My Most Beautiful Thing

It took me sometime to think about the most beautiful thing in my life. I recalled all the good and bad things I’ve ever been through and finally understood that ‘experience’ has been the most beautiful thing in my life.

Whenever, anybody asked me what does life means to me, I’ve always said ‘its experience’. Experience for being Human and a social-animal. I have my own reasons to justify why experience itself is the most beautiful thing of my life.

I am learning; this very moment

No matter, what I do, I learn. I learn from my experience, I learn from what I do and what I don’t do. What I am able to experience, what I am unable to experience. Everything, I read a new book, it is a whole-together new experience. It helps me widen my thoughts; it helps me grow as an individual.

Every time, I take part in a blogging contest or an event like this one, I gain some or other experience. No matter, I win or no, what is important is that I am gaining some experience.

What I do; makes me happy

I take up a lot of things for sake of doing them or to gain some-or-other experience. What I do to gain experience; makes me happy. Even when I write this, I am already feeling happy. It does not matter to me whether this post will land up somewhere or no. What matter is that while I write this I am gaining experience to write ‘heading’ based post, this is because, I usually don’t follow this format of writing.

It is a journey of experience

My life is all about experience. Experience of been on a journey beyond limits. I don’t see my life as 30 yrs left or 40 yrs left. For me life is a journey that will never end and will make me grow in all the senses. This journey will never end and will continue to help me be more and more ‘experienced’.

Experience makes me wise

Everything that I do which brings experience to me is helping me to be wiser everyday. My experience of today is helping me take better and sounder decisions tomorrow.

I am growing as an individual

The continuous experience that I keep earning is making me turn my personality into more enriched and more apt for my future endeavors.

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About Aditya Bhasin

Aditya Bhasin a not-so-creative person is a student of English literature at University of Delhi. He was born and brought up in Delhi
and choose never to move out. You will find him at eating places more than his college, exploring places more than staying at home and get in touch with him through social media rather than calling on his
mobile phone. He aspires to write a novel. He also wish to be a successful media (communication) professional


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