Was Everyone Born to be a Driver?

I am in 24th year of my life and one thing I have understood well is that one cannot be a jack of all trades. I know it very well that you cannot be a born ‘expert’ in everything. One has to continue the journey of learning, relearning and a lot of times unlearning.

Never ever in my life I have said that I know everything or I can do anything. No. I cannot. We cannot.  In the end I am a human and I need time to learn things and then in occur that learning over a period of time.

In past few days one thing I’ve been learning is driving. And let’s be honest learning driving has taught me that everybody in this world was born to be a driver.  They never learnt how to drive, the just popped out of their mumma’s tummy and started driving their cars across the city and sometimes they were confident enough to even take it on highways.

Whereas I was the ignored child of God and may be that’s why he never taught me how to drive. He let me come into this world of expert drivers and face the shame of not knowing how to drive.

Two months back I took the challenge to learn how to drive from a driving school. The classes lasted for 15 days and after that I thought I can now drive only until I came to reality and tried to drive my new car for the first time. [Yes, new car! J I gifted it to myself this birthday. *proud*]

I sat in car. Put my seat belt. My hands were shaking. I felt as if my heart missed a beat. I was brave enough to put first gear. I released the clutch very slowly. And zoooooooom ! With a jerk engine was turned off. I tried again, same thing happened. Tried again, same thing happened. And then the next time I tried, car moved on. A little too fast for me to judge what happened. Somehow I managed to stop the car within first few meters. I felt a new life then and there.

I thanked God that I did not bang the car anywhere. Then after I came out of my car and locked it. I had no guts to drive again. I was like no I cannot. I don’t want to hurt my car. I will not drive.

Few days later, one of the most experienced car drivers in my locality approached me if I want to learn driving.  To me he is more than a car driver. I knew him since I was five years old. He taught me how to ride a cycle. He taught me how to ride a gear scooter [LML Vespa that I had way back in year 2010]. He taught me how to ride a gear-less scooter [Activa] and now it was time for a car. In totality he was a teacher.

He took in total seven sessions for me. While with him I drove my car well with confidence. He corrected me when I made mistakes and appreciated me when I did things well. He balanced my car when I was going wrong and he scolded me when I did bizarre mistakes.

What hurt me most were the people who ware driving around me. I have never felt so pissed off than this. I have clearly stated on my car that a ‘fool’ is driving. I have put up big learning signs and along with that I always keep my car dipper on so that everyone notices my car and declare to them ‘ohhhh, he is learning’.

Yet, some people are so insensitive that they would keep on honking for no reasons. Like on Steep roads, I fail to move my car on first gear. Because when I leave brakes it moves backward and scares the shit out me that I would bang in from back. And I do not leave breaks and try to release clutch then the engine would turn off for obvious reasons.

People behind me would keep on honking and give me weird looks [something I can see in rear view mirror]. They fail to understand that I am new onto this and I am still learning. It was after driving for around 150 KMS that I understood that on steep roads one should be using handbrakes and then release clutch. [As I said earlier I am still learning].

Then there are some people to whom I would give enough space to over take me and then when they would pass by me they would be give me angry looks :@ . Fish man, I just let you pass by me and then you are giving this angry looks. Jerk. And in most typical sense I would greet them with Delhi’s most favourite verb “Bhos****ka sala, chu****”

Another thing which I noticed was that how shallow a man’s ego is in this city. Whenever my sister would be learning to drive, one or another guy would takeover her after giving that mischief smile.  It pisses me off so much, I mean once again  man, somebody is leaning and you are doing nothing else than demotivating the other person.

And now when both I and my sister is comfortable and confident driving, I make sure she does not let anybody take over her the wrong way. If somebody does, well I make sure that she does same to that person with that same set of smile. 😉

On the other hand I have always been kind to those who have been learning to ride their pillions. I’ve been driving scooters for years now and I am good on that front, but I still learn something new every day.  Because pillion riders usually do not put any learning sign it is still easy for anyone to judge that they are new to this thing. And having said that I always make sure that I give them complete space to ride and be patient with them when they fail to kick start their scooters on red light.

I would also like to thanks those five gracious people who help me when I take my car out from parking or park it again there. These people are angles for me. I make sure that two people stand in front of my car, two are at the back. And the last person is to make sure all other four folks are doing their job fine ;).  (These people are all in addition to reverse parking system and my own presence of mind.)

In the end to all those who still think that those who are learning to drive should not do so or should only drive on open roads. Here is a request: Let’s learn to be sensitive towards those who are still in learning phase and let them take their own time to be an expert like you. And if you find it difficult to cope with new car driving folks on road then please with respect Fuck Off.

P.S. I am not sorry for the F word I used. I mean that; quite literally.  Offence meant; Period.

Important points

1) Drove for around 750 kms in  two last months

2) Banged my car from left side on the 7 th day itself 😦

3) Haven’t taken car for a long drive yet

4) My planned trip with friends to Murthal is still not done

5).. and finally my car : She is love >3

2 thoughts on “Was Everyone Born to be a Driver?

  1. Delhi has been conquered by people like me. some are good, most are bad with the same shallow depth in their ego. I have seen that expression when I was trying to learn to ride a two wheeler! Awsome stack of words bhasin! glad that I was a part of your Murthal trip :p

  2. Hahahaha…I know that feeling well.. Trying to start the car and the engine going off immediately..Driving on steep roads- the brake and clutch problem- I still get stuck with it even though I learnt driving almost 3 years back! Driving on Delhi roads is something I am yet to be comfortable with. 😀
    Good job that you are mastering Delhi roads so soon. I believe, if one can drive smoothly here, they can drive anywhere in the world! Like, truly! 😉

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