Book Review: Untruly Yours: Smita Shetty

Book: Untruly Yours

Author: Smita Shetty

ISBN: 978-93-81836-29-3

Genre: Romance/ Chicklit

Sometimes you have to judge a book by its cover and that is probably what I did when I decided to read Untruly Yours by Smita Shetty. The cover design is refreshing and the story summary at the back is extensive, rather very extensive. I personally don’t like more than one paragraph of the summary written at the back cover of the book. To me it was something like ‘A spoiler alert’. I mean it almost revealed the whole story.

Shetty wrote a simple story that is spread across 146 pages; the book takes you through the Journey of a modern era women who is starving for a spark in her relationship, which she fails to find in her love marriage she is been into for more than a decade. The story line is not new and have been a part of many fiction novels but, this book has its own good things to offer which over writes that ‘old story’ tag.

The language used by author is very mature and clearly depicts that it has been written by an individual  having great experience of life and not just some IIT graduates. The book takes you through a journey of protagonist, Natasha who is trying to find a  way out of her marriage to enjoy the missing romance, passion and excitement. In simple words- on verge of infidelity.

It took Natasha a journey of more than ten-thousands miles to find that she demands more from life in terms of her yearning towards Steve; her office mate from US and Veer; her college days crush. Natasha after seeing no progress in terms of her relationship with Steve straves for Veer; who eventually hurts her more and forces her to make a decision that will change her life completely.

Throughout the book you will find many instances where you would give a calm smile and some time a huge laugh. I am personally suggesting this book to everyone. Pick it up, it is worth the read.

Also, apart from all this, I have a quick question for Shetty : How come somebody who just attempted suicide can change her whole life in that one ten-minute conversation and start talking about Fashion police and all? (Just asking)

Smita Shetty has been in the creative field for over seven years. In her spare time she enjoys involving herself in community work. She offers her creative support to an Asian women’s network group and has taken up several designing projects for a County Councils employee network group. Untruly yours is her debut novel.

Smita is originally from Mumbai and currently lives with her family in the United Kingdom.

Aditya Bhasin hails from India, Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an ambivert person and is happy that way. + + + + + + + = /meadityabhasin

Email: adityabhasin81 (at) (gmail) (.com)

This book was sent to me by author for an unbiased review. If you are a publisher or author and would want me to review your books, please drop an email at : adityabhasin [81] @ gmail [.com]

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