..And It’s all over. (Lost 1 TB of my life)

It was a lazy day yesterday, nothing was lined-up for the day. I was way too fussy about going out, just could not push myself out my room. Been so bored I had nothing to do else then watching some movie on laptop. I got a hold of my laptop and put it on the bed. The next moment I grabbed my external HDD. And at that moment happened the biggest nuclear explosion of my life ! I dropped my HDD on the floor.

Initially I thought, it would be safe. I acted normal and did not panic at that moment. I started my laptop and connected HDD only to find our that it was not been detected by my laptop. NOW THAT WAS A MOMENT OF PANIC FOR ME. I could clearly judge the the platter on hard disk was not moving. Acting smart- may be over smart I went to market to buy a logic board, I had a thought that may be the logic board might be broken or damaged. I came back home and opened my HDD, I was not worried about warranty, data was of more concern.

I went ahead to change the logic board on HDD and tried to gain access it on my laptop, it did not work. I then opened my laptop and took out it’s SATA HDD and used logic board from that HDD on my external HDD- it did not work. I literally cried at that moment. I felt like life ended there.

And now currently, I have no idea about what I am gonna do or what I can do. Life seems difficult now, I mean all my memories, everything was there in that HDD. Life seems incomplete now.

Here is the list of items I lost :

1) more than 200 movies

2) More than 9000 songs

3) Manuscript of the book I was writing

4) Flat images of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

5) Flat images of Office 2003/2007/2010/2013

6) VM ware

7) Other important software’s – more than 150 of them

8) My personal and family photos over last 10 yrs

9) My personal diary that I was writing for last 4 yrs- each day 😦

10) and yeah some porn too πŸ˜‰

The sad part here is that data recovery is an expensive thing- even in Nehru Place. And on top of it, my hard drive was Bit Locker encrypted.

Anybody out there if you know some good data recovery company, please drop a comment. If not anything else, I need item no 3 ,8,9 back. If I get item no 10 back too- that would be icing on cake πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “..And It’s all over. (Lost 1 TB of my life)

  1. Oh Man, :O Really sad. Happened to me last year – couldn’t even recover the data. Now I put the most important docs into CDs & in Clowd. I was in Bangalore that time, So don’t know any company in delhi.

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