OMG Veena Malik goes missing

Post a day 2011

Veena Malik performing at the Lux Style Awards...

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The sizzling and controversial Veena Malik has gone missing. As suggested in news reports, her manger confirmed that she is missing and he has approached the officials at Bandra police station. However, police has denied the same.

Reading these reports, I’ am wondering about how much seriously we need to take this.  I mean can really a celebrity go missing in a city like Mumbai?  I mean if we say that everyday 100 people go missing in Mumbai, and no one gets a clue about them, is acceptable; after all they are common man. And police will also have their own say that “Itne bade sahar mein, kise kaha dhunde.” But if a celebrity goes missing in the city, that’s where the problem starts.

What I really think about this whole Veena-went-missing-bussines is that it is all for the sake of publicity. Malik, is know for her publicity stunts, since her entry into Bigg Boss. And this also looks like another attempt to attract the eye balls of media and bloggers like me. Her new show is all set to start and she would know it well that, with the reports of she been missing, there would be a for-sure mention of her new show, thus resulting in publicity.

We all know it well that Malik, is the new Rakhi Sawant of Indian cinema. And she knows it to a great extent that controversies work well here. Rakhi Sawant, used the idea of controversies and it did helped her. And it is now Malik’s turn.

I don’t know, when she would be back from her ‘I went missing adventure.’ But at some point there newbie’s need to understand that this is not the way things work.

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