Aisle Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya (Swaying Hips, Praying Lips and Flying Tips )


Yeah Yeah I know cover page of this book is riveting and so is what’s inside this cover page. There are not many authors who would please you in their first book itself, but take my words Piparaiya (whose surname is more difficult to pronounce then writing a book itself) has done it in a great manner.

Reading this book would make you inclined towards flying and make your upcoming flying experiences far funnier. Taking this book along is recommended and reading it before you take a flight is far more recommended. The book is divided into many chapters which talks about everything related to air travel. From the moment you get out of your home to take a flight to the moment you reach your destination.

The paperback can also be treated as a new manual to air-travel, like Piparaiya says himself that he is thinking to pitch this book to airlines so that they can keep it with air manuals in their aircrafts. That I believe would be a good idea. Especially in long trips, one must read this book to KILL ALL THE BOREDOM while traveling and come out of that flight with experience of having traveled in more than 300 and so flights.


…Airplanes are equipped with state-of-the-art vacuum flushes that use brute suction power to pull out all the crap. If you operate the flush while still on the pot, there is a huge reasonable chance that your intestines may get ripped out through your ass.

Another good part of the book is the personal and ‘intellectual’ opinion Piparaiya has jotted down in the end of the book. He has mentioned his take on each and everything that may bother one. From Life-to-Technology-to- Economy- to Capitalism and everything else on this planet.  Reading this section is also like running through the complete book once again in ‘just’ few pages.

.. Sneak in a few swigs of alcohol into the baby bottle when no one is looking. A little bit of giggle juice in their system and babies will sleep through the flight like, well, babies. Brandy works best, whiskey or rum is almost as effective, but do avoid tequila shots. It is particularly difficult to get them to lick the salt and suck on a lemon wedge and that too without Mommy noticing

Writing style that Piparaiya has opted for is simple, at least far simpler than air-travel. The book is surely an easy read that can be completed in just one or two sitting and in most hilarious manner.

Take my words folks; this book would change your perception about boring air-travel. This one is amazingly fresh in style and in writing. This is a must recommendation for anyone. Especially, in times when we all are bored of reading soft porn been sold as literature. I managed to complete this book in just two sittings; each and every word that you would read makes you read a little more. Piparaiya has nailed it! This book is a must read. For those who had few travels and for those who are over-traveled. And for those who are dreaming to travel; well in clouds 😉

I am going with five awesome stars for this book.

Rishi Piparaiya is an over-worked and over-traveled corporate executive based in the skies, 38,000 feet over India.

Publisher                          Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year               2013
ISBN-13                            9788184954654
Language                          English
Binding                             Paperback
Number of Pages             216 Pages

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