…There shall be no more rapes now

I am so pleased to hear that there will be no rapes in Delhi starting today onwards. Yes! A notification given by Delhi Transport department clearly states that as they have black listed a cab service in Delhi on grounds that one of their cab drivers were involved in a rape case. Henceforth, from now onwards we will not hear any cases of sexual harassment or rapes in Delhi. This obviously has brought joy to all the Delhi female as they now have better things to focus on like – Who is the new girlfriend of their neighbor Sharma Ji’s son and how much is Gupta Ji spending on her daughter’s marriage.

 An overjoyed college girl from North Campus was heard saying that she will finally get some freedom and sense of security when she wears her hot pants and pink top while she takes a walk with her friends near Arts Faculty from today.

 On speaking to her personally she mentioned that she is elated for the fact that there will be no more “Randi” and “slut” words she will need to hear starting today as black listing the cab service has brought a radical change to our society and has also beefed up the security in city. She mentioned that her confidence is now much more visible as she is now SURE that I am not staring her legs right now and her cleavage also does not attract me anymore for a great reason that a cab service has been banned in our city.

 When I heard the news today my first reaction was: Really! Is this how you stop rapes and is this how you function in a democracy. For a minute and even now I feel that I am living in Iraq or Syria under the rule of an extremist group. The example set by our government is the most ridiculous in all possible senses. This is like if a school student is caught cheating at CBSE boards, they will go ahead and cancel the school’s affiliation that they didn’t they do a background check on student for the fact that he might be a serial offender.

 What happened in last incident is unfortunate and there is no logical – dress, noodles, burger and mobile reason justifying this act followed by NO scientific – man have a tool that they need to use, hormonal imbalance and ‘they are men’ reason that will prove that this incident was needed or supposed to happen this way.

 Like any other rape incident everybody is condemning and is demanding a strict action against the driver and much stronger rape laws in our country. The irony is that this time our government has turned creative and attempted to do something more ‘cool’ to dilute the issue as big as RAPE! Apart from my observation above that how I feel I am living under a group of extremists there is another side of this ‘black list the company’ incident.

 It is only me who smells a corporate and political nexus in this incident? We know that among all, Uber cabs have been doing very well in the business and have turned to be of great competition to many other cab services. How likely is that this is propaganda of another cab service in connection with a political link to get this company shut down in order to kill the competition to some extent?

 No, No, rape is not what I incline towards, but the black listing of the company. It is obviously visible that the decision to ban the company is unfair and is taken either in haste or out of some plan. I have not heard such things happening in past because if such was the case then in regards to 16th December rape case the government should have black listed the mall, the cinema hall and culture of moving out after 10 PM back then only. But that didn’t happen. Why not?

 If there would have been no mall and no cinema hall, the incident could have been avoided completely. Right?

 I also agree to the fact that yes, there must have been some miss on Uber’s end but how does it solve the problem? How does it stop rape? Let’s assume that Uber would have had GPS device in that car, or the driver’s verification was done too. Would this GPS be telling the system that ohm, I can sense some vibrations in the car or there is somebody shouting in the car? Or would the verification certificate be calling out loud at that silent Ridge road that – oh! look somebody is being raped?

 Yes, I understand that verification part is always important but why are we shadowing the main issue with these small things and trying to ignore the bone of contention – RAPES! Black listing the company means we have put the livelihood of hundreds of other drivers and their families on stake. Who is now going to get them two basic meals a day, who is now going to take their children to school now? Who is going to solve the mid-life crisis of many drivers who took car loans, who is going to pay their EMI’s now?

On the other hand, I saw that once again the rapist’s face was covered with a black cloth, would somebody care to answer why is that? Why was the face not shown to all, why does this practice of covering the face has to be followed by our police?

 Because if there is a law to protect the victim and the criminal then why the Uber cab’s name came in picture? Why didn’t they say “a cab service in Delhi” instead of “Uber cab service in Delhi”. Why in other case, Ms Basu’s pictures were shown all over the media and her identity was revealed and not of that businessman? Why in case of many call-center rape cases the name of the company is never disclosed? These are the questions that remain unanswered and might remain unanswered until our government is far more sensitive towards such issue. May our men understand that she is a woman. Not a piece of meat.


Thanks Priyanshi Gulati for proof reading.

The 16th December 2012 incident guy is NOT a hero.

So, here is another message that is flooded over Whats App and Facebook on friendship day’s eve. I received it on Whats App from quite a few friends and in groups but chose to ignore it initially. I thought that it is something nobody would trust or believe in and would be forgotten like other forwarded messages, but that didn’t happen. More people messaged me the same thing and many even posted on Facebook. Well, this was when I almost typed to one of the friends how I thought this message was ridiculous and makes no sense but then I thought that I should rather blog about this. Reading this message made me feel furious and I am strongly against what is being conveyed in this message. Copy-pasting the exact text from Facebook with some formatting changes. (Content remains same):


A year ago in-front of his eyes his girlfriend was brutally raped by six bastards in a running bus of Delhi. He fought till the time he was beaten blue with an iron rod. They broke his leg, robbed him, snatched his mobile & left him almost naked.  He fought till the time he could. Then on that chilling cold night he was thrown from the running bus along with his girl friend. They were naked, drained, exhausted & both were bleeding for different reasons.  He tried to stop passing cars & kept on begging for a piece of shawl to wrap his naked girl friend & finally he got it after 40 minutes. Then he took her to the hospital, admitted her, called the police, called her parents & did every possible co-operation that a true friend should do in the hour of need. He could have fled from the bus – he did not. He could have left her on the road – he did not. He could have claimed fame & money (as the father of Nirbhaya who took Rs 25 lakhs from UP CM,a job for his son & many more from many people in his daughter’s name ) – but he did not. He could have claimed his treatment money from Govt – he did not. He could have become the most frequently seen face in the electronic media in exchange of money – he did not.  If this is not friendship then what is friendship??  When the entire country roared for the girl no one thought what this boy had gone through that night. He is not a film star or a cricketer. He is Awindra Pratap Pandey a boy from Gorakshapur in UP, the boy who loved his girl from the core of his heart.  When this boy is there somewhere in anonymity, why we Indians should celebrate friendship day on 3rd August to copy others nations??  We should celebrate friendship day in India on 16th December to salute the spirit of Awindra who proved what friendship means. Let 16th Dec be an official friendship day in India.  Am I talking sense?? If yes then please share this & give your opinion here. Make this a right platform of social awareness!! This is a broadcast message. Frwd to all your Frnds


So what makes me furious after reading this message? In simple words: this text message is nothing but a cheap- cheap like raping someone – attempt to gain something. I will not call it publicity because this isn’t any kind of publicity.  First things first, the person who made up this message is nothing but a jerk, a jerk who possibly is also uneducated and is not aware of the actual incident that took place on that day. I will surely give the reasons to why I say this in coming part of the post.

Other thing is who might have actually written this message?  

I think who two individuals are responsible for such a message.  One- The guy himselfAwindra Pratap Pandey  

Second – Somebody who has extremists like opinions and ideology. Those people who go out on streets on Friendship and valentine day to create nuisance, disturb people and yes not to forget- vandalize public and private property. They are also those people who would forcefully shut down a shop and then open it again only to shut it down again, so that the news camera recording them has their best footage. They also approve the footage later on.


Whosoever wrote this message had no sense of idea what he was writing, the possibility is that somebody just edited the message and started sending it out to the people without realizing what blunder they were doing. Hence, this proves the jerk part I mentioned above.  

The message reads, “A year ago in-front of his eyes”

I read this message on August 2nd 2014 – a day prior to Friendship day. If you are probably reading the above mentioned message for the first time then you must be reading this on August 3rd 2014 or later.  The incident took place on an unfortunate day – December 16th 2012. So, in the most logical sense, this incident didn’t happen “a year ago”. At least, 1 year, 7 months and 18 days have passed since then. I wonder why the person who wrote this message didn’t realize this small little thing- another point that prove what a jerk he/she was.  


This also shows how much this person was aware of facts and figures of this incident; it didn’t matter to him when the incident happened. What was important for him was to pass on his extremist opinion about how the boy was hero and how friendship day should not be celebrated on August 3rd.  


Another part of message says “Then he took her to the hospital, admitted her, called the police,”  


Well, my dear friend who wrote this message. THIS guy didn’t take her to hospital, he didn’t admit her to hospital, and he didn’t call the police. It was a passing by car and person in that car who did three things – in same order as mentioned. Took both of them to hospital, admitted them and called the police. From the very first day of this incident I have blamed the boy for everything. It was he who was responsible for everything that happened. Not the rape, because rape is not something that happened because of him. He didn’t rape her. Rape happened because of some sick minded people who were drunk and were no more humans. They acted – animal like.

 But, Awindra Pratap Pandey is supposed to be blamed for everything that happened on that night before they were thrown out of the bus.  A wise man would never board a private bus with a girl. Period. Not even in most stupid sense this idea looks good, nobody in this universe will say that this step was right. The problem is not that you have taken your (girl) friend out for a movie at late night. That is fine but the problem is that you decided to board the bus that is suspicious in its first look already.  

Even back then, no auto walla in Delhi would have denied taking you guys anywhere. No matter what, all they would have done is charged you a little extra. They might have said upfront that we will charge extra Rs 200 – which I see should not have been an issue. Or even they might have said that we will drop you until one point and then you should manage at your own or may be take another auto.

 IF not this, then private cab business has been flowering well in Delhi since 2010. One call and the cabs picks you up from any part of the city and drops you like wise. I wonder why you didn’t use these options and decided to take that bus instead.

I will not be a hypocrite here and hide things I feel. I completely see a reason why you might have taken her in that bus, you might have already knew that this bus would be completely vacant and you might be successful in your mischiefs. Yes, even the girl might have been aware of your intentions and this might have been a mutual decision too, but I will still not blame the girl for anything. She got enough of what she never deserved. I would like her to stay in peace always- wherever she is.  

Your mistake was that being a man, you didn’t bother about that girl’s safety. I am not saying that we as men are of sole responsibility of taking care of it, but in general sense, we as men are expected to keep our women protected. Yes, I am ashamed to say that we are also the men who rape women.

Also, in most typical sense, we as men are expected to give our women a sense of protection- no feminist stuff here – women can protect themselves or how they too can fight for their rights.  I am not saying that women cannot protect themselves, but as men we should always be more concerned towards our women’s security than anything else. Not because the city is not safe but because we as men know it very well that there are other men around us who are looking for a slight opportunity to play “ I am not a good guy” role.

I certainly appreciate that you didn’t escape from the place of incident in terms of keeping yourself out of this whole incident. It was certainly brave of you and I do pat your back for that.  It is mentioned in the message above how you could have claimed for fame and money like her father did. Please give me an opportunity to answer that statement.  

You- Yes you Mr Awindra Pratap Pandey were the one who went to Zee News studios and gave a live interview. You not only demanded fame at that time but you also jeopardized the complete case. Do you realize that somebody could have even got you killed, as you were the only eyewitness in this case? No you didn’t realize and you continued to give news interviews, your audacity was that you didn’t even ask the news team to cover your face with black strip. Not because you were guilty of anything but because you were the only lead in that case.


I am not sure about demanding money part, I think you never did nor you were anyways liable to demand for any money- heck man, you were somewhere responsible for the whole mess and then demanding money on top of it would have been an epic failure.  On the part where it is mentioned “the father of Nirbhaya who took Rs 25 lakhs from UP CM, a job for his son & many more from many people in his daughter’s name”  Yes, he accepted that money and some land too from state government. So what’s the fuss about? Do we even realize what his loss was? His only daughter- his only daughter who was well educated – his only elder child – his only hope – his daughter for who he had to sell his land so that her education could be supported. No, the money could never bring his daughter back but that money must have been/is much helpful in terms of supporting the family- a family that was ripped apart after this incident. The money they got was not in exchange of their daughter.

They got the money so that they could at least survive. At least they could go back to their village and settle down- in grief of their only daughter.

 In the next part of the message there is a contradictory statement  

If this is not friendship then what is friendship?”  

So, within a message, the love he had for a girl turned to be mere friendship- what and why this drastic change?  The boy never admitted in public that she was his girlfriend or they loved each other, he only mentioned that they were good friends. I am wondering what did he do that he didn’t deserve anonymity and he should have been a pubic face. Of course, there all the reasons for him to stay silent and not reveal his identity- which he eventually did after he gave interviews to Zee News and Aaj Tak. Revealing his identity only means that more and more people must have got to know about the real identity of the girl. His friend must have known the girl as his friend and as it is being claimed about being girlfriend, more people close to this man would have recognized who actually she was.  

What is so amazing that Awindra Pratap Pandey did that we should consider 16th December as Friendship day of India?

What he did on that day was shameful- he didn’t bother about her female friend’s security – he possibly for some reasons didn’t call for a private cab. He possibly because of some mean intentions took the girl into a private bus.  

Spreading these kind of messages is not only polluting our society but is affecting the overall thought process too of our youth. I feel so obnoxious that there are humans – read again humans who are enough educated sharing these messages without even giving a thought about what they are sharing and what exactly is the meaning. Out of seven people who sent me this same message along with three status updates on my Facebook news feed wasn’t there ANYONE who bothered to question how it is “one year…” how “ it was not this guy, but somebody else who called the police” how “ that money was not in exchange of their dead daughter” how the guy did get his piece of cake in terms of gaining fame after he first appeared on Zee news? I sincerely see no reason to salute this man, but do I have enough reasons to salute this girl who died, this family who is surviving on those 25 lakh, that brother who is now into a job because of his dead sister. I certainly do. I certainly and most humbly do salute these people.  

They are living under the pain of their dead daughter every moment. The money did give them enough to survive but every time this family would sit down to have their dinner; they would be thinking that their daughter had to die so that they could eat in peace. Every time her brother would go to his office – he would be living under the pressure that his sister had to die so that he could earn a living.  

Also, one part of the message mentions that how he was taking care of her girlfriend and the other part says how he was being a true friend to her. I am confused, because if the girlfriend part is more true then shouldn’t this message have came around Valentine’s Day? Makes more sense right?  


P.S.: My absolute condolence remains with the family of the girl, their loss is unimaginable and I will always pray for the girl’s soul and her family. I also extend my support to the guy as well. It was unfortunate that he was around when everything happened. No matter, how right or wrong I might say he is, there will always be a sense of guilt in his mind through out his life.  


Thanks Priyanshi Gulati for proof reading.

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An Open Letter to Late Jiah Khan

Wherever you might be,

You were among those rare drop-head faces. You were an actor. You were successful . OK lets be reasonable, soon to be successful. You were young. Yet you choose to take a step which was abominable. Everybody goes through vexatious time, but, does everybody decide to kill thyself? I think NO. To put across my take in a better way I would go ahead and divide this letter in two sections- before suicide, after suicide. One thing common among both the sections would be ‘The Letter You Wrote’ as stated by your family. Though, I think that this is a different story and I doubt your family’s intentions when they say ‘you’ wrote that letter; especially, when it came out after so many days. But, I think that is OK, even for me writing an epic blog post does take time.

 You were young yet sad, thus, you killed yourself.

As per your letter I am assuming that you and Sooraj were in a relationship. If not a relationship, maybe you guys were friends, close friends, or may have be into a sexual relationship as well. That is OK. No issues on that part. So where was the problem? You enjoyed being with him and vice-verse. A lot of time you guys may have made love. Again no issues. Absolutely OK. One time it went wrong, you became pregnant. He may have asked you to abort the child; maybe it was wrong on his part. If he had guts to dip the fork into the cake, he should have had balls to take care of the pudding too. 😉

Though I wonder if you had no sense of how to use contraception or how condoms are readily available in market these days; yeah female condoms too. And moreover if I assume that he may not have asked you to abort the child, would you really have stepped ahead to give birth to the baby? I don’t think so. If you would have then I think you would have been a bigger fool than what your suicide has made out of you. It is obviously something what wonders me that how come a 22 yr just college pass out guy can pass on you like this? I am sure there had been a spark from both the ends. You know like those fairy-tale stories of Bollywood- an actor sees an upcoming actor in a party. They talk, they meet, they are then good friends, and they end into a live in relationship kind of thing.

In your letter you wrote “Yet you tortured me every day.” What do you mean by that? Were you a slave to him? OR did he kept you under a lock all the time or do you want to say that he was such an animal that he even put a chastity lock on you? Saying that he put you through mysterious affliction is something very foolish on your part. How come just anybody who is also just another actor’s son can dominate you? You were 25; mature enough. And don’t give me the crap that you were all in love with him. You may have been but, I am sure that you cannot be such a fool that you don’t know what is into a man’s mind. I don’t say that Sooraj was not wrong maybe he was but were you all right on your part? I see a difficult yes here.

“It didn’t matter how many gifts I gave you or how beautiful I looked for you”. How does this make sense? Does giving gifts make a lifetime relationship? I doubt my dear Jiah. Because if that would have been the case there would not have been any divorces in this world and yes breakups too. And tell me if he asked you to give him gifts or in fact his sister. I am sure you did it out of your affection towards him.

You mentioned that your life was him and your work. Please tell me what work are you talking about? What best I know your career is that you had no major projects in your kitty since 2010. You were well aware that your self-proclaimed lover is already cheating on you but you choose to ignore that. Who asked you? Why didn’t you take it on his face itself? You know it well that he is not looking for a stable relationship with you but, it was you who was forcing the relationship on him. He was innocent. He was only doing what most of people do at this age; casual relationships. And please don’t give me the crap that you may not have ever been into a casual relationships, it’s OK, everybody does that. He was no different.  I am sure that you also would have had your piece of casual relationships.

I also choose to disagree on your claims that he raped you. Your letter clearly states that you guys were involved sexually on mutual terms. So rape is not in the picture my dear. You are not a school kid with whom a guy would play doctor-doctor games.

You died, with your wish, and made other people’s life nothing less than death.

OKAY. Let’s now talk about important part. You died. Cool with me. But what was the purpose of making another person’s life more miserable than death. That young chap now stands nowhere- not that he stood anywhere in his life earlier but still, you did make him lose a lot. Mind it A LOT. He at this time is forcefully playing a role of victim and take my words he did not deserve that. Tell me why would you like to blame him? Just because he made love to you when you were ready. He had a good time with you when you too wanted the same?

You yourself mentioned in your six page letter that how you didn’t see any love or commitment from him, then please, for God’s grace tell me where did you see that he would marry you or even continue in a relationship with you. You knew everything already then why are you blaming him now?

Or did you blame him because he chooses to go with another women and your ego was badly hurt? We all have our share of breakups in our lives but does that mean that we run pillar-to-post to make the other person’s life miserable. Let me take an example here:

I like somebody. She is beautiful. She has rejected my proposal umpteen times. So should I take her to police because she is not accepting my proposal and I may go ahead and suicide and write a letter on her name. Should I tell everyone that if I kill myself then she should be held responsible because she did not like me?

Surely my condolence is with your family. The loss is bigger than anything but, loss has already happened. It cannot be reverted and moreover you decided to kill yourself so the blame should not be put to somebody else’s table. Your family is now blaming the poor kid for something he may not have been even aware of.

About your mom now, there is no question that her loss is irreversible. But, is she doing good in terms of make the poor guy’s life lamentable. I wonder if she saw those marks on your neck and body earlier then why didn’t she took up the thing with police then?

She is also to be blamed here, after all, she knew everything first hand and it was she who had a blindfold on her hand then. And please don’t say that she did not do that because she was worried about your image because if that would have been the case this whole letter and the abortion and the rape and the ‘My daughter was victim’ and this and that thing would never have came out. Another thing : Do you hint if your mom is doing this to mint some money?

In the end the conclusion that I drive to is that you did not kill yourself because you had to go through a troublesome relationship but because you did not had a career and a life you wanted. But, it was your big ego that did not allow you to accept that fact, thus, you opted to choose a abominable reason and blame a man who probably may have had a gloaming career. Thanks Jiah, you were successfully able to deteriorate a man’s family and career. Much thanks. I mean this is the best you could do to take the scourge of your own death; which surprisingly you took yourself.

Best, and RIP wishes,

Aditya Bhasin

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Update : June 14 2013 02.:37 AM

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2) Para 6 : Replaced the word “never” with “ever”

3) Para 3: replaced “then” with “than”

4)Para 3: changed “I think you are a bigger fool” to “I think you would have been a bigger fool”

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Thanks Priyanshi Gulati for proof reading.

What was She Ashamed of?

She sat there in one corner accompanied with a male friend. She was wearing a pink top with that
glitzy design on it and shorts that suited her most. She looked beautiful in that. The visible glow
on her face was speaking for itself that how happy she was at that time. I guessed that the male
friend might be her beloved; realizing that I had all the reasons to envy him. They both looked in
their 20s and had their college bags sitting silently right next to them. They were sitting close to
one another, just like any other couple would sit like. I was somewhere mesmerized looking at the
girl, she was a pure beauty. Her face was like an undecipherable dream: too simple and to straight
to make any sense.

It was almost evening time, and sun was about to set, the cold breeze in December was setting the
mood of all present there. I could see so many faces around, most of them were couples. Enjoying
the cold weather I decided to run a little more extra that day. It was a regular habit for me to go
for a running session at this place but, today was something different. My timings were changed.
Unlike always, I was present there in evening instead of early morning. May be that is why I could
see so many faces [read couples] around. I had my ear phones plugged in with Honey Singh been
played, the volume was too high for me to hear anything else. I kept running and after a couple
of rounds I sat down on a bench there. To make a call, I took off my earphones only to hear some
sounds which were unusual to be heard at that place. These were those rare arousal sounds that
one would usually hear between four walls. Some were in high pitch and some in low. I could hear
heavy breathing sounds too. I was somewhere aware of what possibly was going on behind me
and those shabby looking bushes. I just wanted to be sure of what I heard.

Like nothing happened, I left from that bench, with my ear phones plugged in and started to run
again. By now it was quite dusky but with enough visibility. Intentionally I took the track which
would take me exactly opposite of those bushes I heard sounds from. I was there, looking at
those bushes. I could see a couple there. They were close, very close. I could see that the boy was
not wearing a shirt and female version of same piece of cloth was also missing from that girl’s
body. She was half nude. I was little bit ashamed of what I saw. It was an unusual scene for me;
especially beyond by bed room.

I could see their tongues, met and fought urgently like two sparrows fighting over the first piece
of morning bread. I could see when he cupped her breasts. For a moment she gave a loud moan.
I was breathless for a second. Was this all happening in real or was it all my imagination. But
the very next second I realized it was not my imagination. With me were standing another set of
people who were astonished looking at the intimate love making scene in front of them.

As the couple broke their kiss, I saw the face of the girl. She was the same girl I saw sometime
ago. But the beauty and purity on her face was missing by now. The couple looked at me and
other people around but seemed like it did not matter to them that other people were looking at
them. Boy took the girls face and started to kiss her again, followed by girls hand running over
her man’s bare chest. A lot happened in next ten minutes, by now I was wondering of what was
happening and at same time trying to avoid looking at the couple. In moments time I could see
something like kissing frogs. I was ashamed by now but, not the couple. They continued their job
and I left.

It was a coincidence that when I was leaving from this place, I saw this couple too leaving from
there. We had an eye contact for a fraction of second. I gave a flat look whereas on the other hand
they seem to be OK with what I saw and what they just got over doing. I could read on their faces
that it did not matter to them at all what happened and who saw what.

But something strange and unusual happened when they came out of this place. The guy took his
bike and girl walked till the gate. The moment they crossed that wall of shame things changed
drastically. The girl now had her face covered with a handkerchief. I was amazed to see this. I

was questing myself on what I just saw. A young lady who was seen intimate with her boyfriend
just few minutes ago by everyone felt the need to cover her face. So suddenly and in such

When she was there inside, near those bushes, half-naked. Been looked by so many strangers,
moaning in a public place, feeling the pleasure of man running all over her body- she felt no
shame. Nor did the man feel any shame but the moment they were back into normal life they felt

The girl then had a handkerchief around her face; the boy had a helmet on his face. On bike they
sat as close to each other as they could. There was even no space for air to pass.

What was it all about? Was this girl so bold that she could let her man run over her all in public
and not face the other set of public seeing her sitting on a bike with her male friend? Was this
man such a coward that he could see himself and his girlfriend become an object of laugh among
public but not been identified by other set of public?

I kept standing there, thinking. Thinking about the mere fact that how things work in this open
society. A young girl who looked beautiful can shed of her shame when across a wall and fight for
the same nature of shame when crosses that wall. With all dark around including my thoughts. I
am yet to find an answer of What She Was Ashamed of?

P.S: With this post I am not trying to raise finger on any female in terms of been shameful or
anything of that sought. My idea is far bigger then that. All I want to point out with this post is
how perception of an individual changes and how mindset can differ in two different situations.
If anyone thinks that the post is defamatory, please feel free to leave that as a comment or send an
email across.

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We Live in a World Raised by Women. Let’s respect that

The whole discussion about women empowerment, respect for them in society, movements against domestic violence, rape’s and other acts against women has been going on for more than a decade now. In last one decade these movements have really brought a substantial change to our society. I cannot think if ten-years down the line a women working in night shifts were treated to be in a “Respectable” job. A young girl walking up to her parents for love marriage was treated to be an “That is OK with us ” affair and many other things like these.

The rape incident that took place on December 16th gave a whole new meaning to how we fight against the evil practice of disrespecting women. After she was dead, I saw an advertising board outside Ambience Mall, Gurgoan. It said “Wake up India. She is dead”. This made me think if we actually needed one such incident to awaken ourselves and realize what is going on around us. What I believe is that, it was not the case. We never needed brutal death of a young lady. In true sense her death has gone in vain.

“Between 16 December and 4 January 501 calls for harassment and 64 calls for rape were recorded by the Delhi Police, but only 4 were followed up by inquiries” – Source

My focus on this blog is about the biggest disease of our society. Something that has been prevalent in India since 1900s and continues to grow; domestic violence.

In my understanding, the first thing we should do is to bring equality amongst our society. Yes, this is something been talked about a lot of time, but, this seems to be the only solution to this problem. Let’s STOP making women feel that they are the inferior sex. And to do this the first thing I suggest is the idea of

“Abolish Women coach in Delhi Metro”

To some of you this may sound absurd. But in my idea, this is where the change should start from. Why do we have to have a dedicated coach in Delhi Metro? The only reason I know is kind of difficulties women may have to face in other coaches especially when all the coaches are packed without an inch space to move. On one hand we say women can be anywhere, they are successful, they can fight all bad and on other hand we ourselves are making them feel inferior by showing them that at the end they are different from the male section of the society.

The other thing I suggest is:

“Making men understand that, in the end, women are the reason for they being men”

It is no rocket science that women are the source of life. Let’s teach ourselves that if I am going to hit women, she is surely going to adapt this change and would start hitting me back. Without women, no one is getting you another child. No one is going to take care of you in your bad times. It is SHE who is the reason of YOU. Appreciate that

“If I hit you today, my mom is going to be sad”

If I end up hitting my girlfriend today, the first person who would be most hurt would be my mom. She did not tell me or teach me to raise my hand on women. Since my teen age, the first thing she taught me was the fact that women are not to be abused, slapped, and disrespected. Men need to understand, that in this world if you can hit your wife or your girlfriend or any stranger girl, the time would not be far when your mother and sister could also be hit by their husband

“Do not force your wife or girlfriend to turn into Alison”

Alison was the protagonist of Geoffrey Chaucer’s book ‘The Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale’. She went ahead to marry five times for some or other reason. Guys, you do not obviously want that.


What is most important for a man? Ego and self-respect. The moment you hit your wife or your girlfriend, she would start elevating from you. You would not even realize when she would be gone way too far from you; may be another man, who would respect her. Again you do not want that. I am sure that is SO GONNA hurt your ego. So for the sake of your Ego stop hitting women.

To all the women out there, if you were ever hit by your boy friend, husband or even may be a police guy, this one is for you.

“How do you know you cannot fight, if you have never been into a fight”- Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Next time when your husband or boyfriend hits you, slap him back. Start a fight. Start a revolution. Bring the change. Hit them hard. Hit them hard in the face.

With this I am going to  #RingTheBell along with many other fellow bloggers, with team of IndiBlogger and with BellBajao.org. I am also going to support IndiChange- an IndiBlogger idea to all the possible extent. Been a blogger it is my sincere duty to stand up against evils of our society.

Image fromhttp://www.bellbajao.org/

Image fromhttp://www.bellbajao.org/

I Come From The Land of Rapists

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FUCK ! I feel humiliated to be a  man. And to add to it makes me feel more humiliated when I say I come from  the land of Rapists. I just got over reading a news piece stating how a girl was raped and left naked  on streets of Delhi, along with her male friend, who also was beaten and left naked on road. It is indeed ironical that our well owned red light district of Delhi; GB road has not been able to satisfy the needs of these animals. Maybe we now need a government authorized no question asked-and-no -money charged-brothels, just to see if we can bring the number of rapes that happen in this city. Especially, heart-tearing and brutal rapes like this one.
One thing a Delhite likes myself is habitual of  reading news about rape, eve-teasing, dowry-killing and yeah newly found fashionable thing ‘honor killing’. Somewhere deep down in our mind and soul we have accepted these things as part of life and part of our city. It has become like a casual event that takes place every fortnight, so we now do not give damn about it. But, when incidents like this one occurs, we as citizens of Delhi feel humiliated and shattered. I personally sometime think that I should rather stop my sisters and women friends to not to step out of home at any given time. May be turning into a male-chauvinist pig is only solution left for people like me to protect females close to me. Nor women will move out, nor there will be anymore rapes in our society.
This incident is an example that nobody and nowhere in Delhi you can feel safe !
The place where this incident took place [Mahipalpur Flyover] is the place I travel everyday at. When writing this I think that may be when this incident was taking place I was also somewhere there nearby. I may be have heard some noises and may have ignored it. I may have noticed something fishy  but, may have taken it very normally. And now I am ashamed of myself.
Because rapes have became so common in our city, I am ready to ignore this incident. But, the aftereffect is what hurts me more. I mean you rape a girl, and to add more to it, you guy use your already sickned brains and leave that girl naked. Just imagine NAKED on a street, almost midnight !
It is not a weird thing if I say that girl would have been raped even again. By another group of animals in the land of rapists. This has actually happened in past when a girl was raped, left on road and again raped by somebody else. SICK.

I am now reading on internet and found that one of the main accused of this rape has been arrested. Where the hell are other two?

I strongly recommend capital punishment for these animals. Let them have a death worse than anyone ever had.

And yes in the end all I do is Talk.Talk and Talk.

[I am writing this post in really hurry and on a mobile device. Any mistakes, please excuse and drop same in comment box 🙂 ]

Aditya Bhasin hails from India, Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an ambivert person and is happy that way.

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NOT Just another Open Letter [to OUR Vice-Chancellor, University of Delhi]

University of Delhi,
Delhi 110007
September 27th 2012

(CC: Department of English)

Dear Mr. V-C,

How are you? Hope well! Anyway, that is enough of formality. Let me come down the point. Oh! Before you read beyond this line, I would please you to come out of your air-conditioned office and leave that comfortable seat you are sitting at. Hope you don’t mind in coming out in open and looking around the scenario. No-No you do not need to look at that beautiful garden you have outside your office, walk another half-mile or so and walk till Cavalry Lines, North Campus. So, do you recognize this place? I believe no, because I know it as a fact that you have never came to this place since you became “OUR respectable V-C.” Well, you are standing exactly in front of School of Open Learning; the only place at North Campus, where almost 3.2 lakh students enroll every year and I am among them too. Just to make this statistic more realistic, let me tell you that these numbers of students are nowhere near the total strength of students at (Regular) University of Delhi. Yes! You read it correct (Regular) University of Delhi. Over these three-years of my graduation one thing that I have learnt is that there are two-universities running under you; one that I have mention above and other is Correspondence University of Delhi.

The regular college folks are like your ‘eye’s apple’ as you never let them down. You always visit their colleges early in morning and get time to have a coffee with them. You arrange good faculty for them and students get their results on time as well. But when things turn towards students of correspondence, you end up having a ‘blind-fold’ on your eyes; for obvious reasons. I mean its OK, I understand we do not get YOUR university medals in drama, sports, social-service and other activities. Though, it is a different thing that we never get that opportunity; but still, the point is WE do not give you anything in return. And believe me I do not want to mention that SOL is recognized by UGC to conduct distance-learning studies. Just in case, you don’t know about it; almost like everything you do not know about School of Open Learning.

For years and years now, your examination department and English Department is conducting exams for English Honors—both for SOL and regular students. The subjects, syllabus, exam pattern, question paper, exams dates and exam time; everything is always same, but the result for regular is declared first and then comes the ‘lucky’ day for SOL students. May I ask why? (FYI: Regular college result for Third-Year was declared on July 22 2012).
Since, the declaration of regular college’ result – 65 days have passed and SOL is still nowhere near a result. Do you know? We do not even get space in notification published by YOUR examination department ‘Expected date of result declaration’; another awful thing (Anyway we are habitual now).

Please tell me are we so different? I know we are after all not from St. Stephens or may be Venky College as a matter of fact, but, still we are students of University of Delhi. If everything goes same-way for both regular and correspondence students, then why not result declaration? Are you scared? Or are you so much influenced by regular colleges that you do not want ANYBODY from SOL to get into MA English or may be other P.G. courses? At SOL, we are already deprived of facilities and to add more to it, you follow a strict policy of ‘harassing SOL students’. May I ask why?

You arrange academic conferences, you make sure that regular colleges are running classes on time or not, you want to make colleges and campus- women safe and handicap friendly, yet fail to understand that a certain section of students at DU demands equal opportunities. And to top it all, when we ask a clerk at examination department to tell that why our result is not yet declared- we are told that “Our priority is regular college students and not SOL” and that hurts; very
One day those hooligan nature people at DU demanded that their result for BA Pass should be declared soon as they are unable to file nominations for elections and you simply go ahead and declare same over-night. WHY? Is that because you want a bunch of people to keep on protesting for things that make no sense to a college student’s life?

In a media report it was stated that SOL answer sheets have now been segregated from regular college answer sheets. May I ask why? Are we not students, did we not study whole year, are we not supposed to get results or it’s just that you guys are not bothered, if our answer sheets are checked or not? See we are already suffering way too much from stereotypical attitude of our department teachers and to give an example let me tell you an incident that happened last year:
A teacher from one college in North Campus posted some photos on Facebook. These photos were of answer-sheets. And he gave these photos a caption “Look at SOL students and see what crap they write”.

So please answer me, how come this teacher came to know that those answer-sheets were of SOL students? And let’s presume that he said that with his experience, but then even why only ‘SOL’? He could have said another college also. And please! Do not tell me that ALL regular college students are genius and they write awesome-answers. Because if you take a look at previous years result, there were two-students from St. Stephens who failed (the same college you studied from).

A Student; a very frustrated student.

About Aditya Bhasin

Aditya Bhasin hails from India, Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an ambivert person and is happy that way.
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