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Yeah ! Yeah ! That’s exactly what I shouted when I saw that there was yet another blogger meet in Delhi. The excitement was more high when I found out that Microsoft was the lead partner for this meet. I was there at the meet with my friends Ankita and Shivani. And was counting to meet Arvind sir, Arvind Mohan, Prateek Sir and many other fellow bloggers. The first thing that welcomed us at the meet was that big smiles from IndiTeam at registration tables and that “Hey Buddy” hug from Vineet. First thing that was noticed by Vineet sir and Prateek sir was my T-Shirt, yes I have now got a personalized T-Shirt with my blog name on it. 🙂 Vinnet sir asked me that I should wear the IndiBlogger-Microsoft T-Shirt, to which I said NO ! not today 😉

The two most important motives of this meet was to bring the 300 finest bloggers of Delhi together and talk about Microsoft Office 365. We all have used Microsoft Office, but, did you ever thought of streaming your Office on just any device in world? Yeah, stream like a YouTube video. Well, that’s exactly what Office 365 does for you. Perfectly. The idea of brining everything onto one screen is what I liked most. For an example, if I would have been writing this blog post on Office 365 or Office 2013 I would not have to switch screens to search more about Office 2013 on Bing. I would have done that by simply staying on this screen and see Office does all the good work for me. Same goes for the other apps that are inbuilt in office that makes me do a word-meaning search on again without moving an inch from my MS Word screen. The collaboration feature is yet another killer thing about Office 365, I can invite people directly from my document where they can edit and view the document, The information about these people is once again available to me on same screen with a single click and no hassle. And even after so much onto a single screen, the interface looks clean and clutter free and that’s one thing I like THE most.

Prateek Sir

Prateek Sir

The ’30 seconds of fame’ is what I enjoyed most like always, thankfully, I was among those who got an opportunity to speak. The good part was I felt no need of saying my name this time. I was confident that most of the people present there would know my name already. 🙂 I did not prepare in advance what I wanted to speak so I managed to talk a little about what I blog and also made sure that everyone notices my T-Shirt. On the other hand I so wanted Shivani to speak while 30 seconds of fame, she was so scared of it and I was so happy seeing her like that. I wish next time she does get that opportunity. The fun activities we had this time were taken to another level. As a token of appreciation we had T-Shirts, mouse and cash along with stones been given away. Really. Cash and stones were given away. And must not miss out to mention that I won myself two T-Shirts and a Microsoft Arc Mouse. As I am now using the mouse, I can tell it works perfect, even across the walls. Thumbs up it ! [FYI: This is the first time I am using a wireless mouse] For me the importance of these T-Shirts is greater than anything. It makes me feel proud. The first T-Shirt I got was at HP meet followed by Spice and two of them today. I have always cherished them and take my words, kind of happiness wearing these T-Shirts gives me is greater than even stepping on moon. These T-Shirts make feel so proud.

Boss of winning contests and flaunting his camera. ;)

Boss of winning contests and flaunting his camera. 😉

What Office 365 brings for bloggers like me is the in-built WordPress and other blogging site integration. So next time when I blog I do not have to login to I can simply write my post, click on publish and hurray its done ! The instant messaging app inbuilt in Office 365 is what makes the package more exiting. I can use Lync to integrate my contacts across all the devices and also know the current status of what other folks are doing. For an example : In my office, If I plan to extend by lunch, I can simply keep a track of my boss’s lync status from my phone. So that I know I am safe till the time the status says “In a meeting or on a conference call” 🙂 Not forget that you have an option of Video chat too.

Completely Boss
Office 365 adds more power to the Office you already know and use by making it easier to communicate and collaborate with others. It gives you virtually anywhere access to the Microsoft Office tools you know and rely on, plus business-class IT services that are easy to administer. All of this allows teams to work in a new way, and owners to transform how they run their business. Completely connected. Completely synchronized. Completely Boss.


We all enjoyed our ‘Indiblogger-Anthem’ ” We are D.N.T.” “D.N.T.” “We are Dynamites” the lines are so powerful. After all it is the blogging that gives us the power of a dynamite. And the “Hur-Hur” game is another thing we all enjoyed. The level of enthusiasm was far more than any other meet, I don’t know why that might be ! may be the ambience and the place was one reason. But, whatever it be, it was all for good. Our yogest blogger Piyush did match the steps with IndiTeam. The luckiest person in the lot today was Anukriti . She won herself a Nokia Lumia phone for the tweet embedded below. Congratulations to her. There was one guy who won Five-thousand bucks ! Lucky man ! Microsoft team was way too generous today, which makes me mention that they also gave away cash prizes for doing push-ups and drinking beer. The day ended with group photos and happy faces, alot of them actually. As a matter of fact I did not wanted to leave from that place, it was Shivani and Ankita who actually forced me to leave. But before that we had a pretty nice discussion with Arvind sir and Sangeeta ma’m. These guys are a gem to speak to you. Polite and humble. Respect for the couple.

Another thing that makes me more happy is that for the first time IndiTeam was generous enough to click my photos, they never do that. 😦 But this time they did and they did that in pretty decent number. I can see alot of myself on their Facebook page. 🙂 *happy-child I am *. Also, the number of people I connected at this meet was highest ever, I may not have met them all personally but, yes we were able to connect On Facebook, Twitter, Blog after the meet. And I am sure we all shall meet each other in-person at next meet. Till then we are all in cloud.
The venue was BlueFrog, I liked the place, especially because it was different, way too different from our previous meets. They had enough beer for everyone, and less soft-drinks for folks like myself. On food platter they had few things but, could have been better. Especially because most of the items were non-vegetarian.

From a great place to great people to a great product this meet had it all. And it would not be an under statement if I say that this was one of the most awesome meet IndiBlogger ever organized.

Hats off to IndiBlogger team. Anoop, you always rock man! Vineet, keep up the enthusiasm always ! Rennie, its high time you come in lam light 🙂 and to that cute lady who take photographs at all IndiBlogger meets, ma’m you are beautiful. *shy*. For the Microsoft folks, guys thanks for the day. Microsoft has been an eternal part of our lives for ages and it continues to be. There is no doubt that Office 365 – ‘on the clouds’ makes me a more loyal customer. (Confession : The day I buy a MacBook, Windows 8 and Office 2013 is what I am going to use on it. Its just the hardware part I love about Mac 🙂 ) Keep on calling us for these amazing meets and we would keep on spreading the love and the word about how awesome Microsoft makes your life ‘in the cloud’. Kudos.

Complety Boss

Complety Boss

5 thoughts on “Microsoft #MeetOffice365 Blogger’s meet ! with

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  2. Amazing 🙂
    and thanks for mentioning my name in your blog post, because it’s almost equal to those 30 seconds of fame. And I promise i will not let you down and definitely i will speak.
    And we are going for the next meet together. 😀

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