Why I Choose to be an IndiBlogger

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As title suggest, this post is dedicated to IndiBlogger.in –an Indian blogging network. I am writing this to share with you why I choose to be a part of this network and how it has helped my blog (me) grow.




If you have been reading my blog for sometime then you must have noticed my blog’s title ‘Student by Luck: Blogger by Choice’.

Well, you can blame me for been creatively inspired by their network’s title: ‘Indians by birth: Bloggers by Choice ’. I admit that I liked that title so much that I made one for myself-out of it.


Awesome number of readers

IndiBlogger gives me the real readers of my blog. The maximum readers on my blog from are from Google & IndiBlogger.




IndiMeets are yet another reason for me to be on IndiBlogger. I have been to two  of them and the experience was great. I got to meet so many bloggers; so much attention all around and yeah not to forget, a lot of goodies to win.


I don’t blog because I want to make money. I blog because what I write is more than money for me. But, if there are any contest on-going it is like icing on cake.

IndiBlogger have some or other contest running at all the time. Even when I WRITE this the ‘Time to Change’  ‘Incredible Stories’ ‘InternetIsFun’ and ‘Castrol ’ contest is on. I have never won any of the blogging contests but I am sure, I will win once for sure.

Why not BlogAdda.com or BlogJunta.com


Well, I joined both the above mentioned networks with a thought that they will help me increase my blog traffic. But nothing happened. Even after joining for months, I was unable to get my blog approved; I wonder why?

Every time I try submitting a link, it says that my blog is not yet approved. I mean my blog is more than a year old and with more than 100 posts. What more they need to approve a blog? ; A super blog-post?

Authors note: Though I am writing this post today, but I think, I’ll not be posting this anytime before the result for IndiBlogger contests InternetisFun’ ‘‘Time to Change’ and  ‘Incredible Stories is out.’ I don’t want anybody to say that this post made me win those contests. (Yes. Yes, I am optimistic; I will win at least one of those contests.)

4/4/2012 6:50:27 PM

OK. I lost again. Yeah..yeah.. I know I was too sure of winning this time but I did not win. Result for ‘Time to Change’ was declared few days back and I won nothing. The result for ‘Incredible Stories’ is still not out, but, I am sure, I’ll win. I can’t post this even now. Another contest ‘Internet is Fun’ has started so, I now have to wait.

5/7/2012 1:03:28 PM

Ok, so all the contests on IndiBlogger are over and results have been declared. So the question you would be asking me is did I win?

Well, to answer that all I can say is that:

“Seems like I miss the algorithm to win an IndiBlogger contest” (Better luck next time- Mr Bhasin )

6/17/2012 6:55:22 PM

About Aditya Bhasin

Aditya Bhasin hails fromIndia,Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an introvert person who is trying to be an extrovert by all possible means.

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6 thoughts on “Why I Choose to be an IndiBlogger

  1. “Even when I WRITE this the ‘Time to Change’ ‘Incredible Stories’ ‘InternetIsFun’ and ‘Castrol ’ contest is on. I have never won any of the blogging contests but I am sure, I will win once for sure.” same here

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