Book Review: How I got Lucky: Farhad J. Dadyburjor


A well drafted satire on how entertainment industry works in Mumbai, the city of shining lights.

The protagonist of the book is Raman, 35 and confused about his sexuality. He is a journalist and covers the Page 3 stuff in Mumbai. We also have other characters who play an equally important role throughout the book from a lesbian photographer to a male model who would satisfy his male clients over the internet.

This book is a raunchy and a racy narration of how the industry works. From bisexual man to actors who would spread rumors about his own death before the release of his movie. This book has all into it. It makes you laugh a lot of times, but sometimes it makes you feel sick ; especially, if you are not among those who would enjoy same-sex pleasure.

In general terms this book does not have anything new into it. It is the old story of how things work in entertainment industry. It is just the prospective which is new. Sometimes when you would read through a character you would yourself think about one or another person from industry. It may look as if author is talking about a specific person indirectly.

The elements of dark humour is very prominent through out this book. And so was the reality of how a newspaper works. This Book is a clear pun on newspapers that would run news stories for selected clients who decide to book advertisements slot in their newspapers.

I was with lucky. Lucky star. He showed me what he was wearing to the Cannes Film festival. He has  given me an exclusive.

A well written novel by a person with huge experience of writing. The first book by Dadyburjor is worth the read.



About Author: Dadyburjor has been an entertainment and lifestyle journalist for over 14 years, having extensively covered the worlds of fashion, Bollywood, society and culture. He has been the Launch Editor of FHM India as well as part of the start up team of DNA After Hrs, and is currently a Consulting Editor with Hi Blitz. How I got Lucky is his first book. He lives in Mumbai.

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