An open letter to Anna Hazzare

Jantar Mantar

New Delhi

March 25th 2012

Dear AnnaJi,

I hope that you are doing well and your health is also improving. I am not sure if you remember me but just to draw some light, I can make you recall that, I supported you full heartedly while you were on a fast-unto-death in April and then in month of August.

I am sure that you would also be able to judge that time-people-and-supporters have changed since then. And yes, not to forget that you and people around you have also changed since then. A friend of mine who also supported you back-then asked me that whether I will be coming to Jantar Mantar today. I gave her a funny reply:

“Nope. Mrs. Dalloway has waited long for me. I cannot see her missing me so much. Anna Ji can wait”. (And to be really honest with you I think I should tell you that I did not add ‘JI’ in that message) 😉 (Excuse the expression).

I am sorry but I am not coming down on that ‘Hunger’ street once again. I had it all. I cannot stand it any more. The last time I was there, I felt something within me to be a part of you and support you but as I said time-people-and supporters change; unfortunately I have also changed. Initially, you were my hero. I thought that you will change the whole way our democracy works but I think I should let that thought skip from my mind.

The only issue that I have with you and your team is the arrogance- you people were able to develop in yourself in last few months.

Kejriwal talks of Anna being above parliament, or a Bedi seeks to justify her business-class indiscretions. What would you call all this? ; Arrogance or a clause of Jan Lokpal Bill.

I also remember what you said when Sharad Pawar was slapped: “He got slapped! Only one slap” I mean, when I heard this news, I said almost the same thing. But heck that is the difference, you are Anna Hazzare and I am just-another-common-man. I have right to talk like that but not you. (Well, now even you have the same right as have come down to same-level.)

I also have some sought of issues with your doctor, what his name? Ahhh I just googled it Dr. Naresh Trehan.

Nice guy he is but as it is said money can make you go around. May be that is what happened with him. He spent a good amount of money in form of Rupee or Dollar or Pound or Euro, whatever you may like to call it in starting his medical-city. (No, I am not going to name it here. No free publicity for him.)

And then he needed some sought of ‘free-marketing’ so he zeroed on you as a Hot-Shot-Brand-Ambassador-With-Guaranteed-Return. He picked you up from wherever you were, he kept you in his medical-city, he gave you all the attention you needed and hurray in return he got his medical-city name flashing on all news channels under those big red buttons ‘BREAKING NEWS’.

Believe it or not Anna, this was his motive, which he achieved beautifully.

While, I close this letter, one last reason why I choose not to be there at Jantar Mantar, today. As I mentioned earlier, Mrs. Dalloway is the reason. She has been waiting on my desk for quite some time now. And I think, I should give it a read now. Please understand, exams are just around the corner. I also think that I should rather support Earth Hour instead of you, it a lot easier and does have the instant returns. (like saving my electricity bill)

Regards with no support,

Aditya Bhasin

P.S. : Just to inform you, I did not gave miss call second time when your team asked. Sorry, can’t help.

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About Aditya Bhasin

Aditya Bhasin a not-so-creative person is a student of English literature at University of Delhi. He was born and brought up in Delhi and choose never to move out. You will find him at eating places more than his college, exploring places more than staying at home and get in touch with him through social media rather than calling on his mobile phone. He aspires to write a novel. He also wish to be a successful media (communication) professional.

8 thoughts on “An open letter to Anna Hazzare

  1. Good One Adi. We are not against or with any politicaly motivated act. we as a nation stand united against corruption nor against any particular party or people.Nation is above any day and anytime.

  2. If they did it for publicity alone, you are doing the same Adi. I wish the young generation do not go back on the commitments, come up with some other options we all will join you but simply say that Anna or his team gets publicity or made money out of the movement therefore I am not in this movement is not acceptable to me. Remember our enemy is so powerfull they have money & might with which the media can be bought plus the whole Govt is at their service. In my opinion we should not fall in to the politician’s trap, the next step should be formation of Indipendent forums in every constituenies and field candidates to fight against this menace “Corruption”. I am sure the youngsters can do it and only they can do it because they are the real power house of India. Just imagine along with the rail budget news steaming there was a small column which most of us missed was that India is taking Billions of Dollars as LOAN from the world bank. None of us asked or even bothered to think for what this is? one last word to our young blood is “Please do not leave the movement like this”

    • Hi Somu,
      Thanks for dropping-in and for making a comment on this post.

      I shall answer all your questions so that we’re able to understand each others point-of-view in a better manner.

      I never wanted to back out of ‘Anna’ movement. I was a part of it in April & August and wanted to be a part in other upcoming events as well. But the circumstances have forced me to keep myself away from this movement.

      In my post I never mentioned that they did it all for publicity or money. Take my words they did not. I trust Anna ji and Arvind K. when it comes to money matter (ignore Bedi).

      I agree that I did mention about Dr. Naresh Trehan, but that was specifically for him. I said that he wanted ‘free-publicity’ which he got through Anna.

      What happened in last few months has been devastating for Janlok Pal movement.

      1) Anna asking if Pawar was only slapped once;

      2) Arvind denying to vote;
      (Though he then came back, only to find his name missing from voting list)

      3) Arvind saying that Anna is above parliament;

      4) Kiran Bedi’s business-class ‘Endeavour’;

      5) Team Anna has become anti-congress, I agree Congress has been in a lot of scams in last few years, but so has BJP. Team Anna never questioned BJP on Karnatka scam;

      6) Kiran Bedi’s ‘ghunghat’ act at the Ram Lila grounds;

      7) Anna team is now trying to sink all the boats together; Lokpal, Right to reject and what not. I think if they would have focused on one thing- things would have been different.

      Like yourself, even I am worried about the loan our country is taking from World Bank; that is why I supported rail fare hike.

      Would love to hear once again from you,
      Appreciate your time and views,
      Aditya Bhasin

  3. These are the issues that were plaguing lots of minds, and you have given a beautiful form to them .

    Thanks a lot , Hope more and more young guys are coming forward to accept that the moment had its glory, now let us all say no to “corruption” and move on. Let us do our job and not glorify AK or Kiran Bedi.

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