…There shall be no more rapes now

I am so pleased to hear that there will be no rapes in Delhi starting today onwards. Yes! A notification given by Delhi Transport department clearly states that as they have black listed a cab service in Delhi on grounds that one of their cab drivers were involved in a rape case. Henceforth, from now onwards we will not hear any cases of sexual harassment or rapes in Delhi. This obviously has brought joy to all the Delhi female as they now have better things to focus on like – Who is the new girlfriend of their neighbor Sharma Ji’s son and how much is Gupta Ji spending on her daughter’s marriage.

 An overjoyed college girl from North Campus was heard saying that she will finally get some freedom and sense of security when she wears her hot pants and pink top while she takes a walk with her friends near Arts Faculty from today.

 On speaking to her personally she mentioned that she is elated for the fact that there will be no more “Randi” and “slut” words she will need to hear starting today as black listing the cab service has brought a radical change to our society and has also beefed up the security in city. She mentioned that her confidence is now much more visible as she is now SURE that I am not staring her legs right now and her cleavage also does not attract me anymore for a great reason that a cab service has been banned in our city.

 When I heard the news today my first reaction was: Really! Is this how you stop rapes and is this how you function in a democracy. For a minute and even now I feel that I am living in Iraq or Syria under the rule of an extremist group. The example set by our government is the most ridiculous in all possible senses. This is like if a school student is caught cheating at CBSE boards, they will go ahead and cancel the school’s affiliation that they didn’t they do a background check on student for the fact that he might be a serial offender.

 What happened in last incident is unfortunate and there is no logical – dress, noodles, burger and mobile reason justifying this act followed by NO scientific – man have a tool that they need to use, hormonal imbalance and ‘they are men’ reason that will prove that this incident was needed or supposed to happen this way.

 Like any other rape incident everybody is condemning and is demanding a strict action against the driver and much stronger rape laws in our country. The irony is that this time our government has turned creative and attempted to do something more ‘cool’ to dilute the issue as big as RAPE! Apart from my observation above that how I feel I am living under a group of extremists there is another side of this ‘black list the company’ incident.

 It is only me who smells a corporate and political nexus in this incident? We know that among all, Uber cabs have been doing very well in the business and have turned to be of great competition to many other cab services. How likely is that this is propaganda of another cab service in connection with a political link to get this company shut down in order to kill the competition to some extent?

 No, No, rape is not what I incline towards, but the black listing of the company. It is obviously visible that the decision to ban the company is unfair and is taken either in haste or out of some plan. I have not heard such things happening in past because if such was the case then in regards to 16th December rape case the government should have black listed the mall, the cinema hall and culture of moving out after 10 PM back then only. But that didn’t happen. Why not?

 If there would have been no mall and no cinema hall, the incident could have been avoided completely. Right?

 I also agree to the fact that yes, there must have been some miss on Uber’s end but how does it solve the problem? How does it stop rape? Let’s assume that Uber would have had GPS device in that car, or the driver’s verification was done too. Would this GPS be telling the system that ohm, I can sense some vibrations in the car or there is somebody shouting in the car? Or would the verification certificate be calling out loud at that silent Ridge road that – oh! look somebody is being raped?

 Yes, I understand that verification part is always important but why are we shadowing the main issue with these small things and trying to ignore the bone of contention – RAPES! Black listing the company means we have put the livelihood of hundreds of other drivers and their families on stake. Who is now going to get them two basic meals a day, who is now going to take their children to school now? Who is going to solve the mid-life crisis of many drivers who took car loans, who is going to pay their EMI’s now?

On the other hand, I saw that once again the rapist’s face was covered with a black cloth, would somebody care to answer why is that? Why was the face not shown to all, why does this practice of covering the face has to be followed by our police?

 Because if there is a law to protect the victim and the criminal then why the Uber cab’s name came in picture? Why didn’t they say “a cab service in Delhi” instead of “Uber cab service in Delhi”. Why in other case, Ms Basu’s pictures were shown all over the media and her identity was revealed and not of that businessman? Why in case of many call-center rape cases the name of the company is never disclosed? These are the questions that remain unanswered and might remain unanswered until our government is far more sensitive towards such issue. May our men understand that she is a woman. Not a piece of meat.


Thanks Priyanshi Gulati for proof reading.

Epic Journey called Bloggers meet #JodeyDilonKo

Life is anyway awesome, blogging makes it super-awesome and IndiBlogger meets make it epic. The bloggers meet at Delhi on Saturday went amazing. We were at the meet to talk about a new channel that is going to launch today at 8 PM. The channel brings the actors and shows from Pakistan to India.  Till now, Pakistan was able to see almost all the Indian shows in their land but India never really could see their shows here in India. This channel is a joint effort of both the countries creative minds and many shows based in Pakistan will now be shown in India. The AV’s that we saw at the meet which is also available on Youtube looks promising.

I blog at adityabhasin.com

I blog at adityabhasin.com

The lady who saved Delhi men :)

The lady who saved Delhi men 🙂

The team from Zindagi channel talked well in stretch about the channel and the show. The main lead also answered all the questions that bloggers from Delhi and Mumbai had. Yes, yes, he was trying his best to avoid giving any sentimental or political statement. It’s OK, he is an actor – he is not meant to speak anything controversial.

Every exited man ! Yeah, that guy in black Tee

Every exited man ! Yeah, that guy in black Tee

And now that is what we call passion

And now that is what we call passion

The BIG and EPIC blogger family

The BIG and EPIC blogger family

Undoubtedly the best part of this meet was # IndiMayhem – an open forum over a video link between Mumbai and Delhi. The fight was whose better; Mumbai or Delhi? Well, no matter what Mumbai bloggers claim, it was Delhi who won the title; hands down.

Among many things that Mumbai tried to win over, they happen to lose in almost all the points.   Transport… Delhi took the lead Food… Delhi took the lead Weather… Delhi took the lead Men… Delhi took the lead   Here are the few “Let’s defend Delhi” lines that helped us win over Mumbai:

Delhi gave SRK and Akshay Kumar to Mumbai

Delhi men are hot, rich and classy If Mumbai has pani puri, then Delhi has Vodka Gol Gappas

We have Kulce-Cholle wala just Outside Taj.. Do you?

Anoop, look at your face and see how you are sweating. I mean even the five starts does not have good weather control. Imagine what happens to the city.

Why do you have to romanticize everything? I mean they were floods, why bring the marriage into it. Our metro is always before schedule and yours was late at the very first day of inauguration.

In the end the meet was not just about a new channel but bringing the creative geniuses of both the countries together. I am sure the shows would be absolutely brilliant and would surely be loved by everyone here in India.  I am surely looking forward to watch some of the episodes over this weekend.

Yes, they are already on record mode on my TV. 🙂 Meet was also exceptionally well in terms of letting Mumbai and Delhi talk it out. I think it was necessary because sometime you just need a platform to speak up what you think and what you believe in.  Once in a blue moon it is absolutely decent to ‘fight it out’ and especially when this is only out of pure fun and with no offense to anybody’s personal opinion or out of any hatred towards any city- Mumbai in this case.

Over the lunch and tea at the meet all the bloggers and authors talked about things interested them with their fellow bloggers. I am among them who were talking how these IndiMeets can be made awesome and how good the idea of video link between Mumbai and Delhi was. We also talked about what kind of trouble self-published authors face. Well, I’ll keep this for another post.

I must not miss the opportunity to say a word of thanks to Technology team in both the cities. It was these guys because of which the web link worked like a charm. Yes, there were hiccups but they moved forward well.

One thing I am disappointed about is the photos, arrrrrr, I hate to say this but Delhi meet hardly got any pictures, whereas Mumbai got a good number on their end. Swati, we need you back in Delhi. ASAP. First flight. Please. 🙂

P.S. Mumbai folks, trust me we had/have nothing wrong against you. You guys are just as awesome as anybody else can be but you know when it comes to defending your city everybody gets a bit loud and over the top. Trust us; we are no racists’ people. We Love you and I am sure you love us too. If there is any *little* thing I said wrong then I am sorry. Trust me, you are an amazing Blogger brother and sister (read women) and I have nothing against you personally.

Here is how you can stalk me on Facebook and Twitter 

Link to IndiMeet

Microsoft #MeetOffice365 Blogger’s meet ! with IndiBlogger.in

Yeah ! Yeah ! That’s exactly what I shouted when I saw that there was yet another blogger meet in Delhi. The excitement was more high when I found out that Microsoft was the lead partner for this meet. I was there at the meet with my friends Ankita and Shivani. And was counting to meet Arvind sir, Arvind Mohan, Prateek Sir and many other fellow bloggers. The first thing that welcomed us at the meet was that big smiles from IndiTeam at registration tables and that “Hey Buddy” hug from Vineet. First thing that was noticed by Vineet sir and Prateek sir was my T-Shirt, yes I have now got a personalized T-Shirt with my blog name on it. 🙂 Vinnet sir asked me that I should wear the IndiBlogger-Microsoft T-Shirt, to which I said NO ! not today 😉


The two most important motives of this meet was to bring the 300 finest bloggers of Delhi together and talk about Microsoft Office 365. We all have used Microsoft Office, but, did you ever thought of streaming your Office on just any device in world? Yeah, stream like a YouTube video. Well, that’s exactly what Office 365 does for you. Perfectly. The idea of brining everything onto one screen is what I liked most. For an example, if I would have been writing this blog post on Office 365 or Office 2013 I would not have to switch screens to search more about Office 2013 on Bing. I would have done that by simply staying on this screen and see Office does all the good work for me. Same goes for the other apps that are inbuilt in office that makes me do a word-meaning search on W-M.com again without moving an inch from my MS Word screen. The collaboration feature is yet another killer thing about Office 365, I can invite people directly from my document where they can edit and view the document, The information about these people is once again available to me on same screen with a single click and no hassle. And even after so much onto a single screen, the interface looks clean and clutter free and that’s one thing I like THE most.

Prateek Sir

Prateek Sir

The ’30 seconds of fame’ is what I enjoyed most like always, thankfully, I was among those who got an opportunity to speak. The good part was I felt no need of saying my name this time. I was confident that most of the people present there would know my name already. 🙂 I did not prepare in advance what I wanted to speak so I managed to talk a little about what I blog and also made sure that everyone notices my T-Shirt. On the other hand I so wanted Shivani to speak while 30 seconds of fame, she was so scared of it and I was so happy seeing her like that. I wish next time she does get that opportunity. The fun activities we had this time were taken to another level. As a token of appreciation we had T-Shirts, mouse and cash along with stones been given away. Really. Cash and stones were given away. And must not miss out to mention that I won myself two T-Shirts and a Microsoft Arc Mouse. As I am now using the mouse, I can tell it works perfect, even across the walls. Thumbs up it ! [FYI: This is the first time I am using a wireless mouse] For me the importance of these T-Shirts is greater than anything. It makes me feel proud. The first T-Shirt I got was at HP meet followed by Spice and two of them today. I have always cherished them and take my words, kind of happiness wearing these T-Shirts gives me is greater than even stepping on moon. These T-Shirts make feel so proud.

Boss of winning contests and flaunting his camera. ;)

Boss of winning contests and flaunting his camera. 😉

What Office 365 brings for bloggers like me is the in-built WordPress and other blogging site integration. So next time when I blog I do not have to login to WP.com. I can simply write my post, click on publish and hurray its done ! The instant messaging app inbuilt in Office 365 is what makes the package more exiting. I can use Lync to integrate my contacts across all the devices and also know the current status of what other folks are doing. For an example : In my office, If I plan to extend by lunch, I can simply keep a track of my boss’s lync status from my phone. So that I know I am safe till the time the status says “In a meeting or on a conference call” 🙂 Not forget that you have an option of Video chat too.


Completely Boss
Office 365 adds more power to the Office you already know and use by making it easier to communicate and collaborate with others. It gives you virtually anywhere access to the Microsoft Office tools you know and rely on, plus business-class IT services that are easy to administer. All of this allows teams to work in a new way, and owners to transform how they run their business. Completely connected. Completely synchronized. Completely Boss.


We all enjoyed our ‘Indiblogger-Anthem’ ” We are D.N.T.” “D.N.T.” “We are Dynamites” the lines are so powerful. After all it is the blogging that gives us the power of a dynamite. And the “Hur-Hur” game is another thing we all enjoyed. The level of enthusiasm was far more than any other meet, I don’t know why that might be ! may be the ambience and the place was one reason. But, whatever it be, it was all for good. Our yogest blogger Piyush did match the steps with IndiTeam. The luckiest person in the lot today was Anukriti . She won herself a Nokia Lumia phone for the tweet embedded below. Congratulations to her. There was one guy who won Five-thousand bucks ! Lucky man ! Microsoft team was way too generous today, which makes me mention that they also gave away cash prizes for doing push-ups and drinking beer. The day ended with group photos and happy faces, alot of them actually. As a matter of fact I did not wanted to leave from that place, it was Shivani and Ankita who actually forced me to leave. But before that we had a pretty nice discussion with Arvind sir and Sangeeta ma’m. These guys are a gem to speak to you. Polite and humble. Respect for the couple.


Another thing that makes me more happy is that for the first time IndiTeam was generous enough to click my photos, they never do that. 😦 But this time they did and they did that in pretty decent number. I can see alot of myself on their Facebook page. 🙂 *happy-child I am *. Also, the number of people I connected at this meet was highest ever, I may not have met them all personally but, yes we were able to connect On Facebook, Twitter, Blog after the meet. And I am sure we all shall meet each other in-person at next meet. Till then we are all in cloud.
The venue was BlueFrog, I liked the place, especially because it was different, way too different from our previous meets. They had enough beer for everyone, and less soft-drinks for folks like myself. On food platter they had few things but, could have been better. Especially because most of the items were non-vegetarian.

From a great place to great people to a great product this meet had it all. And it would not be an under statement if I say that this was one of the most awesome meet IndiBlogger ever organized.


Hats off to IndiBlogger team. Anoop, you always rock man! Vineet, keep up the enthusiasm always ! Rennie, its high time you come in lam light 🙂 and to that cute lady who take photographs at all IndiBlogger meets, ma’m you are beautiful. *shy*. For the Microsoft folks, guys thanks for the day. Microsoft has been an eternal part of our lives for ages and it continues to be. There is no doubt that Office 365 – ‘on the clouds’ makes me a more loyal customer. (Confession : The day I buy a MacBook, Windows 8 and Office 2013 is what I am going to use on it. Its just the hardware part I love about Mac 🙂 ) Keep on calling us for these amazing meets and we would keep on spreading the love and the word about how awesome Microsoft makes your life ‘in the cloud’. Kudos.


Complety Boss

Complety Boss

Book Review: Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai: Rishi Vohra


Signed by Author


Book: Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai

Author: Rishi Vohra

Price: Rs 175

There is something of Everyman in this book. The protagonist is an autistic, schizophrenic, psychotic in words of everyone around him. Whereas deep down he is a brave man, who has ideas but no means to implement them. He is disturbed because of not been accepted by his family but brave at heart. He wants a change but fails to get it under his own identity. He is Balwant Srivastav a.k.a. Babloo.

As what the title and the cover photo suggest, this book is well based in Mumbai and upon the Tracks of Mumbai. Vohra, takes his readers onto a ride where he explores Mumbai- from slums to BEST buses, ambitious people to political gangs, films like villains to real lives like police to fascinating characters of superman and shaktiman.

Apart from the protagonist we have other characters too who play an important role in developing the whole story. Vandana- She is portrayed to be like a typical Indian person. She is been made to think about all the bullshit we are told about west. West is this and west is that. The other side of Vandana is that little-mean attitude that we tend to see in most of the people. She tries to take all the advantage she can from Sikander. In him she sees ‘Bank of America’.

Vandana had read a lot about America in books and was totally enamored by the country. She was fascinated by the fact that the freedom of thought, and action was a way of life there.

Sikander is a typical loafer-like character. Who knows well how to woe women and take benefit out of them.

Raghu is one of those male-chauvinist pigs you end up finding somewhere or else. Not to mention that he fell in love with his ‘Would-be’ wife in first meeting only.

There must be something else behind the story,’ said Raghu. “If she were from a decent family, she wouldn’t’t be out all night. She probably deserved it.

Vohra does an awesome job with Babloo’s character; he manages to bring out his different shades beautifully and later lets the reader to judge. Babloo’s character is well-researched and same goes for other characters. Vohra must have done an extensive research in developing these characters, which is commendable.

The middle-class-family-connection is very prominent in book; Vohra manages to describe 1BHK flat that a usually middle class family lives in perfectly. On the other hand he managed to potry ‘sheer-racisam’ that exists in a middle class family along with Raj Thankrey like characters in few of the instances:

But the saying was true that you can take a bhaiya out of UP but you can’t take UP out of a bhaiya.

The narrator in book switched way to rapidly. One paragraph you have a third-person narrator and just the next line we see Babloo speaking. One has to have smooth transition between one narrator and other narrator which obviously was missing.

The book is meant for all age groups, especially those from Mumbai because eventually they would find ‘something’ of themselves in this book. The story as I mentioned is fresh, but fails to generate interest after one point of time. One has to push himself way too hard to read further. It is sometime drastically monotonous. The best part of the book is the kind of details Vohra has mentioned. The way he takes his readers through Mumbai, it is clear and sometime mesmerizing.

Kudos to the author for attempting to write a book. This is his first novel. No questions that Vohra is a good story-teller. And this book leaves the reader with a gist of reading something of themselves.

Final Words: This book can be read on a lazy weekend; especially when you are bored of reading all-same-like-love-stories. This book will not disappoint you.

About Rishi Vohra: He recently relocated back to Mumbai after completing a Green MBA from San Francisco state university and a Masters Diploma in Environmental Law, prior to which he has had a successful career in the Indian entertainment industry.Have been a guest columnist for various newspapers in India, he currently writes for delWine and is a Certified Specialist of Wine. This is his first novel.

Aditya Bhasin hails from India, Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an ambivert person and is happy that way.

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This book was sent to me by author for an unbiased review. If you are a publisher or author and would want me to review your books, please drop an email at : adityabhasin [81] @ gmail [.com]

I Come From The Land of Rapists

Image found through Google

FUCK ! I feel humiliated to be a  man. And to add to it makes me feel more humiliated when I say I come from  the land of Rapists. I just got over reading a news piece stating how a girl was raped and left naked  on streets of Delhi, along with her male friend, who also was beaten and left naked on road. It is indeed ironical that our well owned red light district of Delhi; GB road has not been able to satisfy the needs of these animals. Maybe we now need a government authorized no question asked-and-no -money charged-brothels, just to see if we can bring the number of rapes that happen in this city. Especially, heart-tearing and brutal rapes like this one.
One thing a Delhite likes myself is habitual of  reading news about rape, eve-teasing, dowry-killing and yeah newly found fashionable thing ‘honor killing’. Somewhere deep down in our mind and soul we have accepted these things as part of life and part of our city. It has become like a casual event that takes place every fortnight, so we now do not give damn about it. But, when incidents like this one occurs, we as citizens of Delhi feel humiliated and shattered. I personally sometime think that I should rather stop my sisters and women friends to not to step out of home at any given time. May be turning into a male-chauvinist pig is only solution left for people like me to protect females close to me. Nor women will move out, nor there will be anymore rapes in our society.
This incident is an example that nobody and nowhere in Delhi you can feel safe !
The place where this incident took place [Mahipalpur Flyover] is the place I travel everyday at. When writing this I think that may be when this incident was taking place I was also somewhere there nearby. I may be have heard some noises and may have ignored it. I may have noticed something fishy  but, may have taken it very normally. And now I am ashamed of myself.
Because rapes have became so common in our city, I am ready to ignore this incident. But, the aftereffect is what hurts me more. I mean you rape a girl, and to add more to it, you guy use your already sickned brains and leave that girl naked. Just imagine NAKED on a street, almost midnight !
It is not a weird thing if I say that girl would have been raped even again. By another group of animals in the land of rapists. This has actually happened in past when a girl was raped, left on road and again raped by somebody else. SICK.

I am now reading on internet and found that one of the main accused of this rape has been arrested. Where the hell are other two?

I strongly recommend capital punishment for these animals. Let them have a death worse than anyone ever had.

And yes in the end all I do is Talk.Talk and Talk.

[I am writing this post in really hurry and on a mobile device. Any mistakes, please excuse and drop same in comment box 🙂 ]

Aditya Bhasin hails from India, Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an ambivert person and is happy that way.

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NOT Just another Open Letter [to OUR Vice-Chancellor, University of Delhi]

University of Delhi,
Delhi 110007
September 27th 2012

(CC: Department of English)

Dear Mr. V-C,

How are you? Hope well! Anyway, that is enough of formality. Let me come down the point. Oh! Before you read beyond this line, I would please you to come out of your air-conditioned office and leave that comfortable seat you are sitting at. Hope you don’t mind in coming out in open and looking around the scenario. No-No you do not need to look at that beautiful garden you have outside your office, walk another half-mile or so and walk till Cavalry Lines, North Campus. So, do you recognize this place? I believe no, because I know it as a fact that you have never came to this place since you became “OUR respectable V-C.” Well, you are standing exactly in front of School of Open Learning; the only place at North Campus, where almost 3.2 lakh students enroll every year and I am among them too. Just to make this statistic more realistic, let me tell you that these numbers of students are nowhere near the total strength of students at (Regular) University of Delhi. Yes! You read it correct (Regular) University of Delhi. Over these three-years of my graduation one thing that I have learnt is that there are two-universities running under you; one that I have mention above and other is Correspondence University of Delhi.

The regular college folks are like your ‘eye’s apple’ as you never let them down. You always visit their colleges early in morning and get time to have a coffee with them. You arrange good faculty for them and students get their results on time as well. But when things turn towards students of correspondence, you end up having a ‘blind-fold’ on your eyes; for obvious reasons. I mean its OK, I understand we do not get YOUR university medals in drama, sports, social-service and other activities. Though, it is a different thing that we never get that opportunity; but still, the point is WE do not give you anything in return. And believe me I do not want to mention that SOL is recognized by UGC to conduct distance-learning studies. Just in case, you don’t know about it; almost like everything you do not know about School of Open Learning.

For years and years now, your examination department and English Department is conducting exams for English Honors—both for SOL and regular students. The subjects, syllabus, exam pattern, question paper, exams dates and exam time; everything is always same, but the result for regular is declared first and then comes the ‘lucky’ day for SOL students. May I ask why? (FYI: Regular college result for Third-Year was declared on July 22 2012).
Since, the declaration of regular college’ result – 65 days have passed and SOL is still nowhere near a result. Do you know? We do not even get space in notification published by YOUR examination department ‘Expected date of result declaration’; another awful thing (Anyway we are habitual now).

Please tell me are we so different? I know we are after all not from St. Stephens or may be Venky College as a matter of fact, but, still we are students of University of Delhi. If everything goes same-way for both regular and correspondence students, then why not result declaration? Are you scared? Or are you so much influenced by regular colleges that you do not want ANYBODY from SOL to get into MA English or may be other P.G. courses? At SOL, we are already deprived of facilities and to add more to it, you follow a strict policy of ‘harassing SOL students’. May I ask why?

You arrange academic conferences, you make sure that regular colleges are running classes on time or not, you want to make colleges and campus- women safe and handicap friendly, yet fail to understand that a certain section of students at DU demands equal opportunities. And to top it all, when we ask a clerk at examination department to tell that why our result is not yet declared- we are told that “Our priority is regular college students and not SOL” and that hurts; very
One day those hooligan nature people at DU demanded that their result for BA Pass should be declared soon as they are unable to file nominations for elections and you simply go ahead and declare same over-night. WHY? Is that because you want a bunch of people to keep on protesting for things that make no sense to a college student’s life?

In a media report it was stated that SOL answer sheets have now been segregated from regular college answer sheets. May I ask why? Are we not students, did we not study whole year, are we not supposed to get results or it’s just that you guys are not bothered, if our answer sheets are checked or not? See we are already suffering way too much from stereotypical attitude of our department teachers and to give an example let me tell you an incident that happened last year:
A teacher from one college in North Campus posted some photos on Facebook. These photos were of answer-sheets. And he gave these photos a caption “Look at SOL students and see what crap they write”.

So please answer me, how come this teacher came to know that those answer-sheets were of SOL students? And let’s presume that he said that with his experience, but then even why only ‘SOL’? He could have said another college also. And please! Do not tell me that ALL regular college students are genius and they write awesome-answers. Because if you take a look at previous years result, there were two-students from St. Stephens who failed (the same college you studied from).

A Student; a very frustrated student.

About Aditya Bhasin

Aditya Bhasin hails from India, Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an ambivert person and is happy that way.
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