Indian coffee house…Once again

 Post a day 2011

Yesterday, I went to Indian Coffee house once again. The experience of been there was just the same as last time. The only difference was that last time I went there at my own and this time I was forced to be there. Before you go ahead and read this post I would suggest you to read Indian Coffee house on this link.

Well, I was there at coffee house terrace with a lot of my friends. They love this place, I wonder why. About the whole idea of an open space to sit for as long as one wants is a cool idea. But there are things attached to every place. And this is where Indian Coffee house lacks.

My friends reached this place a little early then me. And they asked for water. You would be shocked to hear that the water came on our tables, just some minutes before we were suppose to leave from there.

We ordered a lot of things including 3 ‘Masala Dosa.’ And guess what the ‘Masala Dosa’ came on our tables with all the other things we ordered but the ‘Sambar’ came exactly after 10 minutes. And by then we were already done with eating ‘Masala Dosa’ without ‘Sambar.’

The waiter was same like last one. Full-on-attitude. I wonder for what reasons. He was speaking to us like if, he is the guest and we’re the waiter.  I’ am not somebody who will speak to anybody beneath me in a rude for disrespectful manner.  But that also does not mean that, the other person who act the opposite way. I will still say that this place is awesome to sit for as long as one wants. But dare you order food. It is simply pathetic.


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