The Tag Heuer Story

This is about a guy who was into his teen age(19) and was a speck y one sudden day he saw some celebrity wearing  an orange color spectacles By Tag Heuer ,He found those spectacles so cool that he decided to get one for himself; When he went ahead in market to find how much they coasted he was into a big shock hearing that the original one cost around Rs 6000-8000 going further he thought that he will find the same frame in Grey market as-well at much cheaper rates & when in Grey market he found that same frame for Only Rs 2000 he went mad and decided that he want it in Red color but unfortunately he did not find red color so he made his mind about buying a black tag heuer frame which he could flaunt at his relatives marriage.

On 17th day of  June 2010 He gets his black Tag Frame and found that it looks too good on him, and on 19th he finally retires his old spectacles and started wearing the Tag specks about which he also updated his facebook status “Got my new Tag Heuer Spectacles”     they looked hot with his white shirt and blue jeans and everyone else also liked it rather liked the brand name.

Then came 21st day of June 2010, This guy was coming back from his relatives house and was in hurry due to some urgent work broke his Black Tag’s left eye glass while wearing helmet, by now his heart was shattered he felt like crying by seeing those broken glasses and then he had to bring his old specks back in business by the time the Tag specks are repaired. On 22nd day of June 2010 he goes to his optician to get the glasses repaired seeing his glasses the optician said “Ohhh this is the first time any customer broke his/her glasses in such short span” This guy again felt bad because he had no other emotion to express his feelings about his favorite spectacles.

It was then 26th day of June 2010 He along with his friends went to haridwar(A holy place) for precaution he took both his old specks and new Tag specks along ;On is way to haridwar he was telling his friends that “I will get my these specks (THE OLD ONE) Ganga snann “GANGA BATH because they have  seen lot of bad things ”and when he was taking bath at haridwar what happened was something to funny his old spectacles went with the flow of water ,He could not locate it and yes he lost it, but still he thanked god that it was not is tag spectacles that went with the flow of water all of his friends laughed at him when they heard this incident.

Days passed, More the people used to like his speaks more he used to fall in love with them, Then came 7th Day of July 2010 It was his salary day he went to ATM to check whether   the  salary was been credited or not , he was happy after coming back from ATM his salary for the month came to be more what he expected while driving back home on his vehicle he was not wearing a helmet and was talking on mobile phone while driving and just behind him it was his brother who was in his car. While this guy disconnected his phone and kept it back in his jeans pocket there was a pot hole which he realized much later and then suddenly his hands touched his  speaks and the speaks felt down on road to pick it up he stopped his vehicle and then something happened he never wanted his brother’s car went over his tag specks  and after that he could not even locate where his specks went .

He came back home with tears in his eyes and told his mom what exactly happened his mom concealed him. He also thought that it must be some bad deed due to which this happened but at least he himself is safe else it could have been him too instead of his specks been run over by car about this  too he updated his facebook status “Car run over my Tag specks…Thanks god I’m safe it could have been me as-well”

The next day he again goes to his optician and then found a red tag specks which he always wanted this time it coasted him Rs 2500 due to red color; The irony is that the amount of salary which he thought was credited more to his account was spend 10 folds on his new red color tag heuer spectacles .

Going further days went well after so many incidents he still loved his spectacles ,Then came 17th day of august 2010 he along with his family was traveling in train & was going to vaisno devi(Holy shrine) He was sleeping at the middle birth , The window was open is tag heuer spectacles were into a case and were lying next to him only while he was asleep but when he waked up he didn’t found his specks he looked over the floor of couch but didn’t found them he thought that the case must have fallen from the middle birth and my be felt outside the train window he was almost about to brake down but then his mother moved a bit while she was sleeping at the lower birth he found his specks case there on lower birth , he was now back in life. He thanked god that at least he didn’t lost this specks this time.

His trip to vaisno devi went well he came back and was back in his normal life , Then came someday of September 2010 he kept his glasses on bed & himself sat on floor and was taking to his mom after which he stood up and without seeing whats on bed and almost forgotten that his specks are lying on bed he sat there. He recognized the sound easily and when looked whats there, is eyes rolled down with tears  it was his tag spectacles broken into pieces ,His mom hugged him and concealed him that its O.K. Don’t be sad.

He again went to optician but this time some other and got his spectacles repaired things were again  back on normal track .

Then it was 28th day of January 2011 he was wearing his red tag specks on was driving his vehicle on the way he stopped for a minute and was trying to wear his helmet in hurry and then something happened he never wanted he broke his tag specks again…..! Now once again he goes to his optician who tells him that it will take 2 days to get this repaired this guy was out of his world now because even one day without specks was like day without eyes and this time he didn’t even had spare spectacles ,After two days when he went to his optician he heard something he hated to hear the optician said “Sir we’re extremely sorry while repairing our technician broke of the other glass ,but you’ don’t worry we’ll fix it by tomorrow evening;”

By now everyone among his friends and family suggested him to change his specks because everyone thought that tag heauer was not lucky for him but this guy he loved his tag specks and didn’t wanted to change them nor he did.

Then came 19th day of February 2011 he was out with his friends and all of them together were playing some games when suddenly one of his friends hand hit his tag specks and they felt down and were broken again….! He now again goes to another optician to get the specks repaired and spends another day in partial blindness and finally gets his specks back and the first thing this guy does when he gets his specks back is write this post 🙂

Wish me and my taguer specks good luck I can’t afford spending more money on them anymore.

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