Paper books or e-books

Post a day 2011
No matter how much technology grow. One thing that will never change for a book lover is reading paper books. Products like iPad and Kindle will keep coming and going and so does the E-books. But the charm of a paper book will never fade. Only a true book lover will understand that how much value and emotions, he/she is able to attach with a paper book.

Technology has become an essential part of our life, and it will continue to be. But some things like reading a paper book cannot be compared to reading a pdf file on one’s laptop and computers.

With a paper book one is able to relate themselves with each line and each chapter. They have all the space to write whatever they want on margins of pages. This is what I do, when I read books. Every time, I come across a chapter or a line, that I like, I simply pen down, whatever that comes to my mind. In an E book, there is one such possibility, to enter a memo or something. But that does not match the charm of writing on a paper book margins.


Another thing which can only be found in paper books is the fragrance; the fragrance of a newly bought book and the fragrance of an old book. I don’t know, how many of you do this or not. But I do this almost everyday. I love inhaling that fragrance. Every time I get a new book, like I got myself day before yesterday; Can Love Happen Twice. I simply move the pages from start to end and end to start and inhale that fragrance.
The last thing that can be found in a paper book and not in an E book is those yellow pages. The pages you find, when you open a book after a long-long time.

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4 thoughts on “Paper books or e-books

  1. Very true A… e books can never replace the charm and beauty of a paper book.

    I love the fragrance of the new books but like the fragrance of the old ones more …. 🙂 I cant forget the dimmed fragrance in SOL eng. hons dept library.
    Also I rem that you’ve told me that its harmful to inhale that fragrance deliberately. So stop doing that. I know its tempting but still its harmful.

  2. Can’t agree more…nothing can replace the the fragrance & pleasure of reading prints of prints.. as someone said
    “ज़ुबान पर ज़ाएका आता था जो सफ़हे पलटने का
    अब उँगली ‘क्लिक’ करने से बस इक झपकी गुज़रती है
    बहुत कुछ तह-ब-तह खुलता चला जाता है परदे पर
    किताबों से जो जाती राब्ता था, कट गया है
    कभी सीने पे रख के लेट जाते थे “

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