not that he stood anywhere in his life earlier but still, you did make him lose a lot. Mind it A LOT. He at this time is forcefully playing a role of victim and take my words he did not deserve that. Tell me why would you like to blame him? Just because he made love to you when you were ready. He had a good time with you when you too wanted the same?

You yourself mentioned in your six page letter that how you didn’t see any love or commitment from him, then please, for God’s grace tell me where did you see that he would marry you or even continue in a relationship with you. You knew everything already then why are you blaming him now?

Or did you blame him because he chooses to go with another women and your ego was badly hurt? We all have our share of breakups in our lives but does that mean that we run pillar-to-post to make the other person’s life miserable. Let me take an example here:

I like somebody. She is beautiful. She has rejected my proposal umpteen times. So should I take her to police because she is not accepting my proposal and I may go ahead and suicide and write a letter on her name. Should I tell everyone that if I kill myself then she should be held responsible because she did not like me?

Surely my condolence is with your family. The loss is bigger than anything but, loss has already happened. It cannot be reverted and moreover you decided to kill yourself so the blame should not be put to somebody else’s table. Your family is now blaming the poor kid for something he may not have been even aware of.

About your mom now, there is no question that her loss is irreversible. But, is she doing good in terms of make the poor guy’s life lamentable. I wonder if she saw those marks on your neck and body earlier then why didn’t she took up the thing with police then?

She is also to be blamed here, after all, she knew everything first hand and it was she who had a blindfold on her hand then. And please don’t say that she did not do that because she was worried about your image because if that would have been the case this whole letter and the abortion and the rape and the ‘My daughter was victim’ and this and that thing would never have came out. Another thing : Do you hint if your mom is doing this to mint some money?

In the end the conclusion that I drive to is that you did not kill yourself because you had to go through a troublesome relationship but because you did not had a career and a life you wanted. But, it was your big ego that did not allow you to accept that fact, thus, you opted to choose a abominable reason and blame a man who probably may have had a gloaming career. Thanks Jiah, you were successfully able to deteriorate a man’s family and career. Much thanks. I mean this is the best you could do to take the scourge of your own death; which surprisingly you took yourself.

Best, and RIP wishes,

Aditya Bhasin

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…and I Visited a Dentist

Finally, I’ve decided to write about the only thing I am most scared to talk about – dental issues. Yes, I am 23 year old child who is so scared of hearing dental issues that if I hear people around me talking about their dental problems I would either walk away or ask them to stop. The sole reason is because it makes me think of many dental problems I have and the utmost need I have to visit an orthodontist. Going to an orthodontist is BIG no-no for me. I cannot go to see them. These blood sucking people daunt me in my dreams. Mere thinking of them gives me cold feet.

In my childhood, I was among those kids who used to hate brushing their teeth for a simple reason because the toothpaste used to taste weird. I was beaten up, scolded, threatened and even a spoon of red-chilly powder was put into my mouth by my parents. This was the intensity of cruelty I had to face. Almost a decade down the line I realize how much my parents cared for me and why they were so strict with me when it came to brushing my teeth. Today, I write this piece after visiting a dentist for more than 20 times, with 3 major extractions done, 4 cavity removal sessions and ‘recently realized problem’ of gum bleeding.

What all I have been through in terms of my dental problem is itself a moral for me and younger children I have in my family. I often tell my younger cousin who is 7 yrs old that what happens when you do not brush your teeth properly and regularly. For some reasons he chooses to listen to me because he has seen me crying madly over pain in my teeth many times.

Another reason why I am now more worried about my dental problem is because I now see my mother in terrible pain because of dental problems she ignored when she was of my age. She has lost most of her teeth; those lefts are in bad condition. Seeing me into her situation 20 yrs down the line is what makes me shit the bed.

All the dental issues I had ever since my childhood is taking toll on me even today. Just an example I cannot have a bubble gum or éclairs in fact. Why? Because they are sticky and may harm the filling I had to get rid of those cavities.

Check out My Healthy Speak Blog

Book Review: Smart Phones Dumb People by Parthajeet Sarma

For the first time when I looked at the book cover I thought it would talk about how technology has made people dumb. Well, in some instances it does talk about the said thing but in a broader prospective this book is all about how technology can help us address many issues that seem to prevail around us and in our lives.

The main focus of book is on how entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship can help us eradicate many issues from our ever expanding cities. Sarma has also shared some of social enterpenuer stories, that inspires you to take that little step towards bringing a difference to the society.

The most important aspect that Sarma pointed out in this book is how computer and phone have become integral part of our lives and not having any of these in our life would make things so difficult. This does raise a question on the kind of life we are living. No doubt that technology is important and an eminent part of anyone’s life but, the way technology is over taking our lives for wrong reason is something one needs to worry about.

Sarma, who is an innovator and an entrepreneur, has touched the base of what he is best at; technology and innovation along with other important elements which are linked directly or indirectly.

It is worth reading for anyone who is looking to read something different and directly from horse’s mouth about various aspects that included innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, priorities and corruption.

This non-fiction is a fresh and an easy read among all those fiction books we read almost everyday. The idea is good but could have been presented in a far better manner. But for the first book, author deserves a word of appreciation.

Part of India and the World live in the 21st century whereas parts live in 19th century. Whilst many of us live in times ruled by smartphones and the internet, millions go without easy access to basics like water and electricity


About Author: Sarma is an award winning innovator and successful entrepreneurs. A fan of free market and technology, he likes writing and talking about holistic approaches towards addressing base of the pyramid issues.


This book was sent to me by author for an unbiased review. If you are an author or a publisher who would like me to review their books please drop an email at [A] [@] or [adityabhasin81] @ gmail. [Com]



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