It’s a scary feeling

Update: April 23 2012 , 11 AM

I am doing fine now, but, still there is a little bit of uneasyness left in me. I don’t know why but my intiuation is guiding me towards a very sad news.

May God bless me and my family.

Originally posted on April 22 2012

I was riding my pillion and there was a sudden depression or sadness that came into me. I have no idea what has happened to me. I am feeling scared. My hands have gone numb and they’re shivering too.

There is some kind of strong uneasyness in me. I was happy since morning and there is nothing that has happend which should make me feel this way.

I came back mid-way from the place I was going to because of this sudden depression-like feeling.

Even when I type this, I am making many typo errors, I am correcting each word many times. This has happened never with me.

May God Bless Me.

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3 thoughts on “It’s a scary feeling

  1. Bless ya!
    I guess this has happened cz somewhere you are in some pressure(may be mentally) now. I guess you’ll disagree this but what I believe is there is something inside you which is bothering you and you’re unable to rectify it or may be just avoiding that issue.
    Also, it could be just body weakness as you don’t drink milk. 😛
    As a blog, it seems that you love to share your thoughts.
    especially, on your blog(ohkay…….. I knew this 😛 ).
    Love to see u blogging and I love to read your blogs, though I dnt read them usually but u…….. keep writing.
    Bless You!

    • Aditya Bhasin: Thank u Meenakshi Gangwani for dropping your comment.
      No there was no such thing, I wsn’t tensed and u r stupid. you always think like this.
      Thanks for making me start this blog.
      I wonder how you scored more than me.
      Stop making fun of my glasses and my dirty filthy feet.
      I hate you for embarrassing me when you were sitting on the back seat of my scooty. I’ll never give you a ride.
      I’ll never let you get into a living r’ship.
      bye, chal bhot ho gaya!

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