Book Review: Complete/ Convenient: Ketan Bhagat : a Riveting Story



Publisher : Srishti Publisher

Price: Rs 195

ISBN 978-93-80349-92-3


“Life is more convenient there, life is more complete here”. From this line is the title of this book been derived . Just one line, yet with full power it describes the complete book itself.

Bhagat’s debut novel is based on lives of Everyman settled in other countries living behind not only a country that needs them, but, also a family, some friends, emotions, liberty, satisfaction and that sense of ‘ “I was complete there’.”

First views

400 pages! That’s a huge number. This was my first reaction on the book. We all are now habitual of reading 250-280 pages fiction novel, thus, this initially comes like a shocker. But when you read this book, you would realize within first 50 pages that how well detailed this book is; a book well written in complete leisure.

“Only Kabir noticed that she didn’t touch any male member’s feet. Just went close enough to their feet and when her fingers were inches away, she moved back. So typical of Myra, touch me not!”


The protagonist of this story is Kabir and Myra. Both settled in India. Their lives were going pretty well when one sudden day an opportunity strikes the door and makes it impossible for Kabir to turn it down. Then after, they both marry, and fly for their ‘well dreamt’ foreign life.

Bhagat takes you through their complete journey in most simple yet thought-provoking manner.

This book does not necessarily shows NRIs in high lights nor does this book makes them play the role of victim. We may agree that this book is a work of fiction but, Bhagat has certainly taken a lot of his own “NRI Experience” and put it into words. This book has all into it- the Punjabi weddings and all the glamour added to it and the sad part of Sydney and ‘proclaimed’ modern life.

Book is written in third person and is divided among three chapters. Describing the journey from Mumbai to Delhi to Sydney, further the stay in Sydney and the journey of coming to home.

Why (who) should (you) read?

This book is actually meant for everyone; an egoist, an egotist, an altruist, an introvert, an extrovert, an ambivert, a misanthrope, a misogynist, a misogamist and an ascetic. For anyone who ever thought that settling down in abroad is a life changing experience; this book would change your perception.

This book can also be an eye opener for those NRIs who are settled in other countries and are delaying their decision to come back to their country.

Funny and weird notes

“A popular Diwali sparkler, shaped like a rod, it produces a flickering fountain of colorful glitters that hummingly crawl towards the other end.”

Well, this is how the author describes phuljhari. It was like been explained to an alien over the phone.

“..Uncles taking aunts to Murthal dhabas for Karvachauth” The mere mention of Murthal makes me so close to this book. #TrueDelhite.

“The arrival was meaningful for him, not India. India had moved on. “”I missed you”” Kabir accidently mumbled to India. “”Liar !  You yourself left me… willingly, excitedly !”” India replied honestly, “”But don’t worry. I am doing fine without you. In infect , much more than fine.”” A shiver of guilt and possessiveness passed through Kabir.

“He looked down at the newspaper…….Rajnikanth” pg. 172. This was the most strange section. I felt as if I am reading a year compiled newspaper. It had all the major stories of the year into it.

In comparison to Chetan Bhagat

I need to be honest here. I personally did not like author’s idea of mentioning Chetan Bhagat’s name everywhere; from email to interview to books to everything. Somewhere it was a thumb down for me.

Many of you may not agree with me on this point but, this is my idea. On my end I did not choose to read this book because it was written by Chetan Bhagat’s brother but because it was a book written a man who has already experienced what he is going to write.

To me Ketan Bhagat was just an author- no one’s brother; no one’s nothing.

But still, if I have to judge both their works. I have to appraise Ketan for the tremendous job that he has done. His writing skills are invigorating and captivating. His choice of words were brilliant and elegant.

Unlike the other Bhagat’s work this book is not just a fiction. It is a good fiction; a book that would stay in your minds for a long time. Ketan has certainly crossed the benchmark his brother was able to set over few years.

Chetan Bhagat would surely envy his brother for breath-taking success his brother is going to have very soon.

Final Words

Though the author would himself deny, but, this book is more like an autobiography. Author takes his readers through different phases of his life, his feelings, emotions and his sense of belongingness to everything. As you read the introduction of author on first page of book and then read the book itself you would start relating the author with the characters and events.

This is book is here to stay for long and so is the author. From the first book itself one can judge his mastery with words and how playful he can be with them. Undoubtedly, his writing is powerful.

Big hands up for Ketan; this book is likeable and a must read. Brilliant job done.


About Author: Ketan Bhagat is a thirty-something common man, who stands out as uncommon owing to his mastery with words, smart sense of humour and lively demeanour  The art of storytelling seems to be in his genes.


10 thoughts on “Book Review: Complete/ Convenient: Ketan Bhagat : a Riveting Story

  1. Hi Aditya, thanks for your review. Even bigger thanks for your kind words. Very encouraging and reassuring.

    To your ‘ regular follower and six sigma friend ‘, I am chetan bhagat’s real brother and not a fake. But as aditya said in his review, does my name really matter? What matters is my work. So it’s ok if you don’t believe me to be a real person or bhagat… Just read my book and give comment on the work

    • Hey Ketan,
      I apologize if you felt offended and i do appreciate the way you have handled my bold (may be rude ) words however as far as my awareness tells me i have never heard Chetan stating about you or your presence .In fact even when i search at Google i see just few articles that state about Bhagat siblings.

      Anyways yeah the bottom line is “the book” even if you are not Chetan’s bro your work is what matters.Best of luck for future ventures.

  2. Ahan !! You will give me the copy my dear…when you say so many good things about this (fake guy) writer you have to provide me a copy too 😉

  3. give me the book too..let me go through this fiction sibling of chetan bhagat,whom i ma sure is the only kid of his parents….

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