Facebook had it’s time

 Post a day 2011

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I’ve always told my friends that every social network has its own time. These networks come and they go. Nobody is here to stay back, and even if they’re to stay back, they end up been no where.

For a long time now, I’ve been saying that Facebook had it’s time. And in my view the end is some where near. I can’t predict when. I’ am not an astrologer, but one thing I can say with a surety is that it would be over soon.

Every social network comes with a life span. Friendster, HI5, My space and Orkut had their time and now the time is favorable for Facebook. Soon this time period will be over. And another Social network will come over to take this space. Facebook, existed in the market for a long time and may be for another year, they will continue to work but growing Is not a major possibility.

The reason why people migrated to Facebook from Orkut was because of Privacy concerns. Initially Facebook acted very decent and well mannered when it came to making sure that Privacy of users is respected all the time. But tables have turned now; with a lot of features coming up one or another day. The concern of Privacy has grown to a very high extent. Another reason for users to migrate to Facebook from Orkut was the design. The design of Orkut became very flashy at one time. A lot of people, including me did not liked it, thus we decided to move to a better place called Facebook. Initially the design was simply awesome and everybody liked it. But as this network started growing, the lot features started bothering users, from Games to Applications. Everything came over and took all the space on Homepage of user profile.

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The recent TimeLine feature is also something that a lot of users have not liked (Exclude me.) Users now have to go back to all their post and see which post they have to hide from TimeLine and which not. The constant changes in design may attract some users but it usually leads to ‘Please deactivate’ tab.

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A lot of you may also say that Google+ is the next big thing. I’ am not sure about that. But what I’ am sure about is that Twitter is here to stay back. The design and concept of Twitter is refreshing and will continue to attract users

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9 thoughts on “Facebook had it’s time

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  2. I am not a fan of Facebook at all and I am seriously considering closing my account (if possible). Facebook hasn’t changed a great deal and you are correct, many people are concerned about their privacy.

    I have changed over to G+ some while ago and I quite like it, it’s clean and fresh and easy to use.

    Nice post

    • Thanks mate for reading this post. Appreciate that. Well to answer your questions, you can’t close your Facebook account. You can only deactivate your account. And another thing, Facebook is somebody who make Shadow profile of their users. And even if you deactivate your account, all your information remains with FB.

      No doubt that G+ is a better place to be at.

      Keep coming back. And feel free to follow me on http://www.twitter.com/meadityabhasin

  3. Cant say for sure FB has had its time. People still depend on FB, when it comes to connecting with Known Friends, and acquaintances

    Twitter / G+ are more like Celebrity driven. These 2 strive mainly on the star-following craze of general public. This is not the case with FB.

    • Thanks for dropping in. Appreciate that.

      Yes, you said well that FB is the medium to connect, no questions asked. But because of endless changes been made to Facebook, things are getting difficult on Facebook. I don’t agree much on the point you raised, that G+ and Twitter is more of celebrity driven.

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