Aravalli Hills

On our way.

It was a friend’s birthday and like always we all were geared up to explore another amazing place. Yes, it’s a tradition for us to look for some or other place to visit and share the experience with others and this is what I am doing now. Out of a list of some places we were planning on, the birthday girl zero down on Aravalli Hills, in Faridabad (outskirts of Delhi).

There was nothing specific that we decided to do when we went ahead to explore this place and this is the beauty of trying out something new. We usually don’t know where to start, where to end and where to sit-back and think where we’re.

Firstly, few facts about this place;

1)     It is an array area;

2)     It is spread in miles with no human population inside this place;

3)     This place only has boundaries made of fence and one has to trespass  to get in;

4)     No help. If you’re lost, GPS or phone devices cannot help.

We started our journey by tracking towards a place which we didn’t even know; if existed. We all were just walking, walking and walking. All around us was dense forest. Thankfully there was a clear path where we could at least walk.

About to start the Incredible journey.

Here we're on the 'starting point'

This place was no doubt a must thing to explore, once in a life time; especially, for people like us; living in metro cities with a concrete ‘jungle’ around us. It was all peace there. No birds, no animals (at least till a certain point, will talk later about this) and no humans around. We kept walking, trying to save ourselves from thrones, which were too eager to get into our shoes.

At one point we reached the other boundary of this hill range, which was against our expectation. We were not willing to end up so easy and without a great thing been called ‘EXPLORED’.

The boundry

I think this was just the start.

So, we decided to change our direction and we ended up into a place with no clear path to walk, along with thrones all around; up and down, right and left; inside shoes and inside Jeans. We all were trying hard to save ourselves from those things but were enjoying too on other hand. We all kept on saying to each other ‘Face it. You’re not getting another chance.’

It was somewhere after walking for an hr or so we found the first place we could say ‘Hey. We explored it.’ It was a valley, deep-down 100 meters from where we were standing that that time. The view was magnificent

Well, this is the first valley we were able to EXPLORE.

We all wanted to get down there but found it impossible. We could not find a single place from where we could step down safely and reach down there. We decided to move on in search of a better place.  By this time the sun was about to set but we all were high with hopes of finding a better place. We also found some dears around us. They were unaware of our presence but we were surely scared of their presence.

Who cares about warning.

After walking for another 15-20 minutes we found the ‘tree-of-death.’ It was like the one in movie Anti Christ.

Doesn't it look like the tree in AntiChrist

It was somewhere around 6:30 we finally found a place to get-down. It was again a valley but the height was quite low as compared to the previous one.

We all managed to slip-down in sand and with help of some rocks around. The view was amazing, and we all were high (not stoned), high with happiness of been there at that place.

Sitting down there on those big pieces of hill rocks was an altogether different and beautiful experience. The hills were so high that we were actually questioning ourselves that how did we reach here. The echo effect was also awesome.

Here I am in the deep valley.

The whole idea of been at that place gave us goose bumps. The valley was silent like anything. No voices (except us) to hear.

We all sat there under moon-light. We talked. We smoked. We did not booze. And it all continued like last thing one could ask for. By now it was all dark there. The reflection of moon-light on water was another thing to die for.

By now, we all were agreed one thing; to not to move out of that place. But we also could not spend the whole night there, so, we decided to walk back to the place we started from.

As I said it was all dark by than. We used our phone camera’s flash to make a way of that place. We also had to protect ourselves from those thrones and insects all around in that dark place.

Finally, we found a place, to sit down, talk,smoke.

We all wanted to move on further to see what else is there in that hill range but due to darkness all around, we could not.

I wish I could set myself free and let me myself fall in that water behind me.

As we started moving out, what we did was not expected of us. I, P and V took off our Tshirts. We kept walking bare chest along with singing all sought of songs. (Sorry but no photos here.)

After almost another hr of walking session, we came out of Aravalli Hills.

Relaxing time;as we head back-home.

The socks with a secret code.

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7 thoughts on “Aravalli Hills

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  2. what an adventurous trip 🙂
    Aravallis have always fascinated me, so old, older thn any other mountain range in India including Vindhyans, have rode through them but never stopped and enjoyed the beauty…someday… 🙂

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