We Live in a World Raised by Women. Let’s respect that

The whole discussion about women empowerment, respect for them in society, movements against domestic violence, rape’s and other acts against women has been going on for more than a decade now. In last one decade these movements have really brought a substantial change to our society. I cannot think if ten-years down the line a women working in night shifts were treated to be in a “Respectable” job. A young girl walking up to her parents for love marriage was treated to be an “That is OK with us ” affair and many other things like these.

The rape incident that took place on December 16th gave a whole new meaning to how we fight against the evil practice of disrespecting women. After she was dead, I saw an advertising board outside Ambience Mall, Gurgoan. It said “Wake up India. She is dead”. This made me think if we actually needed one such incident to awaken ourselves and realize what is going on around us. What I believe is that, it was not the case. We never needed brutal death of a young lady. In true sense her death has gone in vain.

“Between 16 December and 4 January 501 calls for harassment and 64 calls for rape were recorded by the Delhi Police, but only 4 were followed up by inquiries” – Source

My focus on this blog is about the biggest disease of our society. Something that has been prevalent in India since 1900s and continues to grow; domestic violence.

In my understanding, the first thing we should do is to bring equality amongst our society. Yes, this is something been talked about a lot of time, but, this seems to be the only solution to this problem. Let’s STOP making women feel that they are the inferior sex. And to do this the first thing I suggest is the idea of

“Abolish Women coach in Delhi Metro”

To some of you this may sound absurd. But in my idea, this is where the change should start from. Why do we have to have a dedicated coach in Delhi Metro? The only reason I know is kind of difficulties women may have to face in other coaches especially when all the coaches are packed without an inch space to move. On one hand we say women can be anywhere, they are successful, they can fight all bad and on other hand we ourselves are making them feel inferior by showing them that at the end they are different from the male section of the society.

The other thing I suggest is:

“Making men understand that, in the end, women are the reason for they being men”

It is no rocket science that women are the source of life. Let’s teach ourselves that if I am going to hit women, she is surely going to adapt this change and would start hitting me back. Without women, no one is getting you another child. No one is going to take care of you in your bad times. It is SHE who is the reason of YOU. Appreciate that

“If I hit you today, my mom is going to be sad”

If I end up hitting my girlfriend today, the first person who would be most hurt would be my mom. She did not tell me or teach me to raise my hand on women. Since my teen age, the first thing she taught me was the fact that women are not to be abused, slapped, and disrespected. Men need to understand, that in this world if you can hit your wife or your girlfriend or any stranger girl, the time would not be far when your mother and sister could also be hit by their husband

“Do not force your wife or girlfriend to turn into Alison”

Alison was the protagonist of Geoffrey Chaucer’s book ‘The Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale’. She went ahead to marry five times for some or other reason. Guys, you do not obviously want that.


What is most important for a man? Ego and self-respect. The moment you hit your wife or your girlfriend, she would start elevating from you. You would not even realize when she would be gone way too far from you; may be another man, who would respect her. Again you do not want that. I am sure that is SO GONNA hurt your ego. So for the sake of your Ego stop hitting women.

To all the women out there, if you were ever hit by your boy friend, husband or even may be a police guy, this one is for you.

“How do you know you cannot fight, if you have never been into a fight”- Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Next time when your husband or boyfriend hits you, slap him back. Start a fight. Start a revolution. Bring the change. Hit them hard. Hit them hard in the face.

With this I am going to  #RingTheBell along with many other fellow bloggers, with team of IndiBlogger and with BellBajao.org. I am also going to support IndiChange- an IndiBlogger idea to all the possible extent. Been a blogger it is my sincere duty to stand up against evils of our society.

Image fromhttp://www.bellbajao.org/

Image fromhttp://www.bellbajao.org/

6 thoughts on “We Live in a World Raised by Women. Let’s respect that

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  2. I read your post but I am quite confused. I am hoping that your recommendations are tongue-in-cheek and that you aren’t really endorsing these in earnest.
    Sorry, perhaps I am just being quite dense so I thought I must clarify!

    • Hello Rickie !

      Seems like you are here for fist time. Welcome. And thanks for reading this blog.

      About things you mentioned, I am afraid to say that your interpretations are wrong. This blog has been written with full seriousness and I stand by each and every word I wrote.

      I once again say that I am endorsing each and everything I mentioned.


  3. Nice blog buddy….but i realized that again the same topic you raised ..

    “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT”, women rights etc…..

    in your previous blogs also you had already mentioned such main curses….you mentioned above here..

    Am sorry dear but am expecting something new and incompatible from your blogs and with some genuine esthesis…

    Hope you take my words as an optimistic proffer or spark…

    Keep blogging 🙂

    • Hello Vrinda,

      Nice to see you here. I agree that I have raised the topic of “women” quite alot of times on my blog. But, I did it only when it was needed. Like in this case, the blog is about “RingingTheBell” against domestic violence, which is the agenda of our next bloggers meet.

      In recent times, I have also reviewed books on my blog and a personal blog too.

      Also, as a reader you have full right to expect something new, rest assured, I will make sure that the choice of my blog topics does not become monotonous.


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