Troubleshooting Live- My ‘possible’ business venture.

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There are just two things I am good with, blogging and technology. And if I ever had to turn into an entrepreneur then these are the two areas where I would like to excel in. So my plan of business would be simple :- a ‘real-time’ technology blog. A venture where everyone in my team would blog, but, not what they want, something everyone else wants them to blog about.

The idea is that we start an online business named ‘TROUBLESHOOT LIVE’. We would base our complete business online instead of setting up an office or other infrastructure All that my team of five geeks would need is a laptop, a Windows 8 phone , a license to Office 365 and offcource an internet connection. The first step that we take to make a successful venture is setup a website, so rather then hiring a third-party to design a website for us, we choose to do it ourselves using the website builder feature that comes bundled in Office 365. After that website part is done we go ahead and setup a blog on sharepoint or (and)

And hurray ! We are all set to ‘TROUBLESHOOT LIVE’. Going forward we can start marketing our business, make amazing presentations using Power point, show them to our prospective clients and gain business. Customers who face issues with their computers can fill out a simple form on our website, make the bare minimum payment and they are all set. The form would reach us in less than 15 seconds and the notification about same goes to all our team members via Email on their Outlook and as a ping on their Lync Messengers. After this, one of our team member would communicate to all via Lync and Outlook that he or she would be managing the case.

The geek who manages that case would then go ahead and draft a blog within prescribed duration which then would be shared on our ‘internal sharepoint blog’ where the proof reading part would be done by our other geeks who are also moderators. And then the post goes live on our blog; simultaneously a notification is also sent to all our geeks that the task is complete and they can go ahead and enjoy their sipper of beer. At the same time, an email would be sent out to our customer that the solution has been provided.

The good part here is that the blog post would only be visible to our ‘paid clients’. They can simply login to our blog using their registered Email ids and get the best solution. For those who are not paid clients, they can also access our blog but the posts would be limited to common issues people may face on their computers. Also, because one geek cannot be an expert in one issue we can always collaborate and draft a post which can help our customer. So here is the thing, a possible issue is that a customer is having a black screen as soon as he starts his computer and sees Windows logo. Geek one who is working on this case is not much aware of possible solution. So he can always send an invitation to all other geeks to ‘view and edit’ his word document. The sharing feature is inbuilt in Word 365. The other geeks can contribute their piece of knowledge and draft a solution ASAP. And then the process is repeated. The solution would go on our ‘internal sharepoint blog’ , proofreading would be done and hurray it then goes live on our blog and is visible to our customer.

The way we can make our ‘internal sharepoint blog’ more productive is also very easy and simple. Each day we would post about a recent bug or issue that would be affecting computers across the world. We would have a full length article talking about possible reasons for the issue, solution or a work around. Our team can read this blog and keep themselves updated which in turn brings down our time of solving a possible issue been faced by our customers.

Another way we can help our customers is by taking control of customer’s computer. This can be done via using Lync. Lync has an inbuilt feature of ‘sharing desktop’ apart from other media files. So whenever a customer demands that this needs to be fixed immediately and he/she would not be able to follow the blog post, then the whole geek team comes into picture. We can on one end start a video call with each other and on same time look at the shared desktop of customer; both the things using Lync.

One more way we can make our business a bigger success is ‘Online training’. A lot of people in west do look forward to computer training and HD video conferencing with upto 250 people at one time can make our business more amazing. The ability to send upto 25 MB email to just anyone and store upto 25GB of data for each individual makes things much easier and affordable from a business prospective. Imagine a situation where I can simply upload a 100 MB batch file to fix a prominent Windows update issue to my SkyDrive and later access it just anywhere and giving liberty to my other teams members to do same.

And for those of who have been wondering that where the team of five geeks sit down to write, here is the answer: May be Metro or a coffee shop, or a corner tea stall, or their home terrace or may be my home terrace or their girl (boy) friend home terrace or car, or Activa, or Railway station or airport or temple. And terms of emergency even when they were about to kiss their beloved and suddenly there was a ping on their Lync Messenger:

Customer Name: Anoop

Place: Mumbai

Issue: Unable to print Severity: High

Response time: 20 Minutes.

They still have to write. No matter what. 🙂

Feel free to read #MeetOffice365 IndiBlogger Blogger meet here.

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6 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Live- My ‘possible’ business venture.

  1. I guess we all would be part of 5 geek team working with you in it………….

  2. HEY Aditya. M proud of you!!!!

    GOD BLESS YOU for your new business you are launching soon.

    As m happy to know the fact and also after reading your blog (so much interesting) full of technology and new vocabs, m looking forward for your professional website. Like you business concept and idea you had implemented to grow in your life as an Interpreneur instead of just only a known faced man life.

    Keep blogging dear.. 🙂

    • Hello Vrinda,

      Well, that does motivates me well. 🙂 But, I am actually not starting this business as of now. This is more of an idea but I am pretty sure turning it into a reality would not be a difficult task. I may do that soon. Very soon. 🙂

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