Only Reason I Blame My Family for

I come from an educated family and a politically sound family too. My father is a true congress patron, which makes it difficult for him to stand anything against this political party. And for but obvious reasons he cannot stand anything good about BJP. Since my childhood, one thing I have been listening and have been told ‘n’ number of times is- Support congress.

Even if in fun, I would say that “I will support BJP” My dad always say: “That will be your last day in this house”.

Well, my family’s too much support for Congress is what I blame them for. They have always been good with me and never gave me an opportunity to question them for anything. But at age of 22, I question my parents. Why did you made my political choice? Why did you not let me choose and decided which political party I should vote for.

Since, my childhood I’ve been listening all well about Congress. And it is stuck deep somewhere in my brains, which is thus difficult for me to simply trash. The first time I voted; I did it for congress. The sole reason behind same was because my dad always told me that BJP is bad, Congress is good.

I never had an opportunity to think for myself and analyse which political party I shall support- nor did anybody ask me. I remember, when I was in class 4th I had a fight with one of my class mate. Just because his father was a BJP supporter and mine- as you know Congress. I don’t remember how the discussion started but I remember well that it was regarding Congress is good, BJP is more good thing.

Today when I am enough educated and mature. I wish to make my own choice of political party. But I end up doing-none.  No matter how hard I try, I find it hell-difficult to support any other political party then Congress. This support is for choice of vote not support for their policies. I keep wishing that; my family should have provided me neutral political influence.

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