Mumbai CST Flash Mob

Post a day 2011

Well, I know it’s been long that the flash mob incident took place and I a little bit longer than that I’ am writing this post. But as it is said “It is never too late.” So here goes my views and ideas about what happened in Mumbai.

Firstly, I loved this idea of flash mob. It is a great thing to do, to make somebody feel good and to make oneself feel happy. There a lot of thing that I liked in the flash mob that took place in Mumbai.

1)      The CST station, though I’ve never been there, but what I know is that it is a very busy station and the no. of commuters there at anytime is very high.

2)     The first 30 and last 30 seconds of the video is my favorite part. The first 30 shows the confusion of people, confusion regarding the song that has been played on station. And the last 30 seconds shows the whole idea of coming from a crowd and than disappearing in crowd again.

3)     Hats off to this girl, who come in from the crowd and simply starts dancing. One must have guts to do that. I mean, doing it in a group is a different thing, but doing it initially that too in front of so many people needs a salute.

4)     The enthusiasm of people around (50 seconds.) The questions coming in minds of people there “What is this happening?” And than only the increasing number of people joining the group.

5)     Another thing I liked most was at 1 minute 12 seconds, when they clapped all together. Great coordination I must say.

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My views about Delhi 'n' Mumbai

6)     At 1 minute 30 seconds, I liked the old lady. She was blushing. Happy she was.

7)     By 1 minute 45 seconds, seems like whole station is dancing on tap of that song. I’ am more than sure that, not all of them were part of the ‘Planned’ flash mob. But still they did a nice job.

8)    At 1 minute 51 second, there is a boy on his father’s shoulder and he is dancing- loved that.

9)     I really liked the girl in Pink top. She danced well.

10)  At 2 minute 25 seconds, there is girl chewing gum. I found the cutest of the lot. J She was only trying to match the steps, by seeing others.

11)  Hats off to the camera team. They covered almost every part of station.

12)  Around 3 rd minute, it looks like these guys lost their coordination. But that is OK.

13) I liked the lady at 3 minutes 15 seconds. She was also trying to tap her feet with everyone else. And yes asking others too to join in.

14) One thing which was more than awesome in whole video was smile. Yes everybody was smiling for some or other reasons. And may that was the aim of doing this flash mob- Bring smile.

15)   The craziness was on faces, at around 4 minutes. Like that.

16) And than came the end. The best, as I mentioned earlier. Everybody disappeared.

I really think that this kind of thing should keep happening in our cities. It let people forget their worries.  A lot of people on that CST station must have been worried, tensed and sad for some or other reasons. The flash mob gave them an opportunity to smile a bit and forget their worries at least for sometime.

No matter, how much introvert I’ am. I would still love to be a part of flash mob, on a simple condition- if they could teach me how to dance.

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5 thoughts on “Mumbai CST Flash Mob

  1. I saw the video some time back. It’s nice to see your views about it in detail.
    Flash mob is a new concept for India and surely more such incidents would bring cheer to everyone involved. 🙂

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