I was flying, quite literally ! Flying Fox: Neemrana Fort

9504_10152409281365416_1071384340_nFor a long time I was very eager to visit this place in Neemrana Fort, Rajasthan. What I knew about this place was that apart from a beautifully made and more than a 200 yrs old fort you get to have an amazing experience of ‘flying like a fox’. I was there with my office colleagues. Before going there all were excited about the flying experience, but some were almost numb after seeing what exactly they were supposed to do ! (More on this..a little later)

The zipping here at Neemrana fort which has been setup and maintained by Flying Fox team is the longest in Asia with five-zip lines, spread across two KM over three-hours. In this three-hour tour you get to do quite a bit of tracking too. From FlyingFox office to point-one you are supposed to walk till hill-top. It is here you are given the much required basic training of how to Fly with ease. While you are about to start the first zip-line one may feel scary looking at the deep valley in front of you and only one thing comes to your mind that “minutes ago I signed by own death-agreement.” but, when you are in air, you would hardly remember anything. To feel the real fun of this flying-like experience, one has to let himself/herself completely free. To me it looked way to easy to cross these zip-lines. The second-zip line in the tour is most scary and adventurous. It goes deep, fast and is longest among all.

While tracking we had a Gangnam style performance too, watch video. He works along with me and is a photographer and 3D artist.

Now coming back to the numb people part. Well, in our first zip a friend of mine got scared about this whole thing. She was not even ready to stand at the platform. All she said was that she is not going to do it anyway. And this was one difficult moment for all us. I mean there was actually no way out of this. We had to make sure that she does it in some or the otherway. I remember WHAT ALL things we had to say to boost her confidence, here are some of them :

“You’re Six-Sigma, you can do it”

“an engineer is scared of a zip-line? no.. do it!!”

“Abhi nahi tu kabhi nahi ” (either now or never)

“Conquer your freight”

“You’re super-safe with these harnesses”

The most funny and may be annoying to her was what I said “Do it ! Your dog will be proud of you !!!! “ and that was it, after that she gave me a blank-look and zipped off…. hurrah !”

The whole day at Neemrana was amazing, apart from the fact that some people there could not dip their fork in a small-little-very-tiny-cake. They felt offended.AWWWWWWWW ! And yes, another person also did not get cake but, he ACTUALLY DID NOT FELT OFFENDED as he agreed on marking me down on ‘Professionalism’ parameter, he was my manager.

Another things which one may keep in mind is that there is almost no place to have b’fast or lunch at Neemrana fort. The only place they have is very expensive. Rs 550 + taxes for b’fast buffet. So make sure you have a ‘heavy-stomach’ before you start.

A few suggestions for Team Flying Fox, no questions that you guys started something exciting and safe but, add more to it. Make the ziplines more interesting and adventurous. May be some more deep-down ziplines and add more activities to it. Like I badly wanted to stop in between those ziplines to take a look around, but obviously I could not. And maybe you can also add some free-fall kind of activities too.

Much Thanks to Pema and Tom for flying us safe. Respect you guys.

So, overall, it a place to watch out for. No, it is not a once in a lifetime opportunity but near to it. ! GO ZIPPING !


17 thoughts on “I was flying, quite literally ! Flying Fox: Neemrana Fort

  1. wellllll…………i am the one described as “NUMB” .

    yess i was genuinely numb ,i let jumped back twice before finally going for it….
    yes thanks to comments and promises ,few have been mentioned ,few are as below..

    “do it you’ll get a lavish dinner from us at LEELA

    ” Do it and make yourself proud”

    ” Do it and make our 1300/- worth” (worst one so far,i know)

    ” Do it and this blogger friend of mine promised not to tease me for next two days” ( which ofcourse he never fulfilled)

    ” A big prize awaited after last patch” (another lie)

    and many more…..

    But to be true thanks guys ,thanks for making me do it..
    I HAVE WON OVER MY FEAR……love you guys for that..

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