RingTheBell- IndiBlogger.in’s Blogger Meet

Finally, a day that makes me feel that I am also a part of something legendary was here. Throughout the year, I wished for an Indiblogger’s meet and for almost 2 months now I was counting for it almost every day; especially when there were recent meets in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. I was pretty sure that one is soon coming to Delhi. And to add to it all, I made IndiBlogger’s meet page as my homepage on my phone. I just wanted to be sure that I do not miss out on registering for one of these meets.

This was my third IndiMeet with the excitement level of just like the first meet. This time I was accompanied by a friend first and then a blogger- Shivani. She was at the blogger’s meet for the first time ever.  The venue was British Council, a meet in an open space for the first time.  As the day proceeded, I realized why it was in open space and not in ball room of some hotel.

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The first thing I realized was that it was not specifically ‘Bloggers meet’ especially when compared to the other meets. It was like you were there to be a part of something more social and interactive than a bloggers meet. It was an initiative named Ring The Bell by Breakthrough. In our previous meets, it was all about ‘US’ but this event was something different. This event was not something I was going to regret of attending or anything of that sought. This evening was one that I was going to remember always like all the other blogger’s meets.

We started the day with registering ourselves and then looking at that big screen to see our names been displayed as ‘Aditya Bhasin walked in 3 seconds ago’ and the good part was that my tweet was already there on that screen. I mean I was not counting it so early! And to add it, the first conversation that started on stage was with my tweet. [Happy Child]. Anoop, from IndiBlogger was reading some of the tweets and the first tweet he mentioned about was mine. I waved everyone with a big smile on my face. 🙂 The second tweet that was read was of Shivani, but, she was way to hesitant to raise her hand and let everyone know that IT WAS SHE who tweeted that.

As I was counting I meet Prateek sir, Arvind Mohan and Mahima. The fun was ‘tweet-hide-and-seek’ that I and Priyanka played. She was tweeting where I was? And I was giving her all fake locations within the venue. I gave her a task to find me but she could not. 😉 Now the task is pending for next meet, may we find each other? 🙂

While all the other fun things were going on we had a serious discussion on portrayal of masculinity, on the panel we had Sonali Khan, Rahul Bose and other eminent personalities. The bone of contention was if men in our society portrayed way too much beyond the idea of ‘being man’. Rahul Bose raised some valid points stating that why we should teach men to cry, to express, to let things go and not carry that attitude that ‘Men do not cry’.

Going forward we had an unimaginable presentation of monologue by Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal. She read ‘Vagina Monologues Script’ from a play by Eve Ensler. The text she was reading was translated in Hindi. Hearing very few lines I could now judge how amazing the writing was and how strong the impact of those words was. I may have missed some words, but I could not take my ears of ‘Vagina Monologues’ they were spectacular.

The other performance of the day was by a band named ‘Sawarthma’ from Bangalore. THESE GUYS WERE CRAZY MAN. I mean one was wearing retro clothes, other was wearing a suit, the drummer had a traditional Kurta, another guy was wearing green pants and green glasses, or shades, or whatever and the lead vocalist was wearing some weird stuff with those MANY-COLOR-CANVAS-SHOES-AND-HAD WEIRD-HAIR-STYLE. But they were awesome, I do not like rock music, I do not even know if what they played there was rock or something, but yes it was enjoyable to all the possible extent. [Confession: I did tap my feet]. If I ever get an opportunity to visit their concert, I am going for sure.

It was then time for Anushka Shanker’s performance. For the first time I was seeing her playing and otherwise too. Moreover I was seeing any classical performance for the first time. The first thing that I mentioned after seeing here was “She is beautiful”. And like icing on cake, when she played, it was mesmerizing. And not only was her, the person who played flute also very good. It was a performance I was looking forward to and it did match all my expectations.

Another reason why I feel I am part of something more than legendary is ‘IndiChange’ it is a brain-child of Anoop, from IndiBlogger.in. The idea of IndiChange.org is to bring all sought of socials causes and activists on a single platform and adding the power of writing to it. I support it with full devotion. Let’s bring the change! Let us change! Let me change!

Like all the meets this one too was well organized, but a lot of us missed that ‘real’ blogger meet that we always had. But, then one other hand we all agreed that these kinds of meet are also important. One has to think beyond ones own comfort zone. Till date we were meeting for our own good and being more social. This time we met to take a pledge` and to #RingTheBell against domestic violence. Much enjoyed.

The day was great, I came out thrilled and yes with a strong message of standing against domestic violence. And in the end I am now looking forward to next IndiBlogger meet!

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