Book Review: Smart Phones Dumb People by Parthajeet Sarma

For the first time when I looked at the book cover I thought it would talk about how technology has made people dumb. Well, in some instances it does talk about the said thing but in a broader prospective this book is all about how technology can help us address many issues that seem to prevail around us and in our lives.

The main focus of book is on how entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship can help us eradicate many issues from our ever expanding cities. Sarma has also shared some of social enterpenuer stories, that inspires you to take that little step towards bringing a difference to the society.

The most important aspect that Sarma pointed out in this book is how computer and phone have become integral part of our lives and not having any of these in our life would make things so difficult. This does raise a question on the kind of life we are living. No doubt that technology is important and an eminent part of anyone’s life but, the way technology is over taking our lives for wrong reason is something one needs to worry about.

Sarma, who is an innovator and an entrepreneur, has touched the base of what he is best at; technology and innovation along with other important elements which are linked directly or indirectly.

It is worth reading for anyone who is looking to read something different and directly from horse’s mouth about various aspects that included innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, priorities and corruption.

This non-fiction is a fresh and an easy read among all those fiction books we read almost everyday. The idea is good but could have been presented in a far better manner. But for the first book, author deserves a word of appreciation.

Part of India and the World live in the 21st century whereas parts live in 19th century. Whilst many of us live in times ruled by smartphones and the internet, millions go without easy access to basics like water and electricity


About Author: Sarma is an award winning innovator and successful entrepreneurs. A fan of free market and technology, he likes writing and talking about holistic approaches towards addressing base of the pyramid issues.


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