Spread Happiness (Happy Deepavali)

The new year of India is here ! Wish you all a very happily amazing Deepavali. This time Deepavali is different for me, I am happy, very happy. Also, my mom is celebrating her birthday too, so what more I could have asked for?‎
The reason why I say that this Deepavali is different for me is because, I am sharing a piece of happiness with every person I meet today; strangers too. At the moment even I don’t know what that piece of happiness would be, but, yes it would be something for sure ! (touchwood for all my happiness).

May the year ahead be an awesome 365 days of success, wealth, happiness and good health for all. Stay Happy. Make Happy. And for those who would not be celebrating Deepavali with their families (like me) because of any reason- try to celebrate with those around you. Spread Happiness- it feels good !

And lastly, a 10 second prayer for four-people, I have never met, but, are fighting with life-and-death due a major accident they happen to be involved in. They work in my office, but could never got an opportunity to meet them in-person. I hope they get well soon and stay happy & health forever. More prayers for the Driver who was also involved in accident. Their aren’t much to pry and care about him.

Once again, A very Happy Deepavali ! Stay Happy !

Also, for those who don’t know me and find me hugging you today, please excuse me for that.

7 thoughts on “Spread Happiness (Happy Deepavali)

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