Earth Hour 2012 : World Wide Fund

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I am doing a little extra this EarthHour

Another Earth Hour is around the corner; like last year I am once again supporting the cause with all what I can do. I have supported the Earth Hour since its inception. Way back in year 2007, when India was not part of Earth Hour; I supported this movement and switched off all the lights at my home.

This year I am doing something extra to support earth hour. I am not switching off lights at my home for an hour This year I will be doing it for 90 minutes. Along with switching off lights, I will also not use my private vehicle for any sought of purpose for 24 hrs. I will try to motivate my family members and friends as well to be part of this idea, if they agree; great, otherwise I am on for it.

With this Earth Hour, I also want that government should take some more steps to protect our environment and strive towards sustainable development. I have talked about my ideas in an earlier post and I stick by them even today.

Other steps that I have taken to be a part in saving our earth are:

1) I choose to walk instead of taking bike for short distances;

2) I do not use microwave to cook magi J;

3) I try to rely on sunlight whenever possible.

I also request all the folks out there to support the cause. Please SWITCH OFF all the lights on March 31st 20:30 HRS IST.

I am also trying to figure out a way with which I can ‘Switch Off’ my blog as well on above time. Anybody who has a solution for this please post in comments.

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About Aditya Bhasin

Aditya Bhasin a not-so-creative person is a student of English literature at University of Delhi. He was born and brought up in Delhi and choose never to move out. You will find him at eating places more than his college, exploring places more than staying at home and get in touch with him through social media rather than calling on his mobile phone. He aspires to write a novel. He also wish to be a successful media (communication) professional.

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