Thirty-Days [Secret Dairy of Wave-One]

It’s very rare that in a lifetime you end up meeting a group of people coming from different states, different social and cultural background, different thinking and yet you end up being friend to them. Things are more difficult when that group is as large as of 19 people and like icing on cake you have two-more people to it.

The reason why I titled this post as ‘thirty-days’ is because the action took place in exactly that number of days. I actually met these 19 people much before I became friend to them. Even then we all were together, but I think we were never THAT good friends like we are now. Things then were much different from these 30 days that we end up spending together. And to be honest enough I will not even say that we now share friends-forever type or that ‘Jai-Veeru’ type of friendship, some of us may end up sharing one in future, but not at the moment. I personally share that kind of bond only with one person among those 21 folks. (19 batch mates + one trainer + one shadow trainer) This guy was beyond good. I call him Sir.

I think the training I had in these thirty-days with my organization was something I would cherish all through my life; and for good; very-good reasons. The kind of learning I had in this training will not only help me in my job, but through out my life too. I mean I do not imagine my life without Windows [and that is the maximum hint and I can give about my job].

The first time I met my trainer I found him to be just same like everyone else; rude and arrogant. After the super-bad experience of my previous nine-day training my hopes were digging potatoes already. Only hope I had was that those 19 people will bring some life-and-light to the training room. And thankfully that actually happened. But, along with that another thing happened- my perception broke down into pieces. My trainer (Abhineet Sir) on the first day itself came to be a very-good person and in terms of personality (which I realized later).

The fun—and-learning process started from the first-day itself. We were given everything we expected. Breaks , fun, knowledge, practical, motivation and yeah parties. Almost every time we had an assessment to test what we learned throughout the week we had ‘samosa and jalebi’ party. To fulfill the desire of flesh we had a ‘Changezi Chicken’ party. Sometime to celebrate ‘something’ we had a pizza party and to at top of it we had a wonderful treat at a south Indian restaurant as we all completed our training; at the end of those wonderful thirty-days.

Sir was different specie. He was not among those fat-and-loud teachers who would keep on screaming and end up being a nincompoop. He was only loud twice in 30 days. Yes, actually he shouted on us only twice in 30 days. He was very good in terms how to keep a class interactive and on the track; always. His games were those of very few educational games where you would enjoy and learn at same time. I mean who can think of a technical knots and crosses ?

About people in my training batch, I can write more than nineteen post and I would still be left with more to say. They were fabulous. Now when I am not with them as we now work in different shifts, I miss them, alot.

Also because now we are on production floor and not training- we all miss the fun. On production floor things are way too different as compared to training room. After all that was the ‘Honeymoon period’.

About my batch I would say it was way too much lively. At no given time we felt as if we were in a classroom. It always felt like a fun place to be at. Everyone around had happy faces while they walked in into room and when they left.

Another thing which was pretty awesome was the perception game we played periodically. It felt well when everybody talked about, how they found you initially and then after. If I had to pen down what people told about me I would say it was all good. Somebody said I have great communication skills and language skills, somebody said I am a great speaker. The best perception was given by an attractive [read only attractive ]face of our batch. She told me that I am way too much satirical in my talks. She told me that she felt offended when I used to pass sarcastic comments to her. And all I replied to her was that how can I do that to such a beautiful girl ! She blushed and nothing else happened. (I am still trying to ask her out for a ‘Froty’ break ,but she is rejecting my offer again and again.(attitude huhhhh).

I can also recall that a friend of mine used and continue to call me ‘Boss of Hell’ just because he ALSO thinks that I am good with using ‘Language of Sarcasm’.

With this blog let me disclose a secret note as-well. With that attractive face, I had a tussle time as-well. I thought she is giving me way too much of unnecessary attitude. And in return all I did was – gave some more attitude. It was later things became clear between both of us. And now she thinks she has the moral obligation to tickle me every time I am working. I will kill her one day.

Now when we all are working in different time zones, things are not that flowery for us. ! We all are missing each other and we convey this to each other in the only one-hr time we get because of our shift difference. It’s like when they enter office, we move out.

Because we are now habitual of enjoying all good things, we sometime feel homesick. It is like you are away from home and the people you know are not around.

I would also miss those ‘magic-moments’ we had :

That ‘awwwwe’ sound we made every time there was something emotional or way too happy in class. When everyone shouted ‘blogger’ ,’papa’ ,’thank you’, ‘chako’ and what not !

OKAY, I was supposed to end this blog here. But, some people here are standing on my head with a gun and are asking me to write well about them. So obviously I have to. So here goes my take on THESE gangsters :

1) Aditya Singh : ammmm, I think we are going to stay friends for long time. He is funny and witty. I like him. He is also a big KTM fan;

2) Sakshi : I’ve tried all Shakespeare lines on her, but she fails to feel impressed by me. But she is still good. Always smiling (and I also like her more because she read all my blogs);

3)Nitish : He is like an elder brother to me. Always smiling. And always gives positive vibes;

4) Amrinder: Another elder brother (not from another mother). He is loud yet decent. His larger than life attitude rocks;

5) Poonam : awww what a girl she is. Decent and simple. She is elegant;

6) Mani : Intelligent and black belt in Six-Sigma (I am envious);

7) Nitin : He is sweet and humble. And always smiles;

8) Mijun : The day I met him I was flattered on his communication skills. He is funny and a little more funny;

9) Umang ; My first friend at this new organization, He is sensitive, caring and helpful. I hated when he used to act ‘Gayish’ just to make everyone else laugh;

10) Ankit : I think he had an alter ego (in good terms). In classroom he would be among those professional folks and outside class he is devil in appearance;

11) Sahil J : Hacker. I think he is living a melancholic life for no reasons. He has now started smiling and talking, but I think he can be better;

12) Sahil K: He is still a kid and needs to know alot more about practical life. Otherwise he is good. I like him more because he is updated about technology; thing of my interest;

13) Junaid : He is yet to serve us Eid’s firni. I hate him for that. Otherwise he is funny (I don’t know why,but other people say so) I don’t agree. (no offense). But yes I like his poetry.

14) Jayant : Our cloud computer; He is intelligent, experienced and I look forward to him for sound advice in future;

15) Karan : He is loud, aggressive, yet a good friend. I miss his company;

16) Jyotir: Why is he so serious about life? On the other hand he is sometime funny. I like him !

17) Anshul : I only pry that he keeps his smile intact; always. I like his passion for Royal Enfield;

18) Varis: He is funny, he thinks I inspire him. If he is drunk, believe me he is in bad shape. Otherwise, he is another charm to the class.

And to end I would like to talk about Kapil Sir, He was good too. A silent killer- we called him. Best part about him is that whenever we meet he has an ever charming smile on his face. He speaks less,but I still like him.

 About Aditya Bhasin

Aditya Bhasin hails from India, Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an ambivert person and is happy that way. + + + + + + + = /meadityabhasin
Email: adityabhasin81 (at) (gmail) (.com)


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  1. dude your blog was great just to add about my lyfe it has priorities i live this way around .
    about my melancholic lyfe its not the way its something with some experiences which turn u around….

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