The Big Fat Indian Marriage (read Bloggers meet)

A lazy Saturday afternoon. An invitation on your email. Good clothes to wear. A grand venue. A proud host. A big family. Surety of real amazing fun + good food + so many people + that sense of craziness in you is all it takes to be a part of BIG FAT Indian marriage bloggers meet.

A friend and a blogger friend since First Bloggers meet :)

A friend and a blogger friend since First Bloggers meet 🙂

The other day I along with my extended family of around 350 bloggers were at Hyatt for a bloggers meet which was nothing less than a typical big fat Indian marriage. Anything which is usually a part of one such marriage was present at this meet. It would surely be an understatement if I’d say that THIS WAS A BIG MEET. It was not, rather, it was BIGGEST MEET EVER. The venue was Biggest ever; number of bloggers were maximum that we ever had on a single meet. The prizes were once again biggest that any blogger could ask for- a television ad. (Though that is a different story that bloggers would appear in a television ad with some man in his underwear) but the point is they would appear on television.

Because our host sponsor was Ambi Pur we were counting on a very fresh and smelling- good ambiance and that did happen -the moment we entered the ball room we could sense the freshness and that relaxing fragrance.  From this point onward and for next five hrs it was craziest time we ever had.

Having missed the last meet I could not let this meet go off my hands. #exicted @IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

The elements of a typical Indian marriage were present in each and everything around.  First you do is register yourself on laptops, just like you introduce yourself to other people present in a marriage. And then you go grab a seat for next 5 -7 hrs, sit in a group, talk, and gossip, enjoy and do all that you want to.

The different part of this marriage meet was that most of the people reached the venue ON TIME. Yes, it is a big thing for me. I’ve been attending last few meets with Shivani and she had been late always, thankfully she was on time for this meet. I was accompanied with Shivani, Megha and Gurleen. (The later two are my new blogging friends.) 

Then comes the dance part, on a typical marriage you would dance on Punjabi songs or Hindi songs but, over here you were supposed to dance just on music and do a head-bang. Yeah, limit of craziness.

@IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia stinking environment hampers my romantic nature

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

I was asked if I would like to do a head-bang, I readily said yes; though I had a second thought in my mind, especially when I was almost bald. Doing a head-bang without long hair- sounds weird but then who cares, I did it. And I did it very well. Our very own teacher asked me the first step -when we do a head-bang I said we are supposed to stand up. Following that everybody stood up, it was like those flash mobs. So many people doing the same thing at same time and out of complete randomness. In next five minutes we were given a crash course and following that we all were head-banging experts.

Our teacher

Our teacher

@IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia Logoform – the fracture I had and the hospital visits

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

Ask me: I can now head-bang better than anyone, the teacher is excluded though. I mean for obvious reasons he can do far better than me or anyone among us. [At this very point I felt envy of my teacher. I mean first he could do awesome head-bang and then he had those long hair.   ] Apart from many other folks, Arvind was my partners in crime while head-bang session along with Shwetabh.

Following that our interaction started about who blogs about what and people came up with introductions and especially those who were writing on social issues.  In that room, filled with bright minds, some were doctors, some were students, some were journalist and many of them were full time bloggers.

I met Mahima, missed out on meeting Priyanka once again. Vivek sir was also there and Himdari too

Among them I can remember introductions from GV Sparx and how mentioned that he is missing Akanksha Dureja at the meet. Just like those relatives at marriages saying that “ wo Chandigarh wale bua nai aai”;)

The best part of this meet was dual interactive mode it was working in. On one hand it was all of us talking about our blogs and everything else and on the other hand we all were tweeting, pictures of smelly things, what we blog about and smells that make us nostalgic.

I won a power house for a tweet I made related to a blog post. Another acquaintances of mine Megha, won a tablet for another tweet she made. Many other folks won themselves play stations, Sony smart watches and all-in-one remotes. Shivani, a friend and then a blogger friend also got an opportunity to sit among that man in underwear. Smile Shivani you would be on TV soon. 🙂

This was was really funny

This was was really funny

... and the winner is

… and the winner is

.. Tablet winner :)

.. Tablet winner 🙂

Then came the lunch time, the food was delicious and the company made it more awesome. While lunch I got a chance to speak to Sangeeta mam about how some institutions are still using Windows XP based computers and few more things.  I also meet Pramoita while lunch with whom I had a good discussion about how publishing houses are contacting bloggers for book reviews and other promotional events. We also discussed if we should be charging for such events on our respective blogs.

**** This conversation is been censored. ***

OK. I still hate chocolates, but, other female bloggers like it ;)

OK. I still hate chocolates, but, other female bloggers like it 😉

Bloggers' do need healthy food for healthy writing

Bloggers’ do need healthy food for healthy writing

I then met Sakshi. I spoke to her for 5-7 minutes only but speaking to her was a charm. She is such a humble person. It was my pleasure to interact with her.  [The girl with her, don’t know her name. She was cute too 🙂 ]

Sakshi Nanda, in her Sholay avtar. She is a humble, very humble person to speak to.

Sakshi Nanda, in her Sholay avtar. She is a humble, very humble person to speak to.

We all were also given Ambi Pur samples and some of us, including me even tasted it; quite Literary.

**** Only marriage where guest are given gifts rather then guests giving them to host ****

One of the most innovative thing that happened on this meet was that five minute pause everybody took. The idea was to describe your blog in a posture. Imagine how awesome it looked when 350 folks stood still for five minutes describing how amazing their blogs were and what they and their blogs stands for. I wish we could have clicked an Ariel shoot of this scene. If not anybody else I would surely take a large print of it and put it as a photograph in my house. This very moment was such an extraordinary five minutes for all of us. THIS was the moment when we all were able to express our complete ideology, the reason why we blog. THAT moment was like a soul to our blogs. Proud; very proud. Each one us.

The five minute pause moment

The five minute pause moment

Can’t there be a 12 hr long Bloggers meet ? @RoyalEnfielder any plans? @IndiBlogger #FreshNHappy @AmbiPurIndia

— Aditya Bhasin (@meadityabhasin) July 6, 2013

The most amazing part of this meet were the acts that were  performed by different teams on different themes. Each team was given a theme and they had to prepare an act for three minutes. The best among them was our very own Zombie- Shwetabh. He was so natural, for a second Arvind Sir and I were like is he a real Zombie. 😉

Arvind Sir ! Man of letters

Arvind Sir ! Man of letters

The Zoombie bloggers

The Zoombie bloggers

Other performances were good too; the best won the prize.

In the end when the time came for Vidhai, unlike a typical marriage nobody cried but, left with BIG smiles on their faces. As fresh as a rose and with a note of coming back another day, in wish of another meet filled with awesomeness.

P.S. 1 I know I know number of times I use the word Amazing and Awesome. It’s just that I cannot stop myself doing that. Sometimes it becomes mandatory for me to do that. IndiBlogger ! Keep up the amazing (ness) and awesome (ness)

P.S. 2 Thanks Swati for all the amazing photos, Thanks Anoop for being the best host we could have, Thanks Rennie for making sure my tweets are on that big screen ?, Thanks Vineet for organizing everything so well, Thanks Kartik for making sure everybody gets a chance to speak and get their prizes.

All images on this post are from until and unless specified otherwise.

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She is young at heart. :)

She is young at heart. 🙂

Aditya Bhasin- Yeah that's me ;)

Aditya Bhasin- Yeah that’s me 😉



A proud, very proud blogger. Standing for our words :)

A proud, very proud blogger. Standing for our words 🙂

Vinnet and Prateek ! entrepreneurs at their best :)

Vinnet and Prateek ! entrepreneurs at their best 🙂

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5 thoughts on “The Big Fat Indian Marriage (read Bloggers meet)

  1. Wonderful post. Very creative and I dare say deserving of the number 1 slot. 🙂 But most importantly, did you just call me humble? Hm. Have never heard that for my self before. I have heard ‘prude’ since school time. Does it mean the same? 😛 And the girl with me who was ‘cute too’ is Tanya Anurag. 🙂 Hope you win! 😀

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