It’s time, we ban India TV


Let me start with a question. How many if you think that India TV (some people call it a news channel) should be banned.

Feel free to give in your answers in above pool and read further.

Well, I am an aspiring journalist and I follow almost all the news channels. In last some years of following these channels, one thing I can say with full surety is that a lot of people want this channel- India TV to be banned. Just like me. I am tired and frustrated about existence of this channel. The quality of news content and team of (pseudo) journalist is not only poor but a lot more pathetic than that.

I sometime wonder how Government can allow this channel to continue broadcasting; what they call news. And more then that it is more annoying that how can somebody work at such a channel (May be they don’t get job, anywhere else).  If I had to mention some example about what kind of news they show, I have to be cautious. My readers from countries likeUK, US andDenmarkwill laugh out like anything. For people fromIndia-it would be OK or say a common news piece.  “Kya alien aapki gay ka dud pete ha” (does aliens, feed themselves from your cows) “Dekhe..Kutte aur Bille ki shaddi” (Look, a dog and a cat getting married)

 The examples of India TV stories are endless. And they continue to be worsening with every story.

 I genuinely believe that it’s the high time, Govt. should ban this channel. The kinds of stories played on this channel are not only outrageous but sometime defamatory too. I sometime wonder; how do they mange making such news. The level of journalism at this channel is worsening every minute. The other Hindi channels also show poor quality of news sometime but with this channel, things are opposite. They show sensible news sometime.

I feel pissed off (excuse my language) watching India TV. The way they turn the whole news in worst possible sense is unacceptable. Even without watching India TV, I can sense what kind of news they would be playing.

 Like, a hypothetical example Yuvraj Singh is suffering from Cancer at the moment. (God bless him)

India TV will play this news as “Yuvraj Singh pe Yaamraj ka saya ” “Yuvraj Singh ka aant karib”

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