100th Post

Image Found Through GoogleI wish I had words to say Thank you to you; my readers. It is all because of YOU, I am able to write this GIANT post or say I am able to reach this big milestone. Thank you once again. I started blogging out-of-blue. I had no intentions to take it long or anything like that.

The whole blogging experience has changed the way I look at life and things around me. I have become so thoughtful, with every new thing that comes to my mind, I think to blog about it. Every new place I visit, I think to blog about it, every new place I eat-in, I think to blog about it, every another good blog I read, I think why didn’t I wrote this, every book that I read, I wish to review it on my blog.

(Above paragraph can be read as a confession that I am addicted to blogging)

To reach this place I took 515 days. Not a lot of time has passed when I celebrated my blog’s first birthday. And within 150 days of that here I am celebrating  my 100th post.

Apart from my readers, I owe a big Thank You to IndiBlogger team. I thank them for starting a community like this one. IndiBlogger gave me my real readers. I am part of this community for more than a year now. I remember that the first comment from anybody who did not know me personally came out to be from a member of IB.

Copyright 2012 Aditya Bhasin

A woman can be a mother; not necessarily a wife

The WordPress endeavor of ‘PostADay2011’ and ‘PostAWeek2012’ has also helped me a lot to achieve this milestone. Like wise 2011, in 2012 also I wanted to be a part of ‘PostADay’ but because of time constrains I could not. Otherwise by now, I would have had more than 150 posts.

The biggest thank you goes to M, my friend. She was the one who asked me that I should write blogs, which I did. And I think that was the best piece of advice anybody could give me. Thanks M. Appreciate that.

With this post, I’d like to make a challenge to myself. On or before 21st December 2012*, I’d like to publish my 200th post. I know it is difficult but, hey that’s the challenge.

Wish me luck and a very good luck to my blog.

(* India TV says world will end on that day)

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About Aditya Bhasin

A not so creative person, Aditya Bhasin is a student of English literature (and wanted to be a networking expert.) He was born & brought up in Delhi and choose not to move out ever. You can find him at eating places more then his college, look for him at historical places more then his home, contact him through social media, easily, then a mobile phone. Aditya started blogging out of blue as an advice by his friend and is now addicted to it and can’t stop blogging.

He aspires to write a novel and be a successful media (communication) professional and does not want to be a social media consultant. Aditya is also a great supporter of women rights.


10 thoughts on “100th Post

    • Hi Sangeeta,

      Thanks for comment on my 100 th post. (feels proud) With readers like yourself and many other, I wish I continue achieving those milestones.

      Aditya Bhasin

    • Thanks Ankita, unfortunately I posted this yesterday. I wish I could also be a part of history by posting a day later.

      Anyways, keep checking this space. There is a lot to come.

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