i10 Story

Few months back IndiBlogger and AmbiPur asked me if I’d like a sample of AmbiPur car freshener. I readily said yes. Though, I had no use of it because car was still a dream by then. I just thought that I will give it over to somebody in my office for his car or may be one or another relative of mine. I even promised them that I will give them as soon as I get one from AmbiPur.

It took quite a lot of time for that car fresher to reach me. May be it was sent from Mars. Jokes apart, it did reach me and I was supposed to give it to one of my friends at office. When I opened the package it smelled well and fresh. No doubt it was good.

I kept that car fresher on my table for few days. Then after, one day I opened it again and smelled again. Just then I had a thought. Why not use it regularly?

But, the point was how I would do that. I obviously cannot use it as room fresher. Thinking over few minutes I said to myself “let’s buy a car”. I know it is one weird idea. I mean buying an AmbiPur when you had a car is justified but buying a car because you have an AmbiPur which is of no use to you is strange. But to me it was quite a radical idea, okay, little weird as well. But somewhere having that AmbiPur did act like a catalyst.

The very next day I went to look for options available in market. It took me complete four days to finalize options. In the end I decided to choose one among i10, Beat, Verna, Brio and Swift. The irony was that though I had looked for all the options available but I was yet to decide about my budget. Yeah, another weird set of idea from my mind. The next day I sat and decided my budget and then I had to cut one name that I loved most from the list. Verna- she is one mesmerizing piece of art. I had loved her the very moment I saw her. But, when deciding budget I had to ditch her. She was way too classy and expensive for me.

After making initial payments, I told me mom that I want to buy a car. Mom said yes, you should. I used my mom as a messenger to talk to my dad. My dad said, it up to you. If you want one you can buy. And then came ‘nuclear bomb’ moment. I told them that I have something to say, they said what? In less than few seconds and in single breath I said “I have made payment for the car already”.

THAT was one epic moment. First they thought I was joking but few minutes of my silence made them understand reality. Both of them gave me WTF expression. The regular scolding started and lasted for a day and then they asked me which car? I said i10. They both looked at me like I just told them that I ran with somebody and got married and she is standing at the door now.

Another five minutes of scolding and they asked when the delivery is. Now this was #MomentOfRelief for me. I now knew they are pretty OK about my decision.

In an attempt to sound funny I told them “the day before I am supposed to be born” that went bad; very bad. Dad was angry like anything hearing this. I believe he had all the reasons to be so. This was 19th August; a day before my birthday.

He said “what? A day before your birthday means today, so you are telling us that the delivery is supposed to be done today?” I said YES.

I just could not stop laughing at that time and they just could not bear that the fact that I was their son. They almost disowned me. Mom was like how could you? You could have at least asked us once about delivery date and so on.





But, somehow things went well and we left to take car delivery. It was a proud moment for my mom-dad. Thankfully I was the reason; yeah, the same son whom they almost disowned few minutes ago.

While we were taking the car out for delivery, the guy at showroom was putting a car fresher in car. I so wanted to stop him but did not do that. As I left from showroom and passed some distance I went ahead to put AmbiPur on AC vent. 🙂

Then after, we left for the most memorable journey. I loved the fragrance of a new car and those plastic covers. On top of it mixed fragrance of AmbiPur smelled brilliant.

Today, when it’s been almost a month that I have a car, AmbiPur is still keeping my car fresh and smell good. The journey’s I am taking on my car smells fresh and likable.

Thanks AmbiPur, without you I would not be having a car of my own.

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