Epic Journey called Bloggers meet #JodeyDilonKo

Life is anyway awesome, blogging makes it super-awesome and IndiBlogger meets make it epic. The bloggers meet at Delhi on Saturday went amazing. We were at the meet to talk about a new channel that is going to launch today at 8 PM. The channel brings the actors and shows from Pakistan to India.  Till now, Pakistan was able to see almost all the Indian shows in their land but India never really could see their shows here in India. This channel is a joint effort of both the countries creative minds and many shows based in Pakistan will now be shown in India. The AV’s that we saw at the meet which is also available on Youtube looks promising.

I blog at adityabhasin.com

I blog at adityabhasin.com

The lady who saved Delhi men :)

The lady who saved Delhi men 🙂

The team from Zindagi channel talked well in stretch about the channel and the show. The main lead also answered all the questions that bloggers from Delhi and Mumbai had. Yes, yes, he was trying his best to avoid giving any sentimental or political statement. It’s OK, he is an actor – he is not meant to speak anything controversial.

Every exited man ! Yeah, that guy in black Tee

Every exited man ! Yeah, that guy in black Tee

And now that is what we call passion

And now that is what we call passion

The BIG and EPIC blogger family

The BIG and EPIC blogger family

Undoubtedly the best part of this meet was # IndiMayhem – an open forum over a video link between Mumbai and Delhi. The fight was whose better; Mumbai or Delhi? Well, no matter what Mumbai bloggers claim, it was Delhi who won the title; hands down.

Among many things that Mumbai tried to win over, they happen to lose in almost all the points.   Transport… Delhi took the lead Food… Delhi took the lead Weather… Delhi took the lead Men… Delhi took the lead   Here are the few “Let’s defend Delhi” lines that helped us win over Mumbai:

Delhi gave SRK and Akshay Kumar to Mumbai

Delhi men are hot, rich and classy If Mumbai has pani puri, then Delhi has Vodka Gol Gappas

We have Kulce-Cholle wala just Outside Taj.. Do you?

Anoop, look at your face and see how you are sweating. I mean even the five starts does not have good weather control. Imagine what happens to the city.

Why do you have to romanticize everything? I mean they were floods, why bring the marriage into it. Our metro is always before schedule and yours was late at the very first day of inauguration.

In the end the meet was not just about a new channel but bringing the creative geniuses of both the countries together. I am sure the shows would be absolutely brilliant and would surely be loved by everyone here in India.  I am surely looking forward to watch some of the episodes over this weekend.

Yes, they are already on record mode on my TV. 🙂 Meet was also exceptionally well in terms of letting Mumbai and Delhi talk it out. I think it was necessary because sometime you just need a platform to speak up what you think and what you believe in.  Once in a blue moon it is absolutely decent to ‘fight it out’ and especially when this is only out of pure fun and with no offense to anybody’s personal opinion or out of any hatred towards any city- Mumbai in this case.

Over the lunch and tea at the meet all the bloggers and authors talked about things interested them with their fellow bloggers. I am among them who were talking how these IndiMeets can be made awesome and how good the idea of video link between Mumbai and Delhi was. We also talked about what kind of trouble self-published authors face. Well, I’ll keep this for another post.

I must not miss the opportunity to say a word of thanks to Technology team in both the cities. It was these guys because of which the web link worked like a charm. Yes, there were hiccups but they moved forward well.

One thing I am disappointed about is the photos, arrrrrr, I hate to say this but Delhi meet hardly got any pictures, whereas Mumbai got a good number on their end. Swati, we need you back in Delhi. ASAP. First flight. Please. 🙂

P.S. Mumbai folks, trust me we had/have nothing wrong against you. You guys are just as awesome as anybody else can be but you know when it comes to defending your city everybody gets a bit loud and over the top. Trust us; we are no racists’ people. We Love you and I am sure you love us too. If there is any *little* thing I said wrong then I am sorry. Trust me, you are an amazing Blogger brother and sister (read women) and I have nothing against you personally.

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…That ‘English’ Dream

My love for the language English is known to all and that is the reason why I always wanted to pursue my masters from the United Kingdom. Yes, from a country where the language started, from the land where Geoffrey Chaucer wrote Wife of Bath Prologue and Tales and at a place probably near Canterbury – place where Canterbury tales is based and yes somewhere near a place where Shakespeare lived Stratford-upon-Avon.

 My desire to study in Great Britain is not just to study in a different land, among people of different nationality but to study in a country where I can feel a sense of knowingness and YES a sense of attachment. A place where I could belong to already, without ever been there physically and that is the reason I choose to study in the United Kingdom. 

   What makes me inclined towards the UK is my graduation in English literature. My graduation certainly brought me much closer to the UK not as a country or  not just as a place to visit in summers but as the land of English language, as the land of many great authors and writers, as the land of ‘something’ new to learn every day and yes of course as the land of much joy and great food. On top of everything it is that sense of nostalgia that I am sure I will feel if I am in the UK probably in some countryside and feeling the same as what Virginia Woolf might have felt standing there like she did in Mrs. Dalloway and sometimes when I would visit the places in Canterbury and parts of the UK.

  My choice of study without a doubt would be MA International Journalism from University of Bedfordshire, Luton campus. Yes, I have many other options too but I still think that studying at a center which is little far from bigger cities like London or Cardiff would be a great idea. I am sure this would be the state which would give me a wider opportunity to live in the United Kingdom and be accessible to everything else easily and without much travel.

So now the question I asked myself when I decided to choose MA International Journalism was why this course and why not something more conventional like an MBA?  

The answer to this question is in the question itself. Why be so mainstream? Why study something which is already termed as conventional. Yes I know, to many people even International Journalism would sound conventional but for me it is most balanced subject of study when it comes to deciding your liking, your interest  and making a sound career choice.

  MAIJ will for sure give me my “need” of education but helps me more to fulfill the “greed” of knowledge I seem to have in me. With MAIJ I am eyeing a great career which is filled with challenge and yes a source of coming across something astonishing every now and then.  

MAIJ will for sure give me a prospective of how a journalist work but on top of it will teach me who actually is a cosmopolitan journalist. Somebody who knows well how to work in a world which probably is divided by borders but is at the end a part of cosmopolitan universe.  We all as individuals know that how anything that matters to one country or citizens of one country can be something of great interest to people living in another corner of world and this I believe is where an international journalist who also happen to be a blogger comes into the picture.  Learning the techniques and insights of an international journalist is what I believe this course will help me gain.

Why Bedfordshire?  
Universities in the UK are in good number, some are decent, some are pricey, some are exceptional and some are just another Uni. like places but deciding among all is surely a tough task for me. Out of all the great choices, the two major Universities I could think of were Bedfordshire and University of London. Henceforth after much thought I would go ahead to finalize Bedfordshire. This obviously is based on the fact that I want to study little away from London and at the same time I want to study at the University Campus itself which makes Bedfordshire my ultimate choice to study in the UK. On the other hand I am keen to see how Bedfordshire can help me elevate my social skills, as I would be interacting with people from different cultures and groups which would also help me be a team player.

Infrastructure also happens to be another most important reason for me to choose both Bedfordshire and the UK. The technological advancement in the UK is little better than any other country especially when it comes to the university of my choice. I am personally very excited to see how working with HD cameras, integrated newsroom and vision mixing equipment can feel like.

 Why United Kingdom unlike another country?  

  Apart from what I mentioned earlier, one of the most important thing that makes me choose The UK as my academic destination and not any other country is, the benefit of living in 28 member states all at the same time and not just Luton as a campus. Studying in the UK gives me an opportunity to roam freely across the member states. This gives me advantage of actually meeting people from different lands without much hassle of visas and other formalities.  This also gives an ample amount of adventure to explore different states, people and most importantly get to know how a common journalist works in these states. This obviously would help broaden my learning curve.  

  Another reason which is most important for me to study in the UK is, the sense of independence I will be able to enjoy and live with, along with still staying connected to my cultural and traditional roots. That is one rare combination which I cannot attain by choosing any other country apart from the UK. It will be a kind of a unique Kaleidoscope of Medieval India. A phase I will cherish all my life.  

So Bedfordshire University in the UK, is my way of conquering widespread horizons of International journalism and an amazing way of expressing Sky is the limit, and yet keeping all strings attached with my roots.

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i10 Story

Few months back IndiBlogger and AmbiPur asked me if I’d like a sample of AmbiPur car freshener. I readily said yes. Though, I had no use of it because car was still a dream by then. I just thought that I will give it over to somebody in my office for his car or may be one or another relative of mine. I even promised them that I will give them as soon as I get one from AmbiPur.

It took quite a lot of time for that car fresher to reach me. May be it was sent from Mars. Jokes apart, it did reach me and I was supposed to give it to one of my friends at office. When I opened the package it smelled well and fresh. No doubt it was good.

I kept that car fresher on my table for few days. Then after, one day I opened it again and smelled again. Just then I had a thought. Why not use it regularly?

But, the point was how I would do that. I obviously cannot use it as room fresher. Thinking over few minutes I said to myself “let’s buy a car”. I know it is one weird idea. I mean buying an AmbiPur when you had a car is justified but buying a car because you have an AmbiPur which is of no use to you is strange. But to me it was quite a radical idea, okay, little weird as well. But somewhere having that AmbiPur did act like a catalyst.

The very next day I went to look for options available in market. It took me complete four days to finalize options. In the end I decided to choose one among i10, Beat, Verna, Brio and Swift. The irony was that though I had looked for all the options available but I was yet to decide about my budget. Yeah, another weird set of idea from my mind. The next day I sat and decided my budget and then I had to cut one name that I loved most from the list. Verna- she is one mesmerizing piece of art. I had loved her the very moment I saw her. But, when deciding budget I had to ditch her. She was way too classy and expensive for me.

After making initial payments, I told me mom that I want to buy a car. Mom said yes, you should. I used my mom as a messenger to talk to my dad. My dad said, it up to you. If you want one you can buy. And then came ‘nuclear bomb’ moment. I told them that I have something to say, they said what? In less than few seconds and in single breath I said “I have made payment for the car already”.

THAT was one epic moment. First they thought I was joking but few minutes of my silence made them understand reality. Both of them gave me WTF expression. The regular scolding started and lasted for a day and then they asked me which car? I said i10. They both looked at me like I just told them that I ran with somebody and got married and she is standing at the door now.

Another five minutes of scolding and they asked when the delivery is. Now this was #MomentOfRelief for me. I now knew they are pretty OK about my decision.

In an attempt to sound funny I told them “the day before I am supposed to be born” that went bad; very bad. Dad was angry like anything hearing this. I believe he had all the reasons to be so. This was 19th August; a day before my birthday.

He said “what? A day before your birthday means today, so you are telling us that the delivery is supposed to be done today?” I said YES.

I just could not stop laughing at that time and they just could not bear that the fact that I was their son. They almost disowned me. Mom was like how could you? You could have at least asked us once about delivery date and so on.





But, somehow things went well and we left to take car delivery. It was a proud moment for my mom-dad. Thankfully I was the reason; yeah, the same son whom they almost disowned few minutes ago.

While we were taking the car out for delivery, the guy at showroom was putting a car fresher in car. I so wanted to stop him but did not do that. As I left from showroom and passed some distance I went ahead to put AmbiPur on AC vent. 🙂

Then after, we left for the most memorable journey. I loved the fragrance of a new car and those plastic covers. On top of it mixed fragrance of AmbiPur smelled brilliant.

Today, when it’s been almost a month that I have a car, AmbiPur is still keeping my car fresh and smell good. The journey’s I am taking on my car smells fresh and likable.

Thanks AmbiPur, without you I would not be having a car of my own.

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Three years of Amazing Awesomeness

I said “I wish I could do something legendary”

Meenakshi Said “Why don’ you start a blog”

I said “Yeah, I mean let’s see. No Plans yet.”

50 minutes down the line http://www.ispeakadityabhasin.blogspot.com was live!

AT THAT VERY moment started a traipse which was not only incredible but life changing too. Since then three years have passed but they seem like three minutes only. It is like I was having this conversation with Minx few minutes ago only.

My blog has turned three today. Having said that I must make a promise to you that I would also make sure that one day I would write a post “Thirty years of Amazing Awesomeness”.

My blog has certainly given my life a different meaning. OR maybe I can say it has become more significant. Life was a little dull before blogging came to my rescue. Blogging not only gave me a different prospective to look at things but also made me capable of penning down my ideas and thoughts in a much better way; something which was liked by many.

I also must agree that in recent times the frequency of my blog posts have turned down. Sometimes few friends said that I lost interest but, that has never been a reason. In past few months, my laptop just did not agree to work- which was the sole reason for me to not been able to write anything. And today when my laptop is gracious enough to work well, I am writing this and around another ten blog posts.


Another great thing that my blog did to me was to be open to criticism. Though, I was open to it always but till then it was just a mindset. When I first wrote one not so likable blog post and people started sending me hate emails and posted abusive comments it was then I realized what criticism is actually. Having read those emails and comments made me angry but, then I said to myself that maybe THIS is the very moment when your writing have started to make a difference. Everybody can write for everyone, but you are writing for yourself, for your own sense of satisfaction. It was at that very moment that I realized that yes I am now open to criticism. I started taking every hate email and comment as a word of appreciation. I learned so much new from these emails and comments.

Another awesome thing that happened this year were my blog T-Shirts. 🙂 I am proud about them, I have two of them printed and I wear them to bloggers meet. I can still remember that first time I wore it on a blogger’s meet, everybody liked it and appreciated the idea.

And while I close this post, I must thank each one of YOU . If there would not have been YOU there wouldn’t have been this blog. Well, THIS AWESOME blog.


My thanks go to Priyanshi and Meenakshi for proof reading my blogs. Bigger thanks to Rekha didi who always extends here honest opinion on my blog and guide me in a better way. To Mani and Karan who never forgets to read my blogs and mention their comments. To IndiBlogger and Google for driving maximum traffic to my blog.

My goal for this blog is now to write at least another 15 posts before we welcome 2014.

Once again, Thank YOU FOLKS 🙂

The Big Fat Indian Marriage (read Bloggers meet)

A lazy Saturday afternoon. An invitation on your email. Good clothes to wear. A grand venue. A proud host. A big family. Surety of real amazing fun + good food + so many people + that sense of craziness in you is all it takes to be a part of BIG FAT Indian marriage bloggers meet.

A friend and a blogger friend since First Bloggers meet :)

A friend and a blogger friend since First Bloggers meet 🙂

The other day I along with my extended family of around 350 bloggers were at Hyatt for a bloggers meet which was nothing less than a typical big fat Indian marriage. Anything which is usually a part of one such marriage was present at this meet. It would surely be an understatement if I’d say that THIS WAS A BIG MEET. It was not, rather, it was BIGGEST MEET EVER. The venue was Biggest ever; number of bloggers were maximum that we ever had on a single meet. The prizes were once again biggest that any blogger could ask for- a television ad. (Though that is a different story that bloggers would appear in a television ad with some man in his underwear) but the point is they would appear on television.

Because our host sponsor was Ambi Pur we were counting on a very fresh and smelling- good ambiance and that did happen -the moment we entered the ball room we could sense the freshness and that relaxing fragrance.  From this point onward and for next five hrs it was craziest time we ever had.

Having missed the last meet I could not let this meet go off my hands. #exicted @IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

The elements of a typical Indian marriage were present in each and everything around.  First you do is register yourself on laptops, just like you introduce yourself to other people present in a marriage. And then you go grab a seat for next 5 -7 hrs, sit in a group, talk, and gossip, enjoy and do all that you want to.

The different part of this marriage meet was that most of the people reached the venue ON TIME. Yes, it is a big thing for me. I’ve been attending last few meets with Shivani and she had been late always, thankfully she was on time for this meet. I was accompanied with Shivani, Megha and Gurleen. (The later two are my new blogging friends.) 

Then comes the dance part, on a typical marriage you would dance on Punjabi songs or Hindi songs but, over here you were supposed to dance just on music and do a head-bang. Yeah, limit of craziness.

@IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia stinking environment hampers my romantic nature

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

I was asked if I would like to do a head-bang, I readily said yes; though I had a second thought in my mind, especially when I was almost bald. Doing a head-bang without long hair- sounds weird but then who cares, I did it. And I did it very well. Our very own teacher asked me the first step -when we do a head-bang I said we are supposed to stand up. Following that everybody stood up, it was like those flash mobs. So many people doing the same thing at same time and out of complete randomness. In next five minutes we were given a crash course and following that we all were head-banging experts.

Our teacher

Our teacher

@IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia Logoform – the fracture I had and the hospital visits

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

Ask me: I can now head-bang better than anyone, the teacher is excluded though. I mean for obvious reasons he can do far better than me or anyone among us. [At this very point I felt envy of my teacher. I mean first he could do awesome head-bang and then he had those long hair.   ] Apart from many other folks, Arvind was my partners in crime while head-bang session along with Shwetabh.

Following that our interaction started about who blogs about what and people came up with introductions and especially those who were writing on social issues.  In that room, filled with bright minds, some were doctors, some were students, some were journalist and many of them were full time bloggers.

I met Mahima, missed out on meeting Priyanka once again. Vivek sir was also there and Himdari too


Among them I can remember introductions from GV Sparx and how mentioned that he is missing Akanksha Dureja at the meet. Just like those relatives at marriages saying that “ wo Chandigarh wale bua nai aai”;)

The best part of this meet was dual interactive mode it was working in. On one hand it was all of us talking about our blogs and everything else and on the other hand we all were tweeting, pictures of smelly things, what we blog about and smells that make us nostalgic.

I won a power house for a tweet I made related to a blog post. Another acquaintances of mine Megha, won a tablet for another tweet she made. Many other folks won themselves play stations, Sony smart watches and all-in-one remotes. Shivani, a friend and then a blogger friend also got an opportunity to sit among that man in underwear. Smile Shivani you would be on TV soon. 🙂

This was was really funny

This was was really funny

... and the winner is

… and the winner is

.. Tablet winner :)

.. Tablet winner 🙂

Then came the lunch time, the food was delicious and the company made it more awesome. While lunch I got a chance to speak to Sangeeta mam about how some institutions are still using Windows XP based computers and few more things.  I also meet Pramoita while lunch with whom I had a good discussion about how publishing houses are contacting bloggers for book reviews and other promotional events. We also discussed if we should be charging for such events on our respective blogs.

**** This conversation is been censored. ***

OK. I still hate chocolates, but, other female bloggers like it ;)

OK. I still hate chocolates, but, other female bloggers like it 😉

Bloggers' do need healthy food for healthy writing

Bloggers’ do need healthy food for healthy writing


I then met Sakshi. I spoke to her for 5-7 minutes only but speaking to her was a charm. She is such a humble person. It was my pleasure to interact with her.  [The girl with her, don’t know her name. She was cute too 🙂 ]

Sakshi Nanda, in her Sholay avtar. She is a humble, very humble person to speak to.

Sakshi Nanda, in her Sholay avtar. She is a humble, very humble person to speak to.


We all were also given Ambi Pur samples and some of us, including me even tasted it; quite Literary.

**** Only marriage where guest are given gifts rather then guests giving them to host ****

One of the most innovative thing that happened on this meet was that five minute pause everybody took. The idea was to describe your blog in a posture. Imagine how awesome it looked when 350 folks stood still for five minutes describing how amazing their blogs were and what they and their blogs stands for. I wish we could have clicked an Ariel shoot of this scene. If not anybody else I would surely take a large print of it and put it as a photograph in my house. This very moment was such an extraordinary five minutes for all of us. THIS was the moment when we all were able to express our complete ideology, the reason why we blog. THAT moment was like a soul to our blogs. Proud; very proud. Each one us.

The five minute pause moment

The five minute pause moment

Can’t there be a 12 hr long Bloggers meet ? @RoyalEnfielder any plans? @IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

The most amazing part of this meet were the acts that were  performed by different teams on different themes. Each team was given a theme and they had to prepare an act for three minutes. The best among them was our very own Zombie- Shwetabh. He was so natural, for a second Arvind Sir and I were like is he a real Zombie. 😉

Arvind Sir ! Man of letters

Arvind Sir ! Man of letters

The Zoombie bloggers

The Zoombie bloggers

Other performances were good too; the best won the prize.

In the end when the time came for Vidhai, unlike a typical marriage nobody cried but, left with BIG smiles on their faces. As fresh as a rose and with a note of coming back another day, in wish of another meet filled with awesomeness.

P.S. 1 I know I know number of times I use the word Amazing and Awesome. It’s just that I cannot stop myself doing that. Sometimes it becomes mandatory for me to do that. IndiBlogger ! Keep up the amazing (ness) and awesome (ness)

P.S. 2 Thanks Swati for all the amazing photos, Thanks Anoop for being the best host we could have, Thanks Rennie for making sure my tweets are on that big screen ?, Thanks Vineet for organizing everything so well, Thanks Kartik for making sure everybody gets a chance to speak and get their prizes.

All images on this post are from http://www.facebook.com/indipage until and unless specified otherwise.

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She is young at heart. :)

She is young at heart. 🙂

Aditya Bhasin- Yeah that's me ;)

Aditya Bhasin- Yeah that’s me 😉



A proud, very proud blogger. Standing for our words :)

A proud, very proud blogger. Standing for our words 🙂

Vinnet and Prateek ! entrepreneurs at their best :)

Vinnet and Prateek ! entrepreneurs at their best 🙂

Ambi Pur Facebook page 

…and I Visited a Dentist

Finally, I’ve decided to write about the only thing I am most scared to talk about – dental issues. Yes, I am 23 year old child who is so scared of hearing dental issues that if I hear people around me talking about their dental problems I would either walk away or ask them to stop. The sole reason is because it makes me think of many dental problems I have and the utmost need I have to visit an orthodontist. Going to an orthodontist is BIG no-no for me. I cannot go to see them. These blood sucking people daunt me in my dreams. Mere thinking of them gives me cold feet.

In my childhood, I was among those kids who used to hate brushing their teeth for a simple reason because the toothpaste used to taste weird. I was beaten up, scolded, threatened and even a spoon of red-chilly powder was put into my mouth by my parents. This was the intensity of cruelty I had to face. Almost a decade down the line I realize how much my parents cared for me and why they were so strict with me when it came to brushing my teeth. Today, I write this piece after visiting a dentist for more than 20 times, with 3 major extractions done, 4 cavity removal sessions and ‘recently realized problem’ of gum bleeding.

What all I have been through in terms of my dental problem is itself a moral for me and younger children I have in my family. I often tell my younger cousin who is 7 yrs old that what happens when you do not brush your teeth properly and regularly. For some reasons he chooses to listen to me because he has seen me crying madly over pain in my teeth many times.

Another reason why I am now more worried about my dental problem is because I now see my mother in terrible pain because of dental problems she ignored when she was of my age. She has lost most of her teeth; those lefts are in bad condition. Seeing me into her situation 20 yrs down the line is what makes me shit the bed.

All the dental issues I had ever since my childhood is taking toll on me even today. Just an example I cannot have a bubble gum or éclairs in fact. Why? Because they are sticky and may harm the filling I had to get rid of those cavities.

Check out My Healthy Speak Blog

Troubleshooting Live- My ‘possible’ business venture.

Microsoft Office 365 - IndiBlogger Winner

There are just two things I am good with, blogging and technology. And if I ever had to turn into an entrepreneur then these are the two areas where I would like to excel in. So my plan of business would be simple :- a ‘real-time’ technology blog. A venture where everyone in my team would blog, but, not what they want, something everyone else wants them to blog about.

The idea is that we start an online business named ‘TROUBLESHOOT LIVE’. We would base our complete business online instead of setting up an office or other infrastructure All that my team of five geeks would need is a laptop, a Windows 8 phone , a license to Office 365 and offcource an internet connection. The first step that we take to make a successful venture is setup a website, so rather then hiring a third-party to design a website for us, we choose to do it ourselves using the website builder feature that comes bundled in Office 365. After that website part is done we go ahead and setup a blog on sharepoint or (and) WP.com

And hurray ! We are all set to ‘TROUBLESHOOT LIVE’. Going forward we can start marketing our business, make amazing presentations using Power point, show them to our prospective clients and gain business. Customers who face issues with their computers can fill out a simple form on our website, make the bare minimum payment and they are all set. The form would reach us in less than 15 seconds and the notification about same goes to all our team members via Email on their Outlook and as a ping on their Lync Messengers. After this, one of our team member would communicate to all via Lync and Outlook that he or she would be managing the case.

The geek who manages that case would then go ahead and draft a blog within prescribed duration which then would be shared on our ‘internal sharepoint blog’ where the proof reading part would be done by our other geeks who are also moderators. And then the post goes live on our blog; simultaneously a notification is also sent to all our geeks that the task is complete and they can go ahead and enjoy their sipper of beer. At the same time, an email would be sent out to our customer that the solution has been provided.

The good part here is that the blog post would only be visible to our ‘paid clients’. They can simply login to our blog using their registered Email ids and get the best solution. For those who are not paid clients, they can also access our blog but the posts would be limited to common issues people may face on their computers. Also, because one geek cannot be an expert in one issue we can always collaborate and draft a post which can help our customer. So here is the thing, a possible issue is that a customer is having a black screen as soon as he starts his computer and sees Windows logo. Geek one who is working on this case is not much aware of possible solution. So he can always send an invitation to all other geeks to ‘view and edit’ his word document. The sharing feature is inbuilt in Word 365. The other geeks can contribute their piece of knowledge and draft a solution ASAP. And then the process is repeated. The solution would go on our ‘internal sharepoint blog’ , proofreading would be done and hurray it then goes live on our blog and is visible to our customer.

The way we can make our ‘internal sharepoint blog’ more productive is also very easy and simple. Each day we would post about a recent bug or issue that would be affecting computers across the world. We would have a full length article talking about possible reasons for the issue, solution or a work around. Our team can read this blog and keep themselves updated which in turn brings down our time of solving a possible issue been faced by our customers.

Another way we can help our customers is by taking control of customer’s computer. This can be done via using Lync. Lync has an inbuilt feature of ‘sharing desktop’ apart from other media files. So whenever a customer demands that this needs to be fixed immediately and he/she would not be able to follow the blog post, then the whole geek team comes into picture. We can on one end start a video call with each other and on same time look at the shared desktop of customer; both the things using Lync.

One more way we can make our business a bigger success is ‘Online training’. A lot of people in west do look forward to computer training and HD video conferencing with upto 250 people at one time can make our business more amazing. The ability to send upto 25 MB email to just anyone and store upto 25GB of data for each individual makes things much easier and affordable from a business prospective. Imagine a situation where I can simply upload a 100 MB batch file to fix a prominent Windows update issue to my SkyDrive and later access it just anywhere and giving liberty to my other teams members to do same.

And for those of who have been wondering that where the team of five geeks sit down to write, here is the answer: May be Metro or a coffee shop, or a corner tea stall, or their home terrace or may be my home terrace or their girl (boy) friend home terrace or car, or Activa, or Railway station or airport or temple. And terms of emergency even when they were about to kiss their beloved and suddenly there was a ping on their Lync Messenger:

Customer Name: Anoop

Place: Mumbai

Issue: Unable to print Severity: High

Response time: 20 Minutes.

They still have to write. No matter what. 🙂

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