Dada by Vibhor Tikiya: Book Review


Title: Dada
Author: Vibhor Tikiya
Publisher: Indra Publishing House
Price: Rs 149
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 301

On Title:
The title of this book is most captivating, once you read the word ‘DADA’ there is an automated thought in your mind that it must be talking about what we call an elder brother in Bengali. The title makes you more inclined to read this book.

There are majorly four characters. Among them DADA is the protagonist. The part, that author missed here is developing the characters completely. Somewhere I believe the characters were not developed the way they could have been.
Story :
Well, it’s a story based in college. Four friends, each one of them are different from other  yet they make up a gang which fights together, booze together, cheat together, and all that once can think of in a college life.
The adventures they go through in their college lives are worth reading. They manage to take you to your own college days and think of things you did in your time. At one point when they were to move apart as the college got over- the scene does make you have tears in your eyes. It takes you back to the days when you were parted with your friends. To me it was a little different. I actually when in to imagine  what would it be like when I would move apart from my office. When the day would come where I would have to say good bye to this awesome team I work with.
The story then after takes a leap and moves to US where only the protagonist is in the picture. This is where the story takes a fairy tale turn. Everything is good. Protagonist gets everything served in a golden plate and is fulfilled by all his wishes coming true.
There is a lot of instances in the book where accepting the events happening become difficult for  you for obvious reasons, how can you you accept that you would NEVER be caught for anything in your college. OR maybe you would get a clean sweep for all your acts. This is the point where book turns out to be be fictional otherwise the book and the story is very simple and can be accepted as a true event of anybody’s college life.

Final Words :

This book is surely an interesting read.  Go grab the book. I am sure you will enjoy reading it.

About the Author

An IIM Ahmedabad and IISc Bangalore alumnus, the crazy author has been around in many conventional fields before he took to writing DADA. For him, the book signifies dreams that never die, friendship that go the distance and unwavering passion and belief.

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