Nokia! It’s high time you get your acts correct

Update: February 24th 2013 : 1630 HRS – Day 26th at service center

So I started my day speaking to Nokia care line today. Raja told me that the phone WAS ALREADY delivered to service center on February 19th, upon referring to him that I had a conversation with Ahmed yesterday who told me that it will take another 4 days for them to deliver the phone to Noida center he asked me to put the call on hold. I said sure.

@NokiaHelps #Nokia #Lumia1320 : Still on call with Raja at 91(11) 30303838. He had put me on hold. Let’s see what does he come back with

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) February 24, 2014

When he came back he said that the phone will be delivered at the service center today. I said OK, let see what happens even today.

@NokiaHelps #Nokia #Lumia1320 : Raja tells me that I will be getting the phone today. He assure me for same. #LetsSee

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) February 24, 2014

The conversation with Nokia careline is obviously useless they have no sense of idea what they are talking and does not seem to have any updated information even. Raja told me that Sandeep was supposed to call me on 17th Feb. That NEVER happened.

In regards to the email I am sending them I am getting nothing but template emails in revert. Here goes last few emails :

Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 07:02:29 +0200
> From:
> Subject: The Service Request Number is 1-14959033252 [SR# 1-14959033252]
> To:
> Dear Aditya,
> Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care. The Service Request Number is 1-14959033252
> This e-mail is in reference to the repair concern with your Nokia Lumia 1320. I sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.
> In response to your email, I would like to inform you that the case has been again forwarded to the concerned department and one of our representatives will be contacting you at the earliest.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Aniket Singh
> Nokia Care Representative
> India

Sent: 23/02/2014 11:27:48 AM
To: "" <>
Subject: RE: The Service Request Number is 1-14959033252 [SR# 1-14959033252]

Please for God's sake tell me something new, may be a new email template? 

> Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 10:59:45 +0200
> From:
> Subject: The Service Request Number is 1-14959033252 [SR# 1-14959033252]
> To:
> Dear Aditya,
> Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care. The Service Request Number is 1-14959033252
> This e-mail is in reference to know the complaint status of your Nokia Lumia 1320. I regret for the inconvenience caused to you.
> In response to your email, I do apologize for the delay. Further, the case has been already forwarded to the concern department and any update in this regard same will be communicated to you. 
> Thanks & Regards,
> Sahil Sharma
> Nokia Care Representative
> India
> *--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*


The audacity of Nokia does not end here. Folks at and  are not even acknowledging my emails.


Update: February 23rd 2013 : 11: 55 AM

I just spoke to Ahmed on Nokia care line phone no : 91(11) 30303838. He is now telling me that the phone will take another 3-4 days to be delivered to Service center.

Upon asking about which factory center phone was repaired – Bangalore or Dharuhera he said that he does not have that information. I said OK. Even if it is Bangalore then is at a Nokia Manager who is running a Marathon to deliver my phone to Delhi and has taken seven days and would take another four days?

I even gave Nokia an offer that let me go to Dharuhera- if phone is there and collect it myself.

I am wondering what they are doing, on Monday, they called me that they will be delivering the phone at service center by Friday and today they are telling me that it will take another 3-4 days?

Update : February 23rd 2013


-Day 25th at service center.

So, I just received a response from Nokia to my last email. It is THE SAME TEMPLATE EMAIL THAT I HAVE BEEN GETTING SINCE FEBRUARY 1ST. Just THE same.

“Dear Aditya,

Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care. The Service Request Number is 1-14959033252

This e-mail is in reference to the repair concern with your Nokia Lumia 1320. I sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.

In response to your email, I would like to inform you that the case has been again forwarded to the concerned department and one of our representatives will be contacting you at the earliest.

Thanks & Regards,

Aniket Singh
Nokia Care Representative

Update : February 22th

So today is the 24th day that my phone is with Nokia care. On Monday, I got a call from Nokia care line that my phone is now repaired. *sigh* and they said that it will be soon sent to service center and I can then collect it from there. I said OKAY.

On Tuesday I got a call from Nokia Noida center owner telling me that the phone is repaired and you will be getting it by this week. I said OKAY.

Since Monday till today it’s the sixth day and I am yet to get my phone back. I’ve been told that it has been couriered from factory repair center. So now that we know that Nokia care sucks, we also know that the kind of courier service they use sucks even more. It is taking them more than six days to deliver a phone – that too within the City region?

I am not sure what it will take Nokia to give me my phone back, I am already pissed off and they continue to deliver things in a way that it is doing nothing but frustrating me more.


So it all started on January 20th when I decided to switch to Nokia phone- Lumia 1320. It was just out in market phone and I obviously liked it for amazing Windows UI. But, my happiness for the new phone did not last long. On January 29th my phone’s screen broke into pieces. I was obviously sad but I had no choice left but to get it fixed at Nokia service center (Kingsway Camp). I went ahead to submit my phone there on Jan 30th and was told that it will cost me RS 12000 for the screen and they confirmed me that there are no other issues in my phone and everything else is fine.

They told me that it will take up to ten days for them to replace the screen, yeah! Ten days – just to replace a broken screen that too when the customer is not paying any pity amount but a hefty amount of RS 12000! But, anyways I had no choice. Some five days later I got a call from Kingsway camp service center telling me that it will take more than ten days, that pissed me off obviously and I said I don’t care how you guys fix it but I need my phone back within time frame told to me earlier and disconnected the call.

By now I had already emailed Nokia care about my concerns. Here is an extract:

I have a question here, what takes Nokia to ask me for whooping ten days just to replace a glass mirror on my phone? Also, the amount that is been told to me that will be charged is unacceptable. RS 12000 just for the screen? I mean the phone itself cost RS 24000 in market but anyways, that is actually not my concern. I will eventually pay RS 12000 for screen, but, the main purpose of me to write this email is to draw your attention towards the quality of part that you will use in my phone. Also, please see if the time frame can be reduced to some extent. Ten days are way too much in all regards.”

I then had a call from Nikhil on February 4th who claimed to be from Nokia Gurgaon office and he told me that I can go to Nokia Care in Noida as they have the screen available and they will fix it for me in 45 minutes. I agreed.

At that very moment I went to Kingsway camp and collected my phone in WORKING CONDITION and was able to make calls after charging my phone for some ten minutes. Next day I submitted my phone at Noida center that replaced the screen for me and charged me RS 9700. I have no idea what Noida center did or not did but my phone never started after that.

Noida center came to a conclusion that the battery is not holding charge and they need to send it to factory center for repair and would take 7-10 days.  Already pissed off I said OK, let me submit it to a Nokia care center near my house as I cannot travel to Noida every now and then. This happened on Feb 5th.

On Feb 7th I took my phone to Kohat Enclave center that refused to accept my phone stating that I should take my phone back to Noida center. Frustrated I did that! And since then my phone is with Noida center and I was told that it will be sent to factory.

On 12th February I got a call from Nokia again saying that they know that I am unhappy about how much time it will take for them to replace the damaged screen! Imagine this situation now; Nokia is not even updated about my issue status. Sick. And then I got another call from Noida center telling me that they might need time until Feb 23rd to repair my phone.

I am still wondering what Nokia is up to? And what the hell they are seeking from me? And on top of that the email communication that I had with Nokia results in nothing but a “template” reverts every time. No matter how many emails I write them they revert me with this always:

Dear Aditya,

Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care. The Service Request Number is 1-14959033252.

This e-mail is in reference to the repair concern with your Nokia Lumia 1320. I regret for the inconvenience caused to you.

In response to your email,  I would like to inform you that the case has been forwarded to the concerned department. Our representative will contact you in the next 48 hours.

I have been communicating with them since Saturday, February 01, 2014 11:25 AM and since then I have only got two personal calls from their team unlike they state me in every email that they will call in next 48 hrs.

The service support sucks like anything; even Nokia itself is not sure who all are part of their service network. Here is an example

Fullscreen capture 2152014 23232 AM.bmp

At Noida center and at Kingsway camp center I found a board displaying all the service centers. Here I found two nearby centers to my house: Chaitanya Communications Address: 920-922, Clock Tower, Subzi Mandi 110007, Delhi, Delhi, India Phone: +919899012111 (Nokia board and website)

And another one : Ashok Vihar center #found at Nokia care center display board) : 9811461477 Ashok Vihar Phase III.

I was told by Shivam/Sachin that Chaitany communication is now closed. Though, the website still shows their name under repair center list. When I attempt to call at this center it is found to be switched of.

When I attempted to call Ashok Vihar center on their phone number, they choose not to attend calls. I tried 5-7 times but failed to make any human contact.

In my one of the emails I demanded them that they should give me a replacement device as if there can be  issues with phone battery within first 15 days then what happens in coming times, to that they have denied saying that they cannot do it as it is not their policy. I am wondering if making quality product is also not their policy and yes after sales support too.

It was because of delays on Nokia’s end that I had to buy another phone with basic smart phone features so that I can somehow survive this crises this obviously was because Nokia Noida center had no Windows phone to provide me as standby and were giving me a Symbian phone as standby which I decided not to accept as I didn’t see a reason to opt for a phone that is not worth anything.

Till now I have been very diligent with Nokia in this regard but now things are turning ugly. I am losing on my productivity, time, money and patience. Nokia on the other hand seem to have a blindfold in regards to everything are good at nothing else than sending template emails.

It is still a love story. A heart breaking.

In their teen age was when they both met, a random meet. The guy had fallen in love with a face, that face had no name, no other identity. Days and month passed but nothing happened between both of them. Boy continued to fall for this girl more and more. He was 16 at that time and yet he said to himself that “she is the girl I want to spend my life with”. Friends called him foolish, yet he continued to fall more and more for this girl. This girl, who he found out to be the most attractive face ever. He said that she seems to have some different kind of childlike face. He felt mesmerized about her. When the first time he went to speak to her, she simply said no, she was not interested for any kind of friendship. He did not feel bad nor he was hurt for anything, he said it’s completely her choice if she wants to be a friend to him or not.
Time passed, and so the year. Time came when destiny wanted them to meet, maybe for forever. Something’s from this guy’s end and something from this girl’s end, they happened to end up into a friendship. Then started a part of their life which was like a dream come true, in that early age they fell for each other. Everything among them was so traditional. The guy used to make local calls at two rupees per minute from a local booth near his house, the first few calls were always waste. Somebody or else picked up the phone in girl’s house. The conversations used to last for minutes and sometimes hours.
The total time spent on phone was proportional to the amount of change guy could find from his mom’s purse and from under the pillow. Those were the most kiddish yet beautiful conversation one could have. They end up asking each other their favourite color, what they like to eat, did they have their food and many other such conversations. Mainer times, the girl used to call him early in morning at four AM and the boy was so engraved into his sleep that he would not hear any of those 55 calls made early in morning. Girl was sweet, she never blamed or said anything over this thing. She just kept on calling every day at sharp four AM, finally came one day when the guy manage to get up with those calls and spoke to her at that time. She was happy that he at least made an effort.
Seasons, months and years passed and they continued to be together. They were in different schools and then different colleges yet they were inseparable. The best part about the girl was that she was an understanding person. Very understanding. There was not even a single moment of their relation when the guy might have said that you do not understand me. The guy was always loyal to her, yes he accepted that there were some misses on his end once or a while, but he always accepted those misses.
He did not hide anything from her, what was in his mind was what she knew always. This was their bond.
Over course of years, it was thrice that the guy felt attracted towards another girl. It was nothing but attraction. The wrong thing on this guy’s end was that he went on face value sometimes. Yet he was confident of his relationship and more proud of it. He never crossed his thin line. What was an attraction to him stayed same and he got over it in less than 4-5 days every time. Out of these three instances there was not even single instance when he did not tell her about his attractions. He was always clear about them and apologized for same. She got a little angry but always had that trust on him that he will never cross his thin line. And he made sure that he never, never does that again.
She never had such an attraction towards anyone else like she had towards him. He was proud of that thing. One thing which was most common between both was that they wanted to stay together always. Not once they said that they will separate ever in life. Their bond was a rare one to find.
Manier times when they told others they were together for these many years, people felt astonished. Most of the man hearing his story said that the guy was a fool to stay in a relationship for so long. And the girls who heard this story always said that wish they had a story like them. They both were very happy about how everything was going. Among many exiting things they planned together, the guy wanted to buy a car, actually they both wanted one. They always thought about long drivers, long conversations, good food served in-car instead of a Pizza hut corner, those romantic drives where would just hold each other hands and drive without any destination. The first long journey they planned they would go on would be some forts in Rajasthan. But all these exiting things were far-sighted. This guy was still working hard to make his dreams, though he was always sure that he will live these dreams with only love of her life once for sure.
There was one thing which she disliked about him. He himself knew that he was not very good on that front but he just failed to manage his priorities. He was a guy who loved one girl and he loved his work. He always said that his work was a religion for him. Doubtless everything else than work was equally important for him if not more but there was a period in his life when he failed to recognize what he was losing in his endeavor to love his religion. For him his work became everything, other things became his second priority. Yes, that included her as well. She had seen him working in past as well and had always supported him. She knew it well what kind of passion he happens to have for his work and the only reason for him to work so hard: fulfil everything for himself and his family and her he ever dreamt of.
But as they say there comes a saturation point of every human and everything. Maybe this was her saturation point. Slowly, she started feeling detached from him. He got a bit harsh on her too. What used to be an hr. long quality conversation everyday became a 15 minute breather-like conversation every day. The meetings – those were enjoyable and in want of purest emotion: love became like a mechanical thing. Sometimes when they met it felt like two androids were meeting each other. Things started to turn sour among them, the guy never sensed how bad it was going to be. The girl did sense and did all she could to make him understand that what she was going through and what might happen if thing does not improve between both of them. He did understood quite a few times but never understood the gravity of the situation. Unknowingly he took everything very lightly well in her words: for-granted.
It was last winter that thing were moving towards being almost ruined. He could smell it but failed to fix it. He was way too into his work to give time to a stinking relationship. A relationship he always cherished and thought that it will improve; may be automatically; without any efforts. Only later he realized that thing does not work that way.
Then came a day when everything was devastated. Girl wanted to move away, for both their good. Now was the time when the guy realized what wrong he was doing and how he was supposed to be blamed for everything. He asked for some time from girl, he said that give me some time to make things better and he would have no expectations. So he asked for thirty days to make sure he will get things in a working order and after that it would be the girls’ choice if she would like to give the guy another chance. If not, he promised that he will walk away will never look back. In that time he did all he could to tell her how much he loves her. He did all he never did for her. He started to manage his work a little well so that he could give her some more time. Somewhere between all this the girl told him that there is no need for him to do these things. She know it well that he loved him like anything and she loves him same way. But, it was something else that is making her do this.
Initially, the guy thought that might be another guy. But soon he realized no, it was not another guy, it was HE who was responsible for everything. Nobody else; just HE.
At one point, they both thought that things were getting back to normal and they were ready to fall in love with each other once again. That even happened, but, lasted for not more than seven days. Then came a day when they both met, to talk. Girl said what she wanted to and boy said what he wanted to. In that conversation of three hr., they both broke down manier times. The boy was on weaker end. He just could not gulp down the fact that they both were no more together and they just broke up. That day, they parted for each other’s good. Boy had his reasons to agree with this one-sided breakup. He understood that for her this relationship was turning out to be a claustrophobic one. They cried, they hugged, and the girl asked the guy for a smile and bid each other good-bye. They parted away, boy on his way to home broke down while riding his pillion. It was difficult for him to agree and accept that the relationship that was supposed to turn into a marriage bond just ended. Yeah! Ended.
He was sure that it would be the same on girls end too but he did not knew anything much about what she might be like or what she might be feeling. Well, they broke up so they were supposed to end their contact with each other. The girl, while discussing everything made sure that she persuaded him to continue staying in touch, he was reluctant about same. He said if it was the end then it should be a complete end, but, somehow they agreed to keep in touch.
That night, the guy could not sleep, he just cried and let it all go. They continued to talk to each other for many days, but well, they were no more in a relationship. The guy made a journal for himself, every day he wrote something into that journal about how he felt about her not being around. In few days only, guy’s mother sensed something and asked him if everything was fine. He said yes; everything was fine. Of course he lied. His mom knew everything about both of them was very much willing to see them as a couple in future too. She was worried about her son but, her son kept everything to himself and very few of his friends.
One bad thing that the guy once again did was that he thought that the girl was happy about this whole thing. He did not blame her for anything, just thought that maybe she is now free and happy only later he realized that how much wrong he was. But then it was too late for him to realize. The loss once again had already happened. The most difficult thing for him to accept and understand was that he always thought that how would she manage? Having been in a relationship for so long he always guided her and suggested her when she was in a doubt, now he thought that how would she manage everything?
Yes, it was foolish for him to think that way. After all she was not a child, yet it was his love and care for her that made him think that way. One day when she told him that she was going out-of-state for a period of time he was stranded. It gave him a cold feet that how she will manage in a different state altogether. He never wanted to her to go, but, then he had no right to tell her to stop, he was nothing to her any more.
There were quite a few instances that the guy approached her for a fresh start, yes, she did same too. But, thing just did not work out. No, it was not that they gave a start and broke up again. But, they just failed to give it another start.
December 2020
Somebody far informed this guy that the girl has got married and is now settled. This guy, is single and not much willing to move on. He still feels sorry for mistakes he did and believes that things could have been better than what they were at this time. He had nothing in his hands then some memories. Memories, he had lived with for so many years and continue to live with them. He is extremely happy for the only love of his life. He is proud that he once fell in love with that girl. The purest heart among all.
Then after, all this guy did was walked …into the wild.
* First attempt on fiction *

Thanks Priyanshi Gulati for proof reading.

..And It’s all over. (Lost 1 TB of my life)

It was a lazy day yesterday, nothing was lined-up for the day. I was way too fussy about going out, just could not push myself out my room. Been so bored I had nothing to do else then watching some movie on laptop. I got a hold of my laptop and put it on the bed. The next moment I grabbed my external HDD. And at that moment happened the biggest nuclear explosion of my life ! I dropped my HDD on the floor.

Initially I thought, it would be safe. I acted normal and did not panic at that moment. I started my laptop and connected HDD only to find our that it was not been detected by my laptop. NOW THAT WAS A MOMENT OF PANIC FOR ME. I could clearly judge the the platter on hard disk was not moving. Acting smart- may be over smart I went to market to buy a logic board, I had a thought that may be the logic board might be broken or damaged. I came back home and opened my HDD, I was not worried about warranty, data was of more concern.

I went ahead to change the logic board on HDD and tried to gain access it on my laptop, it did not work. I then opened my laptop and took out it’s SATA HDD and used logic board from that HDD on my external HDD- it did not work. I literally cried at that moment. I felt like life ended there.

And now currently, I have no idea about what I am gonna do or what I can do. Life seems difficult now, I mean all my memories, everything was there in that HDD. Life seems incomplete now.

Here is the list of items I lost :

1) more than 200 movies

2) More than 9000 songs

3) Manuscript of the book I was writing

4) Flat images of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

5) Flat images of Office 2003/2007/2010/2013

6) VM ware

7) Other important software’s – more than 150 of them

8) My personal and family photos over last 10 yrs

9) My personal diary that I was writing for last 4 yrs- each day 😦

10) and yeah some porn too 😉

The sad part here is that data recovery is an expensive thing- even in Nehru Place. And on top of it, my hard drive was Bit Locker encrypted.

Anybody out there if you know some good data recovery company, please drop a comment. If not anything else, I need item no 3 ,8,9 back. If I get item no 10 back too- that would be icing on cake 🙂

Three years of Amazing Awesomeness

I said “I wish I could do something legendary”

Meenakshi Said “Why don’ you start a blog”

I said “Yeah, I mean let’s see. No Plans yet.”

50 minutes down the line was live!

AT THAT VERY moment started a traipse which was not only incredible but life changing too. Since then three years have passed but they seem like three minutes only. It is like I was having this conversation with Minx few minutes ago only.

My blog has turned three today. Having said that I must make a promise to you that I would also make sure that one day I would write a post “Thirty years of Amazing Awesomeness”.

My blog has certainly given my life a different meaning. OR maybe I can say it has become more significant. Life was a little dull before blogging came to my rescue. Blogging not only gave me a different prospective to look at things but also made me capable of penning down my ideas and thoughts in a much better way; something which was liked by many.

I also must agree that in recent times the frequency of my blog posts have turned down. Sometimes few friends said that I lost interest but, that has never been a reason. In past few months, my laptop just did not agree to work- which was the sole reason for me to not been able to write anything. And today when my laptop is gracious enough to work well, I am writing this and around another ten blog posts.

Another great thing that my blog did to me was to be open to criticism. Though, I was open to it always but till then it was just a mindset. When I first wrote one not so likable blog post and people started sending me hate emails and posted abusive comments it was then I realized what criticism is actually. Having read those emails and comments made me angry but, then I said to myself that maybe THIS is the very moment when your writing have started to make a difference. Everybody can write for everyone, but you are writing for yourself, for your own sense of satisfaction. It was at that very moment that I realized that yes I am now open to criticism. I started taking every hate email and comment as a word of appreciation. I learned so much new from these emails and comments.

Another awesome thing that happened this year were my blog T-Shirts. 🙂 I am proud about them, I have two of them printed and I wear them to bloggers meet. I can still remember that first time I wore it on a blogger’s meet, everybody liked it and appreciated the idea.

And while I close this post, I must thank each one of YOU . If there would not have been YOU there wouldn’t have been this blog. Well, THIS AWESOME blog.

My thanks go to Priyanshi and Meenakshi for proof reading my blogs. Bigger thanks to Rekha didi who always extends here honest opinion on my blog and guide me in a better way. To Mani and Karan who never forgets to read my blogs and mention their comments. To IndiBlogger and Google for driving maximum traffic to my blog.

My goal for this blog is now to write at least another 15 posts before we welcome 2014.

Once again, Thank YOU FOLKS 🙂

The Big Fat Indian Marriage (read Bloggers meet)

A lazy Saturday afternoon. An invitation on your email. Good clothes to wear. A grand venue. A proud host. A big family. Surety of real amazing fun + good food + so many people + that sense of craziness in you is all it takes to be a part of BIG FAT Indian marriage bloggers meet.

A friend and a blogger friend since First Bloggers meet :)

A friend and a blogger friend since First Bloggers meet 🙂

The other day I along with my extended family of around 350 bloggers were at Hyatt for a bloggers meet which was nothing less than a typical big fat Indian marriage. Anything which is usually a part of one such marriage was present at this meet. It would surely be an understatement if I’d say that THIS WAS A BIG MEET. It was not, rather, it was BIGGEST MEET EVER. The venue was Biggest ever; number of bloggers were maximum that we ever had on a single meet. The prizes were once again biggest that any blogger could ask for- a television ad. (Though that is a different story that bloggers would appear in a television ad with some man in his underwear) but the point is they would appear on television.

Because our host sponsor was Ambi Pur we were counting on a very fresh and smelling- good ambiance and that did happen -the moment we entered the ball room we could sense the freshness and that relaxing fragrance.  From this point onward and for next five hrs it was craziest time we ever had.

Having missed the last meet I could not let this meet go off my hands. #exicted @IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

The elements of a typical Indian marriage were present in each and everything around.  First you do is register yourself on laptops, just like you introduce yourself to other people present in a marriage. And then you go grab a seat for next 5 -7 hrs, sit in a group, talk, and gossip, enjoy and do all that you want to.

The different part of this marriage meet was that most of the people reached the venue ON TIME. Yes, it is a big thing for me. I’ve been attending last few meets with Shivani and she had been late always, thankfully she was on time for this meet. I was accompanied with Shivani, Megha and Gurleen. (The later two are my new blogging friends.) 

Then comes the dance part, on a typical marriage you would dance on Punjabi songs or Hindi songs but, over here you were supposed to dance just on music and do a head-bang. Yeah, limit of craziness.

@IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia stinking environment hampers my romantic nature

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

I was asked if I would like to do a head-bang, I readily said yes; though I had a second thought in my mind, especially when I was almost bald. Doing a head-bang without long hair- sounds weird but then who cares, I did it. And I did it very well. Our very own teacher asked me the first step -when we do a head-bang I said we are supposed to stand up. Following that everybody stood up, it was like those flash mobs. So many people doing the same thing at same time and out of complete randomness. In next five minutes we were given a crash course and following that we all were head-banging experts.

Our teacher

Our teacher

@IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia Logoform – the fracture I had and the hospital visits

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

Ask me: I can now head-bang better than anyone, the teacher is excluded though. I mean for obvious reasons he can do far better than me or anyone among us. [At this very point I felt envy of my teacher. I mean first he could do awesome head-bang and then he had those long hair.   ] Apart from many other folks, Arvind was my partners in crime while head-bang session along with Shwetabh.

Following that our interaction started about who blogs about what and people came up with introductions and especially those who were writing on social issues.  In that room, filled with bright minds, some were doctors, some were students, some were journalist and many of them were full time bloggers.

I met Mahima, missed out on meeting Priyanka once again. Vivek sir was also there and Himdari too

Among them I can remember introductions from GV Sparx and how mentioned that he is missing Akanksha Dureja at the meet. Just like those relatives at marriages saying that “ wo Chandigarh wale bua nai aai”;)

The best part of this meet was dual interactive mode it was working in. On one hand it was all of us talking about our blogs and everything else and on the other hand we all were tweeting, pictures of smelly things, what we blog about and smells that make us nostalgic.

I won a power house for a tweet I made related to a blog post. Another acquaintances of mine Megha, won a tablet for another tweet she made. Many other folks won themselves play stations, Sony smart watches and all-in-one remotes. Shivani, a friend and then a blogger friend also got an opportunity to sit among that man in underwear. Smile Shivani you would be on TV soon. 🙂

This was was really funny

This was was really funny

... and the winner is

… and the winner is

.. Tablet winner :)

.. Tablet winner 🙂

Then came the lunch time, the food was delicious and the company made it more awesome. While lunch I got a chance to speak to Sangeeta mam about how some institutions are still using Windows XP based computers and few more things.  I also meet Pramoita while lunch with whom I had a good discussion about how publishing houses are contacting bloggers for book reviews and other promotional events. We also discussed if we should be charging for such events on our respective blogs.

**** This conversation is been censored. ***

OK. I still hate chocolates, but, other female bloggers like it ;)

OK. I still hate chocolates, but, other female bloggers like it 😉

Bloggers' do need healthy food for healthy writing

Bloggers’ do need healthy food for healthy writing

I then met Sakshi. I spoke to her for 5-7 minutes only but speaking to her was a charm. She is such a humble person. It was my pleasure to interact with her.  [The girl with her, don’t know her name. She was cute too 🙂 ]

Sakshi Nanda, in her Sholay avtar. She is a humble, very humble person to speak to.

Sakshi Nanda, in her Sholay avtar. She is a humble, very humble person to speak to.

We all were also given Ambi Pur samples and some of us, including me even tasted it; quite Literary.

**** Only marriage where guest are given gifts rather then guests giving them to host ****

One of the most innovative thing that happened on this meet was that five minute pause everybody took. The idea was to describe your blog in a posture. Imagine how awesome it looked when 350 folks stood still for five minutes describing how amazing their blogs were and what they and their blogs stands for. I wish we could have clicked an Ariel shoot of this scene. If not anybody else I would surely take a large print of it and put it as a photograph in my house. This very moment was such an extraordinary five minutes for all of us. THIS was the moment when we all were able to express our complete ideology, the reason why we blog. THAT moment was like a soul to our blogs. Proud; very proud. Each one us.

The five minute pause moment

The five minute pause moment

Can’t there be a 12 hr long Bloggers meet ? @RoyalEnfielder any plans? @IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

The most amazing part of this meet were the acts that were  performed by different teams on different themes. Each team was given a theme and they had to prepare an act for three minutes. The best among them was our very own Zombie- Shwetabh. He was so natural, for a second Arvind Sir and I were like is he a real Zombie. 😉

Arvind Sir ! Man of letters

Arvind Sir ! Man of letters

The Zoombie bloggers

The Zoombie bloggers

Other performances were good too; the best won the prize.

In the end when the time came for Vidhai, unlike a typical marriage nobody cried but, left with BIG smiles on their faces. As fresh as a rose and with a note of coming back another day, in wish of another meet filled with awesomeness.

P.S. 1 I know I know number of times I use the word Amazing and Awesome. It’s just that I cannot stop myself doing that. Sometimes it becomes mandatory for me to do that. IndiBlogger ! Keep up the amazing (ness) and awesome (ness)

P.S. 2 Thanks Swati for all the amazing photos, Thanks Anoop for being the best host we could have, Thanks Rennie for making sure my tweets are on that big screen ?, Thanks Vineet for organizing everything so well, Thanks Kartik for making sure everybody gets a chance to speak and get their prizes.

All images on this post are from until and unless specified otherwise.

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She is young at heart. :)

She is young at heart. 🙂

Aditya Bhasin- Yeah that's me ;)

Aditya Bhasin- Yeah that’s me 😉



A proud, very proud blogger. Standing for our words :)

A proud, very proud blogger. Standing for our words 🙂

Vinnet and Prateek ! entrepreneurs at their best :)

Vinnet and Prateek ! entrepreneurs at their best 🙂

Ambi Pur Facebook page 

What was She Ashamed of?

She sat there in one corner accompanied with a male friend. She was wearing a pink top with that
glitzy design on it and shorts that suited her most. She looked beautiful in that. The visible glow
on her face was speaking for itself that how happy she was at that time. I guessed that the male
friend might be her beloved; realizing that I had all the reasons to envy him. They both looked in
their 20s and had their college bags sitting silently right next to them. They were sitting close to
one another, just like any other couple would sit like. I was somewhere mesmerized looking at the
girl, she was a pure beauty. Her face was like an undecipherable dream: too simple and to straight
to make any sense.

It was almost evening time, and sun was about to set, the cold breeze in December was setting the
mood of all present there. I could see so many faces around, most of them were couples. Enjoying
the cold weather I decided to run a little more extra that day. It was a regular habit for me to go
for a running session at this place but, today was something different. My timings were changed.
Unlike always, I was present there in evening instead of early morning. May be that is why I could
see so many faces [read couples] around. I had my ear phones plugged in with Honey Singh been
played, the volume was too high for me to hear anything else. I kept running and after a couple
of rounds I sat down on a bench there. To make a call, I took off my earphones only to hear some
sounds which were unusual to be heard at that place. These were those rare arousal sounds that
one would usually hear between four walls. Some were in high pitch and some in low. I could hear
heavy breathing sounds too. I was somewhere aware of what possibly was going on behind me
and those shabby looking bushes. I just wanted to be sure of what I heard.

Like nothing happened, I left from that bench, with my ear phones plugged in and started to run
again. By now it was quite dusky but with enough visibility. Intentionally I took the track which
would take me exactly opposite of those bushes I heard sounds from. I was there, looking at
those bushes. I could see a couple there. They were close, very close. I could see that the boy was
not wearing a shirt and female version of same piece of cloth was also missing from that girl’s
body. She was half nude. I was little bit ashamed of what I saw. It was an unusual scene for me;
especially beyond by bed room.

I could see their tongues, met and fought urgently like two sparrows fighting over the first piece
of morning bread. I could see when he cupped her breasts. For a moment she gave a loud moan.
I was breathless for a second. Was this all happening in real or was it all my imagination. But
the very next second I realized it was not my imagination. With me were standing another set of
people who were astonished looking at the intimate love making scene in front of them.

As the couple broke their kiss, I saw the face of the girl. She was the same girl I saw sometime
ago. But the beauty and purity on her face was missing by now. The couple looked at me and
other people around but seemed like it did not matter to them that other people were looking at
them. Boy took the girls face and started to kiss her again, followed by girls hand running over
her man’s bare chest. A lot happened in next ten minutes, by now I was wondering of what was
happening and at same time trying to avoid looking at the couple. In moments time I could see
something like kissing frogs. I was ashamed by now but, not the couple. They continued their job
and I left.

It was a coincidence that when I was leaving from this place, I saw this couple too leaving from
there. We had an eye contact for a fraction of second. I gave a flat look whereas on the other hand
they seem to be OK with what I saw and what they just got over doing. I could read on their faces
that it did not matter to them at all what happened and who saw what.

But something strange and unusual happened when they came out of this place. The guy took his
bike and girl walked till the gate. The moment they crossed that wall of shame things changed
drastically. The girl now had her face covered with a handkerchief. I was amazed to see this. I

was questing myself on what I just saw. A young lady who was seen intimate with her boyfriend
just few minutes ago by everyone felt the need to cover her face. So suddenly and in such

When she was there inside, near those bushes, half-naked. Been looked by so many strangers,
moaning in a public place, feeling the pleasure of man running all over her body- she felt no
shame. Nor did the man feel any shame but the moment they were back into normal life they felt

The girl then had a handkerchief around her face; the boy had a helmet on his face. On bike they
sat as close to each other as they could. There was even no space for air to pass.

What was it all about? Was this girl so bold that she could let her man run over her all in public
and not face the other set of public seeing her sitting on a bike with her male friend? Was this
man such a coward that he could see himself and his girlfriend become an object of laugh among
public but not been identified by other set of public?

I kept standing there, thinking. Thinking about the mere fact that how things work in this open
society. A young girl who looked beautiful can shed of her shame when across a wall and fight for
the same nature of shame when crosses that wall. With all dark around including my thoughts. I
am yet to find an answer of What She Was Ashamed of?

P.S: With this post I am not trying to raise finger on any female in terms of been shameful or
anything of that sought. My idea is far bigger then that. All I want to point out with this post is
how perception of an individual changes and how mindset can differ in two different situations.
If anyone thinks that the post is defamatory, please feel free to leave that as a comment or send an
email across.

[If you have a suggestion or feedback or a word of appreciation or if you think this blog sucks
please drop an email at [adityabhasin81] @ gmail. [Com] or [A] [@] I would be
pleased to hear from you folks and improve on that feedback.

RingTheBell-’s Blogger Meet

Finally, a day that makes me feel that I am also a part of something legendary was here. Throughout the year, I wished for an Indiblogger’s meet and for almost 2 months now I was counting for it almost every day; especially when there were recent meets in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. I was pretty sure that one is soon coming to Delhi. And to add to it all, I made IndiBlogger’s meet page as my homepage on my phone. I just wanted to be sure that I do not miss out on registering for one of these meets.

This was my third IndiMeet with the excitement level of just like the first meet. This time I was accompanied by a friend first and then a blogger- Shivani. She was at the blogger’s meet for the first time ever.  The venue was British Council, a meet in an open space for the first time.  As the day proceeded, I realized why it was in open space and not in ball room of some hotel.

Image copyright stands with

The first thing I realized was that it was not specifically ‘Bloggers meet’ especially when compared to the other meets. It was like you were there to be a part of something more social and interactive than a bloggers meet. It was an initiative named Ring The Bell by Breakthrough. In our previous meets, it was all about ‘US’ but this event was something different. This event was not something I was going to regret of attending or anything of that sought. This evening was one that I was going to remember always like all the other blogger’s meets.

We started the day with registering ourselves and then looking at that big screen to see our names been displayed as ‘Aditya Bhasin walked in 3 seconds ago’ and the good part was that my tweet was already there on that screen. I mean I was not counting it so early! And to add it, the first conversation that started on stage was with my tweet. [Happy Child]. Anoop, from IndiBlogger was reading some of the tweets and the first tweet he mentioned about was mine. I waved everyone with a big smile on my face. 🙂 The second tweet that was read was of Shivani, but, she was way to hesitant to raise her hand and let everyone know that IT WAS SHE who tweeted that.

As I was counting I meet Prateek sir, Arvind Mohan and Mahima. The fun was ‘tweet-hide-and-seek’ that I and Priyanka played. She was tweeting where I was? And I was giving her all fake locations within the venue. I gave her a task to find me but she could not. 😉 Now the task is pending for next meet, may we find each other? 🙂

While all the other fun things were going on we had a serious discussion on portrayal of masculinity, on the panel we had Sonali Khan, Rahul Bose and other eminent personalities. The bone of contention was if men in our society portrayed way too much beyond the idea of ‘being man’. Rahul Bose raised some valid points stating that why we should teach men to cry, to express, to let things go and not carry that attitude that ‘Men do not cry’.

Going forward we had an unimaginable presentation of monologue by Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal. She read ‘Vagina Monologues Script’ from a play by Eve Ensler. The text she was reading was translated in Hindi. Hearing very few lines I could now judge how amazing the writing was and how strong the impact of those words was. I may have missed some words, but I could not take my ears of ‘Vagina Monologues’ they were spectacular.

The other performance of the day was by a band named ‘Sawarthma’ from Bangalore. THESE GUYS WERE CRAZY MAN. I mean one was wearing retro clothes, other was wearing a suit, the drummer had a traditional Kurta, another guy was wearing green pants and green glasses, or shades, or whatever and the lead vocalist was wearing some weird stuff with those MANY-COLOR-CANVAS-SHOES-AND-HAD WEIRD-HAIR-STYLE. But they were awesome, I do not like rock music, I do not even know if what they played there was rock or something, but yes it was enjoyable to all the possible extent. [Confession: I did tap my feet]. If I ever get an opportunity to visit their concert, I am going for sure.

It was then time for Anushka Shanker’s performance. For the first time I was seeing her playing and otherwise too. Moreover I was seeing any classical performance for the first time. The first thing that I mentioned after seeing here was “She is beautiful”. And like icing on cake, when she played, it was mesmerizing. And not only was her, the person who played flute also very good. It was a performance I was looking forward to and it did match all my expectations.

Another reason why I feel I am part of something more than legendary is ‘IndiChange’ it is a brain-child of Anoop, from The idea of is to bring all sought of socials causes and activists on a single platform and adding the power of writing to it. I support it with full devotion. Let’s bring the change! Let us change! Let me change!

Like all the meets this one too was well organized, but a lot of us missed that ‘real’ blogger meet that we always had. But, then one other hand we all agreed that these kinds of meet are also important. One has to think beyond ones own comfort zone. Till date we were meeting for our own good and being more social. This time we met to take a pledge` and to #RingTheBell against domestic violence. Much enjoyed.

The day was great, I came out thrilled and yes with a strong message of standing against domestic violence. And in the end I am now looking forward to next IndiBlogger meet!

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