What was She Ashamed of?

She sat there in one corner accompanied with a male friend. She was wearing a pink top with that
glitzy design on it and shorts that suited her most. She looked beautiful in that. The visible glow
on her face was speaking for itself that how happy she was at that time. I guessed that the male
friend might be her beloved; realizing that I had all the reasons to envy him. They both looked in
their 20s and had their college bags sitting silently right next to them. They were sitting close to
one another, just like any other couple would sit like. I was somewhere mesmerized looking at the
girl, she was a pure beauty. Her face was like an undecipherable dream: too simple and to straight
to make any sense.

It was almost evening time, and sun was about to set, the cold breeze in December was setting the
mood of all present there. I could see so many faces around, most of them were couples. Enjoying
the cold weather I decided to run a little more extra that day. It was a regular habit for me to go
for a running session at this place but, today was something different. My timings were changed.
Unlike always, I was present there in evening instead of early morning. May be that is why I could
see so many faces [read couples] around. I had my ear phones plugged in with Honey Singh been
played, the volume was too high for me to hear anything else. I kept running and after a couple
of rounds I sat down on a bench there. To make a call, I took off my earphones only to hear some
sounds which were unusual to be heard at that place. These were those rare arousal sounds that
one would usually hear between four walls. Some were in high pitch and some in low. I could hear
heavy breathing sounds too. I was somewhere aware of what possibly was going on behind me
and those shabby looking bushes. I just wanted to be sure of what I heard.

Like nothing happened, I left from that bench, with my ear phones plugged in and started to run
again. By now it was quite dusky but with enough visibility. Intentionally I took the track which
would take me exactly opposite of those bushes I heard sounds from. I was there, looking at
those bushes. I could see a couple there. They were close, very close. I could see that the boy was
not wearing a shirt and female version of same piece of cloth was also missing from that girl’s
body. She was half nude. I was little bit ashamed of what I saw. It was an unusual scene for me;
especially beyond by bed room.

I could see their tongues, met and fought urgently like two sparrows fighting over the first piece
of morning bread. I could see when he cupped her breasts. For a moment she gave a loud moan.
I was breathless for a second. Was this all happening in real or was it all my imagination. But
the very next second I realized it was not my imagination. With me were standing another set of
people who were astonished looking at the intimate love making scene in front of them.

As the couple broke their kiss, I saw the face of the girl. She was the same girl I saw sometime
ago. But the beauty and purity on her face was missing by now. The couple looked at me and
other people around but seemed like it did not matter to them that other people were looking at
them. Boy took the girls face and started to kiss her again, followed by girls hand running over
her man’s bare chest. A lot happened in next ten minutes, by now I was wondering of what was
happening and at same time trying to avoid looking at the couple. In moments time I could see
something like kissing frogs. I was ashamed by now but, not the couple. They continued their job
and I left.

It was a coincidence that when I was leaving from this place, I saw this couple too leaving from
there. We had an eye contact for a fraction of second. I gave a flat look whereas on the other hand
they seem to be OK with what I saw and what they just got over doing. I could read on their faces
that it did not matter to them at all what happened and who saw what.

But something strange and unusual happened when they came out of this place. The guy took his
bike and girl walked till the gate. The moment they crossed that wall of shame things changed
drastically. The girl now had her face covered with a handkerchief. I was amazed to see this. I

was questing myself on what I just saw. A young lady who was seen intimate with her boyfriend
just few minutes ago by everyone felt the need to cover her face. So suddenly and in such

When she was there inside, near those bushes, half-naked. Been looked by so many strangers,
moaning in a public place, feeling the pleasure of man running all over her body- she felt no
shame. Nor did the man feel any shame but the moment they were back into normal life they felt

The girl then had a handkerchief around her face; the boy had a helmet on his face. On bike they
sat as close to each other as they could. There was even no space for air to pass.

What was it all about? Was this girl so bold that she could let her man run over her all in public
and not face the other set of public seeing her sitting on a bike with her male friend? Was this
man such a coward that he could see himself and his girlfriend become an object of laugh among
public but not been identified by other set of public?

I kept standing there, thinking. Thinking about the mere fact that how things work in this open
society. A young girl who looked beautiful can shed of her shame when across a wall and fight for
the same nature of shame when crosses that wall. With all dark around including my thoughts. I
am yet to find an answer of What She Was Ashamed of?

P.S: With this post I am not trying to raise finger on any female in terms of been shameful or
anything of that sought. My idea is far bigger then that. All I want to point out with this post is
how perception of an individual changes and how mindset can differ in two different situations.
If anyone thinks that the post is defamatory, please feel free to leave that as a comment or send an
email across.

[If you have a suggestion or feedback or a word of appreciation or if you think this blog sucks
please drop an email at [adityabhasin81] @ gmail. [Com] or [A] [@] adityabhasin.in. I would be
pleased to hear from you folks and improve on that feedback.

19 thoughts on “What was She Ashamed of?

  1. Nice Blog!!!
    I am no going so deep to answer your question because i think none has satisfied you yet and won’t be.
    You are still finding the right one, i believe. 🙂

  2. Hello,

    Its really nice the way you express…. would like to add some thoughts to your blog. The girl who was in bushes that was a moment of luv for her which she cannot make at home because people living near by here will not except this going on in there neighborhood, at home most of us know that a girls family acts as over possessive people around her , to make her safe they restrict them to be alone with a guy…..
    So where they find a place to share a moment they share it, but before going home just to make sure that nobody watched her coming there or leaving she put the scarf around her face… so that she can hide this from her society and family.

  3. She was afraid of the pseudo-moral society she lives in. She too is a part of it. The truth is we Indians think about sex all the time, are quite involved in it unashamedly. But, we are ashamed to accept it. We live in denial. The people in the land of Kamasutra, have started pretending they don’t do sex anymore.

    • Hello Deepika,

      Love to hear from you !

      Your thoughts are something worth appreciating, but, on the other hand the question here is slightly different. What she was doing inside the park in front of many men and many women. The couple did all they could, without a sense of shame. To me it was an act of sheer stupidity. I mean doing something like kissing frogs in front of public, and making a show of your own self is weird.

      What you mentioned is true, no doubt on that. We as Indians are hypocrite when it comes to accepting that having sex, making love is part if any living organism.

      Feel free to revert back if you think otherwise.

      Aditya Bhasin

  4. Hah! I don’t think that’s ‘shame’ or anything like that! It’s just dust and pollution. Lots of girls cover their faces when they hop on to a two wheeler. That way, they don’t look like a squished leaf by the time they reach their destination!

    Engaging story nevertheless!


    • Hello Mate !

      Thanks for dropping by. Well, I still think other way as you think. I could sense that fear of being caught by somebody known. Though the logic you mentioned is not wrong but was not applicable in this scenario.

      I am here to discuss more if it interests you. 🙂

      Aditya Bhasin

  5. Well-written, made a good read. I do think you are over reacting though…the girl might as well have used her hanky to protect her face from dust! The boy could have worn the helmet to protect his brain in case he got involved in a bloody accident!
    Besides, you think you can just add a PS and state that you do not intend to raise a finger on any female? My pea brain fails to see what ‘far bigger’ idea you had in mind.
    She lost her beauty and purity simply because she indulged in carnal pleasure(like any healthy, uninhibited adult) in (I also do have my reservations about this part) public?!! Surely, your gift for words can be put to better use? 🙂

    • Hello !

      Much thanks for an honest comment. Do appreciate that. 🙂

      I choose not to accept the ‘dust’ logic. It was really not applicable in this scenario. My far bigger idea was that how come we can indulge in something so private in front of everyone and then be ashamed of what we did. And yes, I do feel that respect I had for her beauty was lost when I saw her doing ‘that’ in public. It is unacceptable to me at all stages.

      Feel free to revert back if you still differ to my take.

      -Aditya Bhasin

  6. Well..i am kinda surprised to get this bold post from you,but i guess the i got the idea behind it….thats what you usually talk about,and believe too…..

  7. As the matter of fact Adi!! its just depend upon the mentality…….to be continued….

    as m busy in office work but was really eager to read your post so grab the chance and read it and wanna leave my comment (so big) but due to my tight schedule cant right much so will do it later. 🙂

      • HEy adi, all sort of stuffs happen when two people really wants to get intimate and were not able to control their feelings….. They knew what they are doing at public place but rest they leave it cauz that doesn’t matter at that time, being of their supreme frame of mind.

        The second point you had raised about that the shame girl shows after such things,, was not a shame its just an epitome to show the world as they never understand their feelings. Or sometimes its due to this mass allergic society which brutally kills the feelings of the same to make them inherent….

        Hope i clear my words!!!!

  8. I am unable to understand the point here. I mean there is a place for everything. One can’t do stuffs they do in bathroom in public. Also one can’t do similar things they do in bedrooms, in public. The girl had a handkerchief around her face and the boy had a helmet, not because they were ashamed of themselves. It’s only because the society is not matured enough to understand their feelings. Like in case if U smoke or drink, U would not do that in front of ur parents, right? It’s just out of our culture we do like that and culture can’t prevent someone to enjoy the most basic and natural kind of happiness. And if you ask “why park?” You tell the answer,”Is there any other place where this young couple can enjoy?”

    • Hey,

      You seem to talk sense. No doubt,but, is this appropriate that we do things which are ‘very private’ in public; like in a park? I mean we can always have a hotel room. They do not come very costly these days.

      About the society part that you mentioned, I think otherwise. I don’t think anybody would have raised a finger if saw them on a pillion. It would have went unnoticed unlike in case of ‘making out’ in public.

      Let’s connect again if you think we need to talk more on this. 🙂

  9. it’s just a lust that made them to do so. I have seen such couples… They find relationship is a thing that allows them to get intimate with the person. In the presence of lust, their true feelings of love are missing. It’s very common nowadays….

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